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Want to Reach your Full Potential and the 5th Dimension?

dolphins 5th Dimensional beingsIn the past several months, I have written about connecting and ascending to the 4th and 5th Dimension. When the time arrives, some people will ascend and some people will stay in the 3rd dimension, possibly going to a parallel universe. Most likely, if you are reading this and it makes some kind of sense, you will be among the ones that ascend to either the 4th or 5th Dimension.

Almost everyone has experienced being in the 4th Dimension, although we do not remember. Bypassing the 4th and going to the 5th occurs by reaching a higher level of consciousness. You cannot stay in a dimension that you do not have the consciousness for. You can sometimes visit, but you will not stay very long.

The benefit to reaching higher levels of consciousness and higher dimensions is that “life” becomes so much easier. There are things you can do to help raise your level of consciousness. Awakening and higher consciousness cannot be forced. However, once you become awake, you can do certain things to increase your level of consciousness.

The first thing to do is make contact with your Full-Potential-Self. After this, it will become easier to do the second step which is to connect with 5th Dimensional Beings.

To make contact with your *Full-Potential-Self, you need to become the witness or observer of your life. When you learn how to watch yourself, life changes in profound ways. Many spiritual experts teach this concept, including Eckhart Tolle. Watching yourself as you behaved in a certain way is an example of being in “superposition.” In the state of superposition you are both in and out of an experience or a dimension at the same time.

*(Some people use the term Higher Self instead of Full-Potential-Self. I have done this before as well. I have recently learned it is not quite accurate to say Higher Self, and will discuss it more another time.)

Have you ever witnessed or observed yourself doing something, even as you were doing it?  Have you written something that came out so well you could hardly believe it was you who had authored it?

If you have experienced writing or speaking something so succinctly it was hard to believe it was you, maybe you were under the influence of your “full-potential-self” (the more complex “you” who is projecting you here).

Have you ever felt there is more to you than was being experienced in your life to date?  Have you ever felt “there must be more than this”?  That would be because there is lot more of your full-potential-self wanting to show up here through you.

The good news is there is no limit to the potential you can unfold here.  So the question becomes how to realize and most effectively actualize this connection.  Try to imagine what you are like at your fullest potential.  You might imagine the full potential YOU as being wise and loving, stable and knowing, and most certainly not caught up in the linear, mental chatter that is so much a part of our normal daily experience.

So to best imagine this other-dimensional you, it might be quite helpful to find a peaceful space (real or in your imagination) that is away from the clatter of the day.  Then, using your imagination (which is actually real) begin to sense, feel, see or hear your full potential self.  Identify with the qualities you sense in this being.  (An excellent exercise is to do this with a friend who can share their perception of the “real” you).  Make notes of the qualities you sense.

Once you learn to become the observer or witness and connect with your full-potential-self, it will become easier to connect with 5th Dimensional Beings.

5th Dimensional Beings very much want to connect with us. They exist on the 5th dimension where only love and compassion exist. There is no hate, anger or war of any kind, which is here at the 3rd dimension. All things in the 5th dimension are manifested through thought. And everything is experienced through an energy pattern. In the 5th dimension, all things can be healed through balancing energy. And the potential for manifesting is much greater when working with these high-frequency beings.

They have a strong interest in Earth beings and want to help us reach higher realms. They know we are experiencing very difficult times and some of us will ascend to the 5th dimension, some of us will not. Many of us actually have past lives with them and some are considered Star people.

Arcturians are 5th Dimensional loving beings, serving the highest wisdom. They can act as your guides assisting you to have better experiences or to reach a better place.

Just tuning into their frequencies will provide upliftment and expansion for you. All you have to do is allow your thoughts to go to the Arcturians and you will begin to connect with them. When you begin to work with them, you will begin to reach higher states of consciousness, healing, and even technological development.

whaleworldYou can also connect with Dolphin and Whale energy. Dolphins and whales are 5th Dimensional Beings that exist here on Earth. Dolphin energy is similar to Christ energy. The energy feels profoundly intimate, playful, childlike, close, and accessible. It is warm, safe, comforting, nurturing, and reassuring. Whale energy is similar to that of Buddha and feels like a vast open space. It is impersonal, eternal, and feels like a great Void.

