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Get Out of the Matrix!

My daughter passed on the following information and YouTube video (see link below) about becoming conscious and how waking up costs everything. Check it out:

You are the Battlefield, by zengardener.com


“There’s no looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for outside redemption. There’s no collective bargaining to rely on.

The awakening is you. Only you.

That’s what all this ruckus is about. The battle for your spirit and soul. And that’s the boat each of us is in. There is nothing more important in this life for you, or me, than waking up. Once that’s straightened out the rest will follow.

How we perceive the world around us creates and reinforces the world around us. Once we become conscious and aware that this existing matrix we’re witnessing is an arbitrary creation manipulated by power-crazed puppeteers, however you perceive them, that is when the change happens.

And the Universe will tell you what to do from there.

That’s what to respond to. Nothing else. That’s your job. That’s my job. Don’t shirk it when it happens.

Enjoy Your Earthly Suit, But Rediscover Who You Truly Are

Like me, you are sitting inside, or somewhat near anyway, the body you chose to be in. We’re looking through and freely operating these amazing biological machines on a fabulous planet. And, “Wow, there appears to be a whole lot of other beings like me walking around! Where am I? What am I here for? And what am I supposed to do?”

I know, jumped off the deep end there, but that’s exactly our predicament. And what immediately sets in once we arrive? As young children we have this abandon as we experience this incredible place and all its feelings, sights and sounds. We screech with delight, sing made up songs, swing our arms around wildly, and run in place. We just express!

Then what happens? We start to conform to what we’re seeing, as well as what we’re being told. We become more regimented and are herded into classrooms and categories. We start feeling social pressures and are then handed this fundamental doctrine of insecurity where fear and scarcity become our main drivers. Your purpose in life now is to “fit in and get a job” so you won’t run out of money or food. Your internal, conscious response? “This is strange. Everything’s a problem here. Sure didn’t feel that way when I arrived.”

The Illusory Attachment Trap

The main trick of the illusory world around us is to make us think we’re somehow attached to it, and therefore dependent, and that we need to conform to this world we’re viewing. We tend to judge by the standards we’re exposed to, and act accordingly. We base our lives and actions around these perceived behavior patterns, which in turn gradually dull the voice of conscious awareness.

You might have noticed how blind people, such as entertainers Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, gesticulate totally freely, rocking their heads while singing or talking, and have wildly free facial expressions, almost as if they’re handicapped.

Obviously they’re not. But it strikes you. They’re free from visual conformity. They don’t know how everyone else acts. They’re free to physically express their emotions without having to conform to the suppressed, fearful conformist nature of our hung up society. They don’t know you don’t rock back and forth, shake your head and smile so broad your face almost cracks. How liberating!

And that principle can be applied across the board.

We judge so much by how we think it will measure up to the world around us rather than just express what we’re thinking and feeling openly. Whether with close friends and family, our peer group, or the message we pick up in public or from the media, we’re being programmed. Programmed to not respond to obvious needs, but to strange, shallow self-serving impulses.

Just like everyone else.

You can say that’s just natural, but it’s not. It’s induced behavior from a manipulated and self-regulating created collective. Natural for the matrix, but not for a conscious human being, especially when the crowd is clearly going the wrong way. But who’s looking when you’re sleep walking.

The Cost of Vicarious Living and Beyond

In the end most humans end up living a vicarious life, acting out the projection they think they’re supposed to live up to. That’s bondage. The yardstick is acceptance rather than truth or conscience. This is heavily reinforced through education, the media and the existing paradigm they’ve succeeded in creating. It appears to be the only option out there…but only to the unawakened.

But there’s a price to pay.

Everything. Waking up costs everything. So what? What are you saving up for? Aren’t you paying that price anyway even if you’re not waking up? Life always costs everything. You’ll leave here eventually, like me, and the cost will be your life. How did you spend it? Consciously, or trying to conform, and using that to hide behind to justify living as a comfortable, selfish, lazy brain donor to the system you’re too afraid to buck?

That’s the battlefield. You. Me. It goes no further. What we see playing out in the world is a bunch of you’s and me’s deciding if they’ll live consciously and truly respond to that still, small voice within them, or not. The sad reality is almost every one of them has been duped into being fixated on what all the other “me’s” are doing in order to keep up with the projected reality. It’s like a school of fish feverishly clinging together in response to a perceived predator.

The only thing is, for conscious, spiritual reality there is no predator. That’s the secret. We are eternal consciousness having an experience. The way to solve these problems is to re-create the perceived reality through conscious awareness and conscious actions.

When You Get the Call, Take It!

We, individually, have to change first. We have to commit to consciousness, get free of entanglements and live a conscious life. The rest has little meaning until we get out of the matrix ourselves.

