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Root lock breathing technique

Take a couple of deep, full, cleansing closed mouth breaths and begin to relax. Hold in the lower abdominal area. Hold in the navel area. Close the mouth, and breathe in and out making a sound like Darth Vader. This sound and the breath are made by slightly constricting the throat.

Whisper a few words out loud and then whisper the same words with your mouth closed while trying to enunciate the words from the back of your throat.  Now keep your mouth closed and inhale and exhale while constricting this area of your throat, making the Darth Vader sound.

This breathing technique is very powerful. It generates heat, moves energy and as a point of focus, it trains the mind to pay attention and be present. The root lock practice increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system which can ease pain; lowers the breath rate, heart rate, and blood pressure; and stabilizes brain-wave activity. Root lock is an energy charging practice with great specific benefits:

hormonal balance, stimulating and regulating the nerves around the lower pelvic region, rebalances nervous activity in the body, significantly decrease stress and anxiety levels, decreases muscle tension, improves mood, decreases depression, increases endorphin levels, releases healthy chemicals such as nitric oxide and serotonin, balances the chakras, stimulates alpha brain waves, increases longevity, sends oxygen to the cells, anti-aging and much much more.

Practice this technique beginning with 3 minutes per day, once in the morning and then in the evening. Work your way up until you are able to do 20 minute sessions. This very simple mind-body self-healing technique is easy to learn and do. It stimulates your brain and produces high levels of healing chemicals all throughout the body. It is beneficially on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. It can help to prevent or even reverse medical disorders. It also provides a very simple anti-aging benefit since it oxygenates the body’s 300 trillion cells.


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