According to author Linda Shay, many scholars have discovered that early Christians often referred to Jesus as “The Dolphin.”

jesus dolphin picChristian sailors likened Jesus Christ to the dolphin. Pastoral images of the lamb were remote from their experience.

But they knew countless stories of dolphins as rescuers, guides, and friends. As the dolphins appeared in the ancient legends, so Jesus served in life: rescuer, guide, and friend.

Dolphins appear frequently on the walls of the catacombs. Often, they are shown twisted around a trident or an anchor, suggesting Christ on the Cross. In underground Rome there is even an image of a dolphin with an exposed heart. The dolphin usually symbolizes Jesus Christ.

Of course there are plenty of other 5th Dimensional Beings you can call forth and connect to. And it is not just spiritual people who talk about higher dimensions, it is also a mathematical concept discussed by brilliant scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins. You can also read their work which will help bring this concept deeper into your consciousness.

I like to observe myself and communicate with my Full-Potential-Self and call forth 5th Dimensional beings in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening before falling sleep.  I ask if there is anything I need to do to heal, serve, manifest, etc. There are many, many times when the connection feels very profound. I thank them for assisting me with various things—things that have occurred and for things that I want to occur, as if they already have.

Note: When calling in Higher Beings, it is IMPERATIVE to always demand to be surrounded by a cylinder of White Light and Beings of the 100% White Light.



4D Ascension Process–Part 2

double_helix_nebula.3This is part 2 which is a continuation from my last entry. If you have not already done so, you may want to read (or reread) the entry before this one. Please read below to find out what happens when you reach the 4th Dimension:

After leaving the 3rd Dimension, your experience feels rather shocking. You have been floating in nothing and blackness for about 3 days, which may feel as though a thousand years have passed, a brilliant white light will explode which fills your entire being. It will overwhelm you as the brightest light you have ever experienced.

You will become a new baby in a new reality. You have just been born into a new world! You will start to see colors you never knew existed. You will begin to grow and get taller, much the same way you did when you came to this 3rd dimension. A 4D adult male grows to about 16 feet and an adult female grows to be about 12 feet.

In the 4D, your body will seem solid, but it is not. No one from the 3D would be able to see you now. You still have an atomic structure, but the atoms will have mostly converted into energy. You are now mostly energy and very little matter, which is the opposite of what you are in the 3rd dimension. If you were on Earth, you could walk through a wall. This new birth will be the last life in “structure” as you know it. Once you reach the 5th dimension, there are no life forms. Instead you will have a formless state of consciousness with no body, but you will be everywhere all at once. The 5D offers love and compassion on levels a 3D being cannot imagine.

(Note: Some people will bypass the 4th dimension right to the 5th dimension. It depends on a person’s level of consciousness. If you want to learn how to skip the 4th dimension and go straight to the 5th, I highly recommend you study about connecting with the Arcturians. The Arcturians are 5th dimensional beings and teach 3rd dimensional beings how to ascend to the 5th dimension. There are many benefits to going straight to the 5th dimension, which I shall write more about another time. Feel free to email me if you want to know how to connect to the Arcturians. You can find some information here at my blog. FYI, dolphins and whales are also 5D beings and can teach you about ascending to the 5D.)

Time as you know it feels very different in the 4D. A few minutes on Earth feels like several hours in 4D. It will only take a few years to reach adulthood. You will begin to attain vast knowledge about existence, which is your primary goal in the 4D. You will also become a master at manifesting with your thoughts.

If you do not learn soon enough how to manifest with your thoughts, you will not be able to stay in the 4D. This is one big problem about the 4D, which is why it helps to skip it, and go onto the 5D. When the 4D window opens, anyone can go through, but generally not everyone can stay. At this stage, there are three types of people.

