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Sacred Geometry

The Secret Key–4D Ascension Process Part 3

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…So you have been born into a new 4D world and even better you have survived! From this point on there are many possibilities. You will start to explore this new world and you will get the hang of the fact that your thoughts create your experience.

At this point in the 4D, people typically start to perfect their bodies. You make yourself healthy and strong. Your ego may still be functioning a bit and you make yourself really beautiful or handsome. You look and feel like the best version of yourself that is possible.

You will meet your Mother and Father in the 4th Dimension. They are not your parents from the 3D. These parents are the most loving and compassionate parents. They are highly evolved beings. They are not dysfunctional in any way. So if you had a difficult childhood, do not expect that to be the case in the 4D. This will be the last time you have parents. Once you reach the 5D, you will no longer require parental beings.

Your 4D parents will love you in ways you never imagined possible. They will comfort and take care of you in every way.  You will surrender to their love and experience tremendous joy. They will guide you and teach you and you will fully understand your purpose of existence.  You will return to a state of awareness, and yes you have been there before, where God is apparent in all life, felt with every breath you take.

There are things you can do here on Earth to prepare you for reaching higher dimensions. Ascension or death, no matter how it comes, is the doorway of darkness into the Void that leads into the brilliant light of the higher words of existence. It is always darkest before the dawn of light. If you can master your existence in the new higher worlds, you will be directly led into conscious connection with eternal life!

Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lao-tsu, St. Germain, Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Sananda and about 8000 other great masters of the eternal white light will be there as your teachers and heroes. By their examples, they will show you how to build your character. Loving your neighbor is the primary key. It brings order into the world you create. It gives you eternal life. While here on Earth, it is important to love all humanity. Love yourself and feel love for others.

(Does that mean you have to be best friends with everyone here on Earth? NO! Someone once told me to run far and fast from negative people. However, you can be kind and always pray for others no matter what they do, or no matter what it is you think they have done to you. Sometimes people just serve as a mirror to what needs to be healed in ourselves. If you do not like a quality in another person, it could mean you have some similar quality in you that needs to be healed in some way.  Sometimes people remind us of other relationships that need to be healed. For example, men and women are often attracted to people who are similar to their parents or siblings—especially if the family relationship needs healing. But all that is for another time.)

According to books I have read, to make the transition to higher dimensions, you will have to pass through a stargate. The only way you can get through is by thinking, feeling and being certain emotional patterns. One such pattern is love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. This is something like a secret code that according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, will enable you to pass the guards of the next dimension. If the guards sense you are not ready, they will not let you pass through.

star-tetrahedronWhat you can do is imagine yourself in the center of the Merkaba star. (The Merkaba looks like a Star Tetrahedron which has two triangles, one upside down within the other (see picture). If you what to know more about the Merkaba, please click here: MERKABA. The Merkaba is a meditation and of course there is all sorts of information about it on the web. Sometimes it is called the Flower of Life, which I teach in private and group settings.) The pattern for females to chant is love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. The male pattern is compassion, humility, wisdom, unity, love and truth.

Become familiar with this chant. Be ready for when the times comes. Learn about sacred geometry. Practice the Merkba meditation, or any meditation, and think those words in the pattern. Anyone can use the male or female pattern. Perhaps become familiar with them both. You can think about the words while driving, cooking, etc. They are considered to be a key or secret code. Carry it with you for when you need it.

merkabaImagine each word at one point of the Merkaba star. Make it so this pattern is your most important possession that you want to bring with you to the higher worlds. These words will help you go through a metamorphosis. You will begin to change into something so much more beautiful than you can imagine.

You will continue to gain knowledge and wisdom on your journey back to God. And we will all end up there eventually. It is up to you, and the grace of God, how long it will take you to get there.

The great masters of the Universe are watching us and they are there to help you. It is helpful to contact them and ask for their assistance now. In the upcoming weeks, I will write more about connecting with the masters and asking for help. I will also continue to discuss what else you can do right now to ensure a fast and successful ascension.


If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘Thank You’, it will be enough.

One of my clients (whom I am very fond of) recently sent me the following message after a session together (see below). She regularly attends events, workshops and healing sessions. I feel so blessed to be able to do this work and am happy to serve as a catalyst the best I can.

And I would like to thank everyone who supports this blog, attends events & workshops and books private sessions. I could not be doing what I love without you.


“Ever since our healing session honestly I am feeling like a different person.  I have had zero energy but now I am a different person.  I am still not 100% but it is leaps and bounds from where I was.  I have been going to bed around 7:30 out of pure tiredness.  I actually stayed up till 9:30 last night and still feel rested this morning.  I really cannot thank you enough for helping me connect with my higher committee, they are truly helping me heal, it’s amazing.   Even my vertigo is virtual gone, it’s like a switch has been flipped.  thank you thank you thank you

I can’t wait to try the herbs!  I think we should go with your suggestion of 2, 3, & 7.  Just let me know what I owe you.