If each of us would get that message the phony world structure would crumble in a minute. Every soldier would drop his weapon and go home. Every politician would wake up as if out of a dream and go be with his family. Every policeman would lay down his gun, take off his uniform, and go help someone in need, smiling and greeting people on his way.

It’s you. It’s me. Your personal world and experience is the only one you’ll ever know. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Just let consciousness be your guide. But act on it.

And don’t fret too much about what it is you’re supposed to do. You’ll know it when you see it. It comes in the form of little things, little decisions, the rest follows. Learn to listen to that voice and act accordingly and it gets louder and louder.

Just walk away from what you know to be wrong, and do what you know to be right. It’s not that hard once you start. And again, once you get your boat in motion, the rudder will take effect.”

by Zen Gardner





Worldwide Water, Dolphin & Whale Healing Wave ~ Sunday, August 25~ Noon Wherever You Are


Worldwide Water, Dolphin & Whale Healing Wave

You are invited to join us,
the presenters of the
Cetacean Summit and Savannah
Sunday, August 25, 2013
At Noon your time wherever you are


The oceans and waters of our planet are in need of healing, loving energy to transmute and transform pollution and imbalances. Right now,
•      Radioactive water is flowing into the Pacific from Fukishima,
•      Dolphins are dying in the northeast of the US (100+ this summer),
•      Dolphins and manatees are dying in the Indian River Lagoon in Florida,
•      The Gulf of Mexico is still struggling from the massive oil spill of 2010,
Water, whales, and dolphins, in every part of the world need our help.

Let us all join together in love and joy to focus on the restoration and healing of the earth’s waters and it’s inhabitants – including humans

When: Sunday, August 25, 2013, beginning at 12:00 noon in your time zone, creating a continuous wave of loving, healing energy across the globe. Even a few minutes of your love during this time can make a large difference. Focus or do ceremony for as long as you can.
How: Choose any method that works for you or try some of the ideas below. If you can gather together in groups that will add to the power. Focus on a specific issue or area (maps below show NE US and Indian River areas), or go global – it all helps.
Where: If possible, go to a natural body of water during this time (wells, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, sea beaches) and offer your energy/blessing. If you are indoors, bless a small vessel of water to be released later into natural water channels.

Ideas: • Reiki and other forms of energy healing for the water and whales and dolphins •      Distant energy healing of the water • Tune into the frequency of the cetaceans and expand it outward • See and feel the water and all it’s inhabitants already pristine and restored to vibrant health – hold the vision • Drop flower or animal essences into a natural water source • Fill yourself with divine love and healing energy – then send it out across the planet • Work with the elementals • Offer healing prayers and intentions for the planet • Call forth angels to assist in healing the water • Send love to anyone harming the environment or cetaceans so that they become aware and transformed • Chant, drum, tone, and send beautiful sound vibration to the oceans

Thank you for participating and inviting your friends and community to do the same. Send this invitation far and wide – together we can create miracles.

Many blessings to the water, all beings, and to you.

      The awareness that there is a new way upon the planet is spreading.             

There is a way of living that is more joyful that humans can reach for…             

and there is a pathway…       

Reaching for a higher consciousness,  reaching for a higher wisdom, a higher love, is the only thing that will bring this planet to a renewed future.

–      Archie, Dolphin Spirit Guide

This information was sent to me from http://www.dolphinheartworld.com/


East Coast Light
Japan with Taiji + Fukushima

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence:

A  path to personal, social and global coherence (see video below).

It has been some time since I last updated my blog. I have been busy with various things. I do plan to launch a new blog soon. If you are interested, please email me and I will include your email address for the announcement. The new blog is going to be more focused on manifesting prosperity.

It will also include information about our current state of reality. Believe me or not, there are many wolves masquerading in sheep’s clothing and I want to share with those who have an open mind about what is going on with politics, world affairs, religions, celebrities, musicians, spiritual gurus, etc. We have been hoodwinked by the top 1% in unimaginable ways and by the most unsuspecting characters. Now that I have done my research, I will be sharing what I have learned.

Then it will be up to you to decide whether or not you have been manipulated in plain sight. I have been aware of certain things for a long time. But due to either me being in denial or having a low-level of consciousness, I was not able to fully process what is going on. This year, the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. This is not about a belief system. It is about reality. No one may know all the details, but the evidence clearly shows something is terribly a muck. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is a video that a dear friend sent me. (Thanks MP for being such a supportive and trustworthy friend.) The power of the heart…


The Apology for You

This was read to me by its author Joe Crane. According to him, it was read to him by Archangel Michael, who asked him to pass it on to others. I was then asked to pass it on. Please feel free to pass it on to someone in need.