The first type of people are ready because they have prepared themselves by living in the 3D with positive thoughts about love and compassion. They do not judge others. The second type are not quite ready for the new experience. They may be close, but have not done the spiritual work that prepares them for the 4D. The third type are filled with so much fear and negative thoughts and are not able to completely pass through the Void. They immediately return to the 3D.

Jesus spoke of this at the end of a parable when he said, “many are called, but few are chosen.” Not to worry though. Everyone will eventually reach higher levels of dimensions when they are ready. It is not for anyone to judge because we all started at different times and grow at different rates. You cannot force an awakening. It occurs by the Grace of God.

When people are not quite ready, it means they are attached to their fears and hatred. Feelings of fear and anger become even stronger in the 4D. These feelings begin to manifest, especially for those who do not understand about how thoughts and feelings create your experience. They are not fully conscious of what is happening and that they are creating similar scenarios to what they saw in the 3D. They become very confused and nothing makes sense. They may feel as though they are hallucinating. They feel fear and they want to protect themselves. They think others want to harm them. They do not trust others. The mind begins to think it needs a gun. Manifestation follows thought, and a rifle appears. Then they think about ammunition, and a huge box of it appears.

Their worst fears continue to manifest. Someone who appears threatening arrives, and you want to kill them in order to protect yourself. You notice that they too have a gun, and they shoot you. You are then sent back to the 3D. If you feel fear and/or hatred, some sort of similar scenario will happen that will remove you from the 4D and send you back to the 3D.

This is what Jesus meant when he said, “For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. “ (Gun control anyone?) Jesus also said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, “ which means that if you are sitting in this new 4D world having thoughts of love, harmony and peace, trusting in God and yourself, then that is what you will experience. Your thoughts will manifest a new world filled with love, peace and harmony. If you are “meek” you allow yourself to remain in this higher beautiful world by having loving thoughts, feelings and actions. You survive and thrive in the 4D!

In my next post, I will continue with this information and let you know what happens next. And I will let you know what you can do to prepare yourself for an easy ascension. Of course I am not an authority on this subject and I have no way of knowing what will happen. But I do know what several intelligent and educated people say will happen.  I am just disseminating information that I have learned from others. You never know, it may be helpful.

Full Moon, Solar Eclipse, Meteor Shower, Lunar Eclipse

With the upcoming Lunar and Solar events, Gateways are opening to the 5th dimension!

May 5th—Full Moon
May 20th—Solar Eclipse
Through May 28th—Meteor Shower
June 4th—Lunar Eclipse

These events will have a major energetic impact on us. According to the Arcturians, the outcome of these upcoming galactic events will be a new gateway opening to the 5th dimension. There is a major link between the earth, sun and the Pleiades Alpha of Philadelphia (star clusters) which will connect the 3rd dimension with the 5th dimension in the next month or so. (I will include more information about the Arcturians and the Pleiades in the next post.)

It will be very important to stay grounded, especially if you are sensitive to energy. Also, imagine your aura as a blue egg with golden light surrounding it. Imagine your 5th dimensional being above your head before it enters your 3rd dimensional body. Imagine your 5th dimensional being “shimmer” into your body, aligning perfectly. Ask your 5th dimensional being for whatever you want for healing, etc. This exercise will help you adjust to the new energies and merge your higher self with your 3rd dimensional being during this major transitional time.

What to expect?

The entire month of May looks to be an exciting month for skywatchers around the world, with the largest full moon of the year — a so-called “supermoon” — kicking things off this weekend. But the moon is just one of several tantalizing sky events this month, which include a meteor shower from Halley’s comet and the first solar eclipse of the year.

The skywatching action starts with a celestial double-feature. On Saturday and Sunday (May 5- 6) a “supermoon” of 2012 and the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will both hit their peak.