I am back to work this week. This is actually one of the biggest weeks of the year for me careerwise.  It’s not really coming at the best time, but I am taking it slow.  I  have to go to New Orleans this weekend for a trade show, I don’t have to work the show just go to a bunch of meetings with people.  We are in the process of merging with another company so this week and the tradeshow is like one big job interview for me. After the first day…it’s looking good!  If this happens it could mean incredible career advances for me.

I am getting iron therapy on Thursday and am hoping that will get me through New Orleans. Going to these shows usually means nights of cocktails but I have made everyone here aware of my health issues and made it very clear that I am not drinking or staying out late every night.  😉

Again, I really cannot thank you enough!  I am so blessed to have you in my life and all of your healing talents.  You have changed me and put my life on a path that I would have never found on my own and I will forever be grateful!”

If you would like to treat yourself to a private sound healing session, please contact me at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com

This sacred geometry shape is encoded with the frequency Passion and it can help you create anything you want. Sacred geometry shapes are encoded with messages that open your subconscious mind to help you create miracles in your life.

A Penny for your (Bad) Thoughts

Sometimes letting go of a relationship is not easy to do. However, sometimes it is the only thing left to do. Recently a friend (I’ll call her Mary) betrayed me in a way I never saw coming. Looking back, there were red flags and I chose to ignore them.

Over the years I have learned that sometimes relationships, be it a friend, lover, spouse, family member, etc., does not serve your highest good and holding on to the relationship can hold you back. Sometimes we even have to release loving relationships because they have either run their course or, sadly, people pass away.

When I learned some things that Mary had done, I felt angry, hurt, sad, betrayed and I knew I had to experience the feelings in order to let them go. I gave myself permission to allow myself the right to feel the way I felt. I did not put my focus on Mary, instead I asked myself where these emotions were coming from in a rhetorical way. Questioning and inquiring about feelings, without judging or trying to change them, can help you to process them.

When I decided I had experienced what I needed to feel, I chose to release Mary to find her own good somewhere else. I let her go with forgiveness, kindness and love in my heart. Carrying anger towards others is like swallowing a poisonous pill and hoping the other person dies. Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself and liberates you.

I have learned that sometimes when you let go of someone who does not make you happy, you create space for someone so much better to enter your life. This has proven to be true for me.

About 5 or 6 years ago someone sent me the following technique for letting go of a relationship. I have put the text in quotes because they are not my words. I have used this technique and found it to be very helpful.

A Penny for Your Bad Thoughts 

“Gladys and Joe were best friends and in a committed relationship. They were lovers. They were going to be forever.

At least, that is what Gladys thought.

Then Joe emailed her, “It’s over. Don’t bother to call.”

Gladys called anyway. Her heart was breaking. But all she could do was leave a message, and after leaving a couple of those she quit trying.

Maybe you never have been dumped quite as harshly as Gladys was. However, you may have been dumped more harshly.

By now you have had so many significant others in your life, between personal life and career, from fickle childhood friends to disappointments from family to so many outgrown relationships to death.

Significant others can lead to significant disappointments.

The purpose of this article is to help you get out of grieving, beyond mere coping, and into true letting go.

This technique is designed for someone like Gladys. Or you. When you can’t stop thinking about someone like Joe, someone who did you wrong or hurt your feelings or made you angry with no recourse for making things right. (Not in this lifetime, anyway.)

Even after you have removed all related STUFF, you still may be bothered by negative thoughts.

*    Thoughts of vengeance.
*    Feeling sorry for yourself.
*    Wanting Joe to contact you, just so you can “show him,” etc.
*    A whole mess o’ messy, unresolved thoughts.

Thoughts like these can be mostly a habit. Which doesn’t make them less troubling.

Well, here’s a way to break that habit.

1. Carry a penny or two with you when you go out.

2. If you happen to think about the old relationship, throw out the penny, leaving it there on the street or other public place.

3. Say out loud, “I release you [Name the person]. And I ask you, God, to bring me a better and healthier version of that old relationship.”

Simple, right?


Soon as you get a chance, go outside and toss your penny, doing all three steps.

That’s right, get outside first. (It’s good for you to do plenty of that while letting go of past relationships anyway; helps position you to meet-n-greet and, generally, welcome in new relationships.)

Whenever you do this penny technique, you will practice letting go.
Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Allow someone else to pick up that penny or get even with Joe.

Sure, if it helps, remember that the law of karma will definitely take care of people like Joe. Long term, over the lifetimes, Joe will get exactly what’s coming to him.

Meanwhile it can be consoling to remember the short-term punishment for people who do unkind things or worse: They get to live with themselves.

Your invitation, when letting that penny drop — and — beyond is simpler. Not only do you get to live with yourself. You get to go free.”  

