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Are You Out of Your Element?

The forces of nature are often classified according to one of four kinds of expression–1. Earth, 2. Water, 3. Air and 4. Fire. (Ether is the combination of them all.) Operating at the most primal level with these expressions of force in the natural world are beings called elementals. Those working with the force of earth are called gnomes. Those working with the water force are called undines. Those working with the air are called sylphs and those working with the expressions of fire are called salamanders.

Elementals are the building blocks of nature. They are close to being true energy and consciousness, and they have developed enough to truly take on personality. When we are in contact with them, they stimulate strong, definable responses in us. Each kind of elemental reflects a basic energy pattern of the fairy realm as it builds and manifests in nature. All four kinds of elements exist in every aspect of nature and in every person.

These are vital forces found within ourselves and within nature. The elementals are crucial in our life. We have all heard the phrase “being out of one’s element.” If they are not balanced in your being, you will fall out of balance in life. They can be just as powerful to work with as the angelic realm. Learning to work with them can help us to heal and manifest our desires.

By looking at the information below, you can determine which elementals are more predominate for you. Look at the zodiac sign and vowels in your first name to understand which element you are mostly connected and in harmony with. Those will be the first and easiest ones to call forth.

They require our contact for their own evolution, and you will be doing them a great service by calling them forth and understanding how their energy affects you. There is one Arch Angel associated with each elemental who oversees the activities. Calling forth each elemental will also call forth the Arch Angel associated with it.

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The Elemental Kingdom

1. Earth

Vowel:  U

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Qualities: Providing necessities, grounding, good sense of timing—punctual, stable, self-aware, understands emotions, understand the hidden healing energies of Mother Earth, help us maintain the physical body, understand minerals and crystals, help with gardening and planting, craftsmanship, help us to find treasures—the “gold” within one’s life

Works with: Gnomes

Overseeing Arch Angel: Auriel


2. Water

Vowel:  O

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Qualities: Understanding, psychic, sensitive, artistic, romantic, reserved, impressionable , work to maintain the astral body, psychic & emotional feelings, creation, birth, intuition, bodily fluids: blood, lymphatic, etc., gifts of empathy, purification

Works with: Undines

Overseeing Arch Angel: Gabriel


3. Air

Vowel:  E

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Qualities: Mental, invention, intelligent, quick, alert, cooperation, humane, alleviate pain, stimulate creativity, assist children pass over, temporary guardian angel until we open to holy guardian angel, mental body, our thoughts affect them—good and bad, oxygen, pollution & smoking, etc. alters effectiveness in our lives, cleanse & uplift our thoughts, protects our homes & belongings

Works with: Sylphs

Overseeing Arch Angel:  Raphael


4. Fire

Vowel:  I

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Qualities: Courage, self-assertive, visionary, helpful, creative expression, strong, active life force, stimulate the fire within you, tear down the old & build up the new, aid in circulation, maintaining proper body temperature, metabolism, music, creative, poetry, detox the body, healing

Works with: Salamanders (not to be confused with reptile salamanders, though they have the same name)

Overseeing Arch Angel: Michael


5. Ether – All four elementals combined

Vowel:  A

Zodiac Signs: Ether is the substance from which all was created.

Qualities: Ether is the spiritual aspect that overrides and influences all elements. It permeates all creation.

Works with: All

Overseeing Arch Angel: Christ