While the bright full moon could interfere with the Eta Aquarid meteor display, some of the shower’s brightest fireballs should still be visible late Saturday and early Sunday, NASA scientists say.

Then, on May 20, the moon will pass in front of the sun but not completely block it, creating what scientists call an annular solar eclipse. Parts of the eclipse will be visible from much of North America, though the western U.S. states are in prime position for the best viewing experiences, according to SPACE.com skywatching columnist Geoff Gaherty.

Supermoon rising

“Supermoon” is the nickname for a full moon that coincides with the moon’s arrival at perigee — the point in its orbit that brings it closest to Earth for the month. Perigees occur because the moon’s orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle. Instead, it’s an ellipse in which the nearest point to Earth is about 31,000 miles closer than the moon’s farthest point (called apogee).

When the moon is in its full phase and at perigee, it can appear much brighter and slightly larger than the average full moon. Scientists call this event a “perigee moon.”

That’s what will occur this weekend during the full moon of May on Saturday, May 5, at 11:35 p.m. EDT. To the casual observer, the moon also can appear full one day before and one day after the exact moment it is at its fullest.

On Saturday, the moon will be 221,802 miles from Earth and should appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the typical full moon, according to NASA. The average Earth-moon distance is about 230,000 miles.

Meteors from Halley’s comet

At the same time as the supermoon, the annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower is expected to hit its peak, though the bright moonlight is likely to wash out much of the “shooting star” display.

The Eta Aquarids occur between late April and early May when the Earth passes through a stream of dusty debris left behind by the famed Halley’s comet during its 76-year trek through our solar system. The meteor shower is one of two created by comet Halley.

This year the Eta Aquarids began on April 19 and will run through May 28, though the meteor shower will be at its best during the overnight hours between Saturday and Sunday. Since this coincides with the bright full moon, only the brightest fireballs will be visible. NASA scientists predict between 40 and 60 meteors will be seen per hour.

“NASA fireball cameras have already detected several bright Eta Aquarid meteors this year, so the odds are pretty good that a bit of Halley’s comet can be seen over the next few days,” NASA scientists wrote in their skywatching alert. “Ideal viewing conditions are clear skies away from city lights, especially just before dawn.”

The best way to try to observe the meteor shower is to lie flat on your back and get as much of the sky in your field of view as possible, according to NASA’s guide. The space agency will also offer a live webcast of the display from its all-sky meteor camera network on Saturday night here: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/solarsystem/features/watchtheskies/aquarids_2012.html

First solar eclipse of 2012

If the supermoon and meteor shower leave you wanting more skywatching delights, then mark your calendars, because May’s celestial display isn’t over yet.

On May 20 the moon will cross in front of the sun as seen from Earth but won’t completely block the star. What scientists call an annular solar eclipse will be visible along a narrow track that stretches from East Asia (where it will be May 21) across the Pacific Ocean before crossing parts of the western United States.

A unique annular solar eclipse occurs on May 20 for lucky observers in a path from Eureka, California, to Lubbock, Texas,” astronomer Nancy Neal Jones said in a NASA video. “The rest of the United States will see a partial solar eclipse.”

When the moon is in its new phase and aligns perfectly with the sun, the effect is a total eclipse. At other times, only a partial solar eclipse is visible. Because the plane of the moon’s orbit is slightly different from the plane of Earth’s orbit around the sun, there is not a total solar eclipse every month.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is in its new phase but is too far from Earth to completely block the sun. Instead, it leaves a ring of the sun.

A partial lunar eclipse will take place on June 4, 2012. The Moon will be about one-third covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow at maximum eclipse. The portion of the moon within the penumbral shadow will be significantly dimmed. The portion of the moon inside the umbral shadow will only be illuminated by sunlight refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere, thus much dimmer, and having a reddish hue.

