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Oprah BUSTED in hoax playing a Ferguson Resident

A while back someone asked me to send that a video that I found explaining the truth about Oprah. When I went to open it on YouTube, it seemed to be deleted or I just could not find it anymore. So here is a video that recently came to me and it explains how Oprah, our billionaire friend, is participating in the Ferguson riots hoax. You can watch the video here:


Just because a story is on the news, does not mean it is real. Who ever told you that the news is real and/or credible? Why do we assume it is? Many people are now becoming aware of the lies told by the media. We are being manipulated and fall for it hook, line and sinker. The media’s number one goal is take make money. It does not care about people or the truth. It cares about its advertisers, who just happen to be the billionaires of the world.

There is a very strange thing going on with celebrities. They all make the illuminati hand gestures (do a search on YouTube, etc. if you do not know: illuminati hand gestures and symbolism). There are many different theories about what is happening.

In spiritual circles, Mudras are used to help anchor affirmations. You make symbolic positions with your fingers to help you manifest a desired outcome that you are thinking about. I suspect the illuminati hand gestures are being used to project the manifestations coming from the people who are controlling the media. This includes the billionaires of the world. The Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Bush’s, Kennedy’s, Du Pont’s…and a few others manipulate us, as many people who read my blog (and others) already know. Some of the proof can be found in the hand gestures.

Every celebrity makes the hand gestures. Every actor, actress, musician, talk show host, politician, comedian, news anchor and many athletes (including all your favorites) can all be seen making these hand gestures, but they never talk about it. If you understand mudras, you will begin to comprehend why the hand gestures are made all the time and how they may actually be hurting us.

If you program a hand gesture, or mudra, to manifest an outcome without a person’s knowledge you are hurting them. It is important to cancel these hand gestures every time you see one, which will be a lot if you watch tv or go to the movies. Since you have no idea what the program is, chances are it is not helping you and may actually be hurting you.

I encourage everyone to learn about illuminati hand gestures and symbolism so that you can recognize it and understand what is really happening. The truth truly is stranger than fiction and it does not take a rocket scientist to discover for yourself that something very strange is happening. Once you become awake to it, your awareness can help change and influence consciousness for the better.

Here is a comment emailed to me regarding my last post:
“…Could it be that the powers at the top want us to manifest more illness with all their “awareness” campaigns? Hmmmm…could the billionaires of the world wish for more disease so that they can sell even more drugs and treatments??? Hmmm…Could the people at the top be skimming off the charitable donations that many hard working people send to them??? Hmmm…Couldn’t be that, could it???!!! We should trust the wealthy people and continue with the same system since it appears to be working so well. And NO I am not sarcastic at all!! OK…yes I am…thanks for your post. I concur!”