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The Apology for You

This was read to me by its author Joe Crane. According to him, it was read to him by Archangel Michael, who asked him to pass it on to others. I was then asked to pass it on. Please feel free to pass it on to someone in need.

“I want to tell you that I am very sorry. Not because I did something to you, nor am I trying to get off the hook for something. I am sorry that as a child your innocence was used against you. I am sorry for all the times you wanted to share your words of wisdom and you were told to shut up. I am sorry for the genius you possessed in the ideas that you gave, but were told you were stupid.

I am sorry for the times you did your best, but were told it was not good enough. I am sorry for the times you were made fun of because you were different in some way. I am also sorry for all the times your feelings were hurt and no one was there to comfort you. I am sorry for the tears you cried in pain with no one there to wipe them.  I am sorry that you gave your heart like a precious gift, and it was refused. I am sorry for the times you were hurt whether it was justly or unjustly. I am sorry for the times you were alone or afraid and no one was there for you. I am sorry for your fear.

I am sorry for all the promises made to you that were broken. I am sorry for the wishes that were not granted and for the dreams that were shattered. I am sorry for the times you were helpless and at the mercy of others finding there was none. I am sorry for the times in your life that you felt as though you did not matter. I am truly sorry for the times that you felt that even God found you unworthy of love. Someone owes you an apology just for who you are… I am so, so sorry.

You are a child of God that is perfect, whole and complete. You are a magnificent human being, deserving of love and happiness. Your happiness is not mine to give, but if it were, I would give it.

Loving you is easy. I love you just as you are and I really do not want anything from you.  Bless your heart and teach only love. Love, AA Michael”


Dolphins Help Deliver Baby—Must See Video to Believe!

The following true story is just about the most beautiful thing I have read about perhaps ever. I hope it amazes and delights you as much as it did me.

A Russian man named Igor Charkovsky has been involved with underwater birthing for a very long time. He has probably been involved with over 20,000 underwater births. On one very auspicious occasion, he had taken a woman to the Black Sea for an underwater birth. Everyone was prepared for the birth, with the woman lying in water about two feet deep.

Suddenly, three dolphins approached, pushed everybody away and took over. The dolphins did something that looked like scanning up and down her body which they believe does something to the human system. The woman gave birth with no pain or fear. It was a phenomenal experience that began a new practice of using dolphins as midwives, which has now spread all over the world. There is something about the sonar that dolphins project at the time of birth that seems to really relax the mother.

It appears that the dolphins get very excited about the birth and love the incoming baby. All children born from dolphins are extraordinary with an IQ over 150, and are very healthy physically and emotionally. They seem to be far superior and stronger in many various ways.  

Of all the underwater births, none have experienced one single complication! No instruments were needed and there were no problems. The women reported the underwater birthing experience with dolphins as being pleasurable and even experienced 20-30 minute orgasms.

Many states in the US consider underwater births illegal and insurance companies are refusing to pay the physician’s bills. This is so sad because there is so much evidence all around the world that underwater birthing with dolphins is an extraordinary gift with no apparent risk.

To see the video of a dolphin as a midwife, please click:


In case the Dolphin is your spirit guide or power animal, here is information about its medicine/wisdom:

Dolphin: kindness and play energy

The beautiful, graceful, sleek dolphin carries many messages for the two-legged. Even though it is a mammal, its home is the sea and has mastered the art of breath control. Since water is the symbol of all life – of creation, passion and even sexuality – dolphin brings us teachings from the waters of life. Playful creatures, dolphins have long entertained man with their joyful antics.

Studying dolphin communication has proved to be an awesome task for man. As in all animals, dolphins have developed sophisticated auditory signals that warn others of impending danger. Some believe that these animals are now warning man of impending danger as he ignores the balance of the natural world. Swimming with the dolphins has become a powerful experience for many people, and as they interact with these playful creatures, they cannot help but feel their communication.

Dolphin reminds us that time to play is a crucial element to walk in balance. It moves through the water quickly and with great grace. Dolphin tells us to move with the ebb and flow of life, and not to search for brick walls to smash into, for to spend our energy fighting the current gets us nowhere. Dolphin medicine includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, communication skills, freedom, trust, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water power.

“Dolphin reminds us to tune in to the essence of life by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Dolphin also helps us tune-in to our own rhythm and become one with ‘Mother Nature’s’ rhythm. This medicine teaches us to ride the waves of laughter and spread joy throughout the world.”

The Medicine Cards “Dolphin” – Jamie Sams.

If Dolphin is your Power Animal…

You love life and enjoy playing. Although you know how to get focused when you need to. You live in the now.

You know how to naturally enter different states of consciousness through meditation. You glide effortlessly through different worlds.

You are an instinctive and inspiring leader and know how to tune into community consciousness.

When you are happy, everyone around you is happy. You affect people more than you know.

You are highly intuitive and telepathic, often having simultaneous thoughts with loved ones.

Ask for Dolphin’s Help When…

You have gotten too predictable and you need to breathe new life into a circumstance.

You are feeling overwhelmed and you look to breathing exercises to help calm your emotions.

You want a stronger connection to Universal Life Energy.

You want to release pent-up emotions.

You feel stuck in a relationship. Dolphin energy can help you communicate your needs.

How to Access Dolphin’s Power…

Spend time doing deep breathing exercises, such as the
Root Lock Breathing Technique.

Smile like the dolphin always does. A few times each day, curl the outer edge of your lips up, as if you have a playful little secret.

Make it a point to be extra kind to everyone you meet. Pay them compliments or even give them small gifts.

Swim or take a long warm bath and imagine dolphin with you.

Go to the ocean.

Does Heaven on Earth exist in a Flower?

Yesterday I posted information about a cool guy named Thoth. According to Thoth, there is a pure flame of consciousness that resides deep in the womb of Mother Earth and to which humanity’s level of consciousness is completely dependent on for its very existence. This flame is known as the Flower of Life.

The image of the Flower of Life can be found on all the ancient pyramids around the world–Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Bosnia, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, etc.

According to Thoth, the Flower of Life contains within its proportions every single aspect of life there is! It contains every single mathematical formula, every law of physics, every harmony in music, every biological life form right down to your specific body, down to every atom, every dimensional level, absolutely everything that’s within waveform universes.

The Flower of Life is an artificial geometric body that surrounds our energy field and we can activate it when we want to. This body is in the shape of a galaxy and its size is depended on our perception. If we can perceive/feel the whole universe, then we can enlarge our Flower of Life so that it will contain the whole universe.

The Flower of Life actually represents the way we perceive ourselves and the universe. This is how our perception limits the Flower of Life: If we believe that we are multi-dimensional beings, unhindered by time or space, then that is what will be and that is what our Flower of Life will be.

Since we are creators, and we can create what we want into our lives – The Flower of Life will be a projection of our beliefs about our creation powers.

We can program the Flower of Life using our logic, and then our Flower of Life will be limited by our logic. So that if we will believe something is logical then the Flower of Life will be able to create it. If we believe that it isn’t logical, then our Flower of Life will not be able to create it.

There are steps you can take to activate and program your Flower of Life. You can program your Flower of Life with instructions to experience Heaven on Earth. And I will provide more details about that very soon!