A Penny for your (Bad) Thoughts

Sometimes letting go of a relationship is not easy to do. However, sometimes it is the only thing left to do. Recently a friend (I’ll call her Mary) betrayed me in a way I never saw coming. Looking back, there were red flags and I chose to ignore them.

Over the years I have learned that sometimes relationships, be it a friend, lover, spouse, family member, etc., does not serve your highest good and holding on to the relationship can hold you back. Sometimes we even have to release loving relationships because they have either run their course or, sadly, people pass away.

When I learned some things that Mary had done, I felt angry, hurt, sad, betrayed and I knew I had to experience the feelings in order to let them go. I gave myself permission to allow myself the right to feel the way I felt. I did not put my focus on Mary, instead I asked myself where these emotions were coming from in a rhetorical way. Questioning and inquiring about feelings, without judging or trying to change them, can help you to process them.

When I decided I had experienced what I needed to feel, I chose to release Mary to find her own good somewhere else. I let her go with forgiveness, kindness and love in my heart. Carrying anger towards others is like swallowing a poisonous pill and hoping the other person dies. Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself and liberates you.

I have learned that sometimes when you let go of someone who does not make you happy, you create space for someone so much better to enter your life. This has proven to be true for me.

About 5 or 6 years ago someone sent me the following technique for letting go of a relationship. I have put the text in quotes because they are not my words. I have used this technique and found it to be very helpful.

A Penny for Your Bad Thoughts 

“Gladys and Joe were best friends and in a committed relationship. They were lovers. They were going to be forever.

At least, that is what Gladys thought.

Then Joe emailed her, “It’s over. Don’t bother to call.”

Gladys called anyway. Her heart was breaking. But all she could do was leave a message, and after leaving a couple of those she quit trying.

Maybe you never have been dumped quite as harshly as Gladys was. However, you may have been dumped more harshly.

By now you have had so many significant others in your life, between personal life and career, from fickle childhood friends to disappointments from family to so many outgrown relationships to death.

Significant others can lead to significant disappointments.

The purpose of this article is to help you get out of grieving, beyond mere coping, and into true letting go.

This technique is designed for someone like Gladys. Or you. When you can’t stop thinking about someone like Joe, someone who did you wrong or hurt your feelings or made you angry with no recourse for making things right. (Not in this lifetime, anyway.)

Even after you have removed all related STUFF, you still may be bothered by negative thoughts.

*    Thoughts of vengeance.
*    Feeling sorry for yourself.
*    Wanting Joe to contact you, just so you can “show him,” etc.
*    A whole mess o’ messy, unresolved thoughts.

Thoughts like these can be mostly a habit. Which doesn’t make them less troubling.

Well, here’s a way to break that habit.

1. Carry a penny or two with you when you go out.

2. If you happen to think about the old relationship, throw out the penny, leaving it there on the street or other public place.

3. Say out loud, “I release you [Name the person]. And I ask you, God, to bring me a better and healthier version of that old relationship.”

Simple, right?


Soon as you get a chance, go outside and toss your penny, doing all three steps.

That’s right, get outside first. (It’s good for you to do plenty of that while letting go of past relationships anyway; helps position you to meet-n-greet and, generally, welcome in new relationships.)

Whenever you do this penny technique, you will practice letting go.
Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Allow someone else to pick up that penny or get even with Joe.

Sure, if it helps, remember that the law of karma will definitely take care of people like Joe. Long term, over the lifetimes, Joe will get exactly what’s coming to him.

Meanwhile it can be consoling to remember the short-term punishment for people who do unkind things or worse: They get to live with themselves.

Your invitation, when letting that penny drop — and — beyond is simpler. Not only do you get to live with yourself. You get to go free.”  

I am not sure if I agree about the karma part. I prefer not to worry about someone else’s karma. I would prefer to focus on feeling grateful for the loving relationships I have in my life. When you express gratitude, there is a biochemical response within the body and it can be very healing. Appreciating loved ones can help you attract better people and experiences.