“I want to tell you that I am very sorry. Not because I did something to you, nor am I trying to get off the hook for something. I am sorry that as a child your innocence was used against you. I am sorry for all the times you wanted to share your words of wisdom and you were told to shut up. I am sorry for the genius you possessed in the ideas that you gave, but were told you were stupid.

I am sorry for the times you did your best, but were told it was not good enough. I am sorry for the times you were made fun of because you were different in some way. I am also sorry for all the times your feelings were hurt and no one was there to comfort you. I am sorry for the tears you cried in pain with no one there to wipe them.  I am sorry that you gave your heart like a precious gift, and it was refused. I am sorry for the times you were hurt whether it was justly or unjustly. I am sorry for the times you were alone or afraid and no one was there for you. I am sorry for your fear.

I am sorry for all the promises made to you that were broken. I am sorry for the wishes that were not granted and for the dreams that were shattered. I am sorry for the times you were helpless and at the mercy of others finding there was none. I am sorry for the times in your life that you felt as though you did not matter. I am truly sorry for the times that you felt that even God found you unworthy of love. Someone owes you an apology just for who you are… I am so, so sorry.

You are a child of God that is perfect, whole and complete. You are a magnificent human being, deserving of love and happiness. Your happiness is not mine to give, but if it were, I would give it.

Loving you is easy. I love you just as you are and I really do not want anything from you.  Bless your heart and teach only love. Love, AA Michael”

Join me in a LOVE pledge for our rebirth of 12.22.2012

love your motherThree Days of Love–a Global

Celebration of Love and Kindness


I just committed to participate in something very exciting:
a pledge to speak and share  words and actions of love for three days from December 20-22nd.

Let’s join others around the world in this wonderful experiment to help celebrate love and kindness.  The vision is to begin a new era with a spirit of love, generosity and creativity.

Many top leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Neale Donald Walsch are supporting this to become a mass movement of the heart.

I hope you will participate by signing this pledge and spreading the word by going to http://threedaysoflove.com


The Simple Solution To Your Health and Money Challenges

“Nurture Your Connection To Spirit–
It’s The Key:

People want so many different things in life.

Well, actually… let me take that back… people want more or less the same things in life:

Good health, loving relationships, a soulmate partnership, all earthplane needs met (home, car, food, clothing, money, etc.), an intimate knowledge of their life purpose, work that is in alignment with their life purpose, and just to feel really good on all levels all the time.

Did I leave anything out?

What’s strange is the way many of us try to go about getting all of these needs met.

We may neglect our health, thinking we’re unworthy to take care of ourselves, or that we don’t have the time or money to do so.

We sometimes tolerate relationships that aren’t supportive.

We work a job “just to pay the bills”, feeling at some level that when we (someday) make enough money and save up enough vacation time, we’ll invest in that spiritual retreat to really get to know ourselves and to connect with the deepest longings and truest intentions of our hearts.

If only we had the health, the support, the money, the time to do this deep spiritual work.  We know our lives would feel much more fulfilling.

I want to suggest to you that we can sometimes have our priorities backwards. We mistakenly believe that what we can see defines who we are, rather than knowing that life is lived from the inside out.

The quality and clarity of our spiritual connection actually IS the quality of our lives.

If God/Goddess/Source is the Creator of all things, and, as many sacred scriptures claim, “all that God created was Good”, then it just makes logical sense that when we open to a relationship with this Creative Presence, and nurture that relationship through spiritual practice, that our lives will work more in harmony with the fundamental Good by which we were created.

But how many of us try to reverse the law of cause and effect?

“When I have the money, then I’ll invest in my spiritual connection.  When I have time off from my job, then I’ll invest in my spiritual connection.”

If I suggested to you that you would have to wait for something to change in your life circumstance before you could fit “breathing” into your schedule, you of course would think I was crazy.

But think about this in spiritual terms….  the Energy that created you loves you.  It actually IS One with you in this moment.

Having a clear connection to this Source Energy actually IS the fulfillment of every desire and the solution to every seeming problem.

Through lifetimes of forgetfulness and distraction, we have gotten caught up in the world of “effect”.

We say things like “my job needs to change in order for me to make more money”, when in Reality, we need to go to Source Energy and open our hearts to the next stage of our soul’s unfoldment.

After we have caught such a vision, then the doors of increased soul work and money will be opened automatically in front of our eyes.

We say things like “when my health improves, then I’ll have time for all this spiritual stuff”, when in Reality, the Source that created you has the energetic solutions and healing energy already ready to be given to heal your dis-ease.

It also has the inspiration that will show you the path of healing that is best for you.

