If you don't control your mind, someone else will…


“Your meditation was beautiful and it worked!  I got an unexpected permanent increase in my cash flow yesterday…” Tiff Miller- Bucks County PA

“Your recent program was great. Both during and after, I felt very relaxed. It was the first time that I had ever been exposed to the Crystal Singing Bowls, but it won’t be the last. Please let me know when you’ll be giving your next presentation.” Blaine Greenfield- Biltmore Lake, NC

“Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Savannah and her healing room.  Savannah offers several healing services but my personal favorite are the crystal bowls and her guided meditations.  After the photo shoot I had a private healing session and it was AMAZING!!! I started meditation about a year ago and finding the crystal bowls has really taken it to the next level.  Meditation is so good for the mind and soul and has helped me personally bring my life into balance.   Savannah is a kind, loving and talented healer and it’s hard to put into word how much her sessions have helped me but my life has changed since the first day I met her and then again the first day I heard the bowls.  The session started with a personalize crystal healing meditation and then I used the infrared sauna and 20 minutes on the incredible Migun massage bed.  What a blessing!” ~Tiffany Miller -BucksCounty, PA

“Can I just share with you how amazing you are !!  Thank you !!  You are sooo a rarity in this world !! You have an amazing spirit !!” The “Singing Bowls Prosperity Class” was the first one I have ever been to.  I can honestly say that your spiritual presentation uplifted every person in attendence.  I found you to be a very pure spirit with a high level of understanding and a sincerety of being.  You express a very warm hearted and caring presence.  You managed to bring a unity of spirit amongst us all that left us wanting more !!  I came into your class feeling very drained and uncentered.  Yet, I left feeling much more centered and energized.  This, in my opinion, provides true credibility of your self accomplishments and the effectiveness of your class !! ~Rich Braconi-New Jersey

“Thank you for being a light in my life!  I truly feel blessed that our paths have crossed. I am grateful for the kindness you extended to me and the wonderful healing experience!  There is no doubt that I have been graced by the presence of a true earth angel.  Funny, I said to a friend today that the only thing that was missing was your big fluffy wings, which are only just invisible!!!  :0) I am so looking forward to Sunday and meeting your soul family! Thank you so much for the encouragement and connecting me with you community.” ~Lisa B-Bucks County, PA

“…You got tremendous feedback ….ALL positive!!!  It was a terrific session and I love how it effects me…a fabulous tune-up!!!…I can’t wait until your next session !!! …Terrific healing session Savannah!!!  Thank-you so much…sic (my friend) called on his way to work and was beaming from last night!!!  He said that he slept like a baby !!!  I feel so re-energized and whole. last night truly was amazing!!! You have indeed found your calling!!!  Bravo!!!  I’m so happy that we met!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re an angel…thanks!!!  I can’t wait for this friday..I loved the last one so much!” Robin N. Bucks County PA

Thank you so much!  Dave and I mentioned all day how relaxed and good we felt!  It is def something we would like to try again.  Dave even looked up the mat online to see how much it would cost to get one since he really liked it. 🙂 Karen S, PA


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