Here is a Sacred Geometry formation for experiencing more Gratitude from Janosh:

“Learning from your mistakes is absolutely fine, but sometimes it can be too much. You have the idea that you are a victim of your environment. However, nothing happens without reason. Just as there are beautiful moments, there are negative ones too, which you need to live through. No heights without depths! Teach yourself to be grateful for each episode in your life. Praise yourself that you see the value of the moment, you are a pioneer. You have an increased consciousness which dares you to look at the deeper intention in your life. Cherish the knowledge for yourself. The frequency of Gratitude helps you to be thankful for everything that happens in your life.”

Your Brain on Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry has a very powerful effect on the brain. Within SG are lessons and teachings that we only understand on a subconscious level. The information in a scared geometry drawing can enter human consciousness through the left brain, but there is a way that it can also enter experientially through the right brain. What this means is that both sides of the brain use the information differently.

On some level, you will have an experience with each sacred geometry shape. You may not know what that experience is, nonetheless there is an experiential aspect associated with every sacred geometry form. In order to have more success with your Flower of Life meditation/experience, it is important to make the left and right side of the brain work together. By focusing on the sacred geometry shape below, you will create more balance with your left and right hemispheres.

There is an artist by the name of Janosh who offers free information at his website regarding the sacred geometry shapes that have been channeled to him from higher beings called the Arcturians. Each image has a specific message and much can be gained by looking at the image for several minutes.

This image below is called Synergy. “The frequency of Synergy helps the left and the right side of the brain to work together more efficiently.

The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. This relates particularly to the way in which our brains work. We usually approach everything from one side, without looking at the other side. Everyday subjects at home and at your work, ask you to think by logical reason (left hand side of the brain), while private matters respond more to your feelings and emotions (right hand side of the brain). So we are trained to use either one or the other side of the brain. The art of creating pure and clear is to match both sides together. Bring your intellect and feelings into one line, your head and your heart, to enable you to get the best possible result from your creative powers. ”

Project Heaven on Earth

I recently met Martin Rutte who is the amazing founder of an incredible organization called “Project Heaven on Earth.”

The Purpose of Project Heaven on Earth:
  • To have Heaven on Earth be Humanity’s new story.
  • To have our heart’s desire for Humanity be an acceptable topic of public discourse, and public and private actions.
  • To have our heart’s desire for Humanity be realized.
  • To empower Humanity’s purpose and vision.
To Realize…
  • The end of negative sufferings.
  • Our institutions taking their rightful place in helping create Heaven on Earth.
  • Our nations taking their rightful place in helping create Heaven on Earth.
  • The flourishing of the individual and the collective.

I kindly urge all of you to see what it has to offer and how you can assist in creating Heaven on Earth. Please click on the following link to learn more:

Project Heaven On Earth

If you have any question, feel free to contact Martin at  martin@projectheavenonearth.com

And please keep checking back because I will be discussing more about the “Project Heaven on Earth” and what we can all do to make the world a better place.

Heaven on Earth with Sacred Geometry in 2012

In the upcoming year, I will be writing about using sacred geometry to assist in creating heaven on earth. You can learn to become a catalyst for opening up codes within your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. My guides and teachers are preparing me to gather 40 people for group mediation. We will be able to do this over distance and will not require a physical meeting. More about the details will follow in the next few months.

In the meantime, please begin to focus on the sacred geometry images I will be posting at this blog.  The images, or CODES, will help to create an opening in your consciousness. You will then be able to receive specific instructions on what to do next. The overall goal is to create energy that is similar to that of the 5th dimension. Once your level of consciousness reaches a certain vibration, you will begin to unlock deeper ascension codes within the earth. This is what 2012 is all about.

Stay with me and it will make more sense in the next several weeks. I am still learning what to do myself. Sacred geometry, sound and color will all play a role. You will know on some level of consciousness if this message calls to you. In the meantime, meditate on the following sacred geometry image. It was channeled from an Arcturian and the hidden code is AWAKENING.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com