But you can only hear  the guidance and you can only see the vision when you have invested first in your spiritual connection, and cleared that connection—then you will live life from a co-creative perspective, living life from one inspired moment to the next, as Source leads you through “green pastures” that restore your soul.

My suggestion to you?

Try one thing right now that will show Source that you are serious about your priorities–that you are ready to have even a little bit of faith that there is a loving Presence ready to assist you in any and all areas of challenge in your life right now.

What one thing could you do to invest in your spiritual connection?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • go out in nature and talk to the angels–offer gratitude for all the blessings you already have
  • spend a few moments in meditation
  • spend a few moments in conscious breathing, focused on your heart center
  • read a chapter from a favorite spiritual book
  • break out that angel oracle deck and do a reading for yourself
  • pray—just speak out loud to your angels, to God, or to the Universe, and talk about the transformation you desire
  • tithe—especially if you are feeling financially stuck, give money to a person or organization that represents a channel of spiritual connection to you— this is different than charity giving (which is also good)
  • give a service to someone in need— offer even a small portion of your talent and time to someone who could benefit–this practice will show the Universe that you trust that when you give, you will also receive”

This information originally came from an email sent by Michael Golmane. “He is a spiritual healer whose mission is to help people clear their blockages to feeling truly in the flow of a healthy, creative, prosperous life.

Over the past 10 years, he has worked with hundreds of individuals from all over the world helping them enjoy a richer experience of life through a healed spiritual connection.” To learn more about him, click: http://angelactivations.com/

Your Brain on Love

According to Dr. Vernon Woolf (and others), negative thought-forms have power. They can cause things to happen. In 1978, Roger Sperry actually won the Nobel Prize in part for identifying how thought-forms within the mind develop “causal potency”–which is the power to cause things to happen.  According to Sperry, causal potency is created in the mind as a bioelectrical build up, like a charge in a battery. The more you charge the battery, the more power it develops. So the more negative thoughts you have, the more damage can be done.

What this implies is that the thoughts you consciously have about another, affects their behavior. If you choose to focus on someone’s negative behavior, it will give it power and it will strengthen. The behavior will become more negative, not less.  It sets off a negative field and it sets off more negative vibes.

For example, screaming and yelling at a child who is crying does not decrease the crying. Nor does hitting a child who has just hit somebody else diminish hitting. Such behavior only empowers the negative thought-forms, so that the love becomes hitting. Negotiating becomes hitting, play becomes hitting. Hitting becomes integrated within the mind with all kinds of activities and eventually, collectively, we can only “get along” with our neighbors by striking out at them. What the child really needs is love, understanding and acceptance for expressing his or her feelings.

Such is the case of the Iks of Kenya. A nomadic tribe of hunters, the Iks live in the middle of Kenya National Park. When the government established the park, the Iks were forbidden to hunt there any more: all hunting became poaching. The tribe was forced to become an agricultural society. Their response was to withdraw completely into themselves. As a result, they have become a schizophrenic people. They only laugh when one of their neighbors is in trouble or pain. They ignore their young and abandon their old. They defecate on each other’s doorsteps and hurl insults at each other all the time. This is now their culture. It came about because their individual negative thought-forms of anger, frustration, and hatred could not be collectively expressed in a healthy way. The Iks’ society broke apart into individualized expressions of anger. The negative thought-forms spread throughout the tribe. And the more the government tried to enforce restrictions, the worse things became.

When you look at our society and see how we express anger, some interesting dynamics turn up. You can see that we are not all that different from the Iks. Does not one high school team laugh when another fails? Does not one political group hate the other? Does not one city defecate on another’s doorstep by allowing its pollution to pour unchecked into the air and water? Do not our governments—local, state and federal—still tend to abandon both the young and old? Our collective mentality is still evolving and we must learn to feel our feelings and have kind and loving thoughts so that we may help society develop in a systematic way and unfold our collective potential.

The principles and practices of fairness, peacefulness and cooperation can only be established if our thought-forms are in harmony. Society is like an orchestra where all the individual players must learn the score before the symphony can be played in tune. The way to learn the score is to take responsibility for our negative thought-forms and their potency, so that our individual state of being adds to the collective harmony of the entire group. The peace we create within ourselves, among the thought-forms of our minds, is the real beginning of world peace.

Reaching your full potential begins with you. Have thoughts about what you want, because thought-forms magnify and multiply. The way to start is to take ownership of your feelings, and feel them without blaming others. Start having kind thoughts about yourself and others. Understand that every unkind thought only makes the behavior worse and ultimately hurts everyone, including yourself.

As Brett Dennon sings in his song Aint no Reason: “Love will come set me free…Love will come set me free…I do believe…Love will come set me free…I know it will…Love will come set me free, yes…”