I am not sure if I agree about the karma part. I prefer not to worry about someone else’s karma. I would prefer to focus on feeling grateful for the loving relationships I have in my life. When you express gratitude, there is a biochemical response within the body and it can be very healing. Appreciating loved ones can help you attract better people and experiences.

Here is a Sacred Geometry formation for experiencing more Gratitude from Janosh:

“Learning from your mistakes is absolutely fine, but sometimes it can be too much. You have the idea that you are a victim of your environment. However, nothing happens without reason. Just as there are beautiful moments, there are negative ones too, which you need to live through. No heights without depths! Teach yourself to be grateful for each episode in your life. Praise yourself that you see the value of the moment, you are a pioneer. You have an increased consciousness which dares you to look at the deeper intention in your life. Cherish the knowledge for yourself. The frequency of Gratitude helps you to be thankful for everything that happens in your life.”

Your Brain on Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry has a very powerful effect on the brain. Within SG are lessons and teachings that we only understand on a subconscious level. The information in a scared geometry drawing can enter human consciousness through the left brain, but there is a way that it can also enter experientially through the right brain. What this means is that both sides of the brain use the information differently.

On some level, you will have an experience with each sacred geometry shape. You may not know what that experience is, nonetheless there is an experiential aspect associated with every sacred geometry form. In order to have more success with your Flower of Life meditation/experience, it is important to make the left and right side of the brain work together. By focusing on the sacred geometry shape below, you will create more balance with your left and right hemispheres.

There is an artist by the name of Janosh who offers free information at his website regarding the sacred geometry shapes that have been channeled to him from higher beings called the Arcturians. Each image has a specific message and much can be gained by looking at the image for several minutes.

This image below is called Synergy. “The frequency of Synergy helps the left and the right side of the brain to work together more efficiently.

The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. This relates particularly to the way in which our brains work. We usually approach everything from one side, without looking at the other side. Everyday subjects at home and at your work, ask you to think by logical reason (left hand side of the brain), while private matters respond more to your feelings and emotions (right hand side of the brain). So we are trained to use either one or the other side of the brain. The art of creating pure and clear is to match both sides together. Bring your intellect and feelings into one line, your head and your heart, to enable you to get the best possible result from your creative powers. ”

Instructions to Activate and Program your Flower of Life

The Flower of Life (FOL) symbol has a vast number of hidden potentials available within it. One needs an open mind and infinite humility in order to uncover its secrets. When used with humility, respect, and open-mindedness, the FOL symbol can serve you for a lifetime as a mirror into which you can view your limitless potentials.

One could say that the FOL symbol has the total universe within it, but unless one was shown step-by-step how it is possible, it would be easy to disbelieve it and view the symbol as just another “thing.” The act of integrating all the available templates and branches of knowledge together within the unity that the FOL symbol evokes will begin to heal the cracks and fractures of our chaotic world.

Humans are conditioned to dissect, judge, separate, and tear down our reality. This fractures or cracks the unified reality of which we are all a part. Seeing unity and nurturing it will heal the cracks of separation and strengthen our relationship with the divine in us all.

The Flower of Life symbol is being released once again into the consciousness of humankind. This helps to give us a model of unity amongst diversity, which we so desperately need to heal the fracturing reality we see around us. It is time to surrender to the unity that surrounds us. Our inherent unity was once unseen and ignored, but now we have the understanding, templates, and tools to truly see its existence and embrace this unity in our lives.

The Flower of Life is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life.  Those who have activated and programmed their FOL have stated that they have learned more about themselves, connected with their higher selves, and moved to new levels of awareness. The FOL is a tool that helps humans reach their full potential.

When you learn about the FOL, you will not only intellectually understand the geometric fields, but you will personally experience them and feel them tangibly around your body. These geometric energy fields around our bodies can be turned on in a particular way, which is also connected to our breath. I recommend that when you are doing the FOL meditation, incorporate the Root-lock Breathing Technique to make the experience more powerful.

Learning the steps of the FOL meditation alone is not enough to fully experience the benefits of an activated FOL. Anyone can learn technical steps through a book or video. There is at least one other factor that is even more important than learning the FOL meditation itself — the opening of the heart and the experiencing of Divine Love. It is Divine or Unconditional Love that is the primary factor that allows the FOL to become a living field of light. Without Divine Love, the FOL will only be a series of steps and will have many limitations.

Activating your FOL

Sit comfortably and relax into the present moment. Start doing some deep breathing such as the Root Lock Breathing Technique, or start whatever breathing exercise that is comfortable to you. Relax into a meditative state. Personally, I use the Science of Being method and connect to Universal Life Energy.

Create an imaginary tube of light that will begin at Source, and then travel into you, and then will travel through you and end in the heart of Mother Earth. If you recall from a prior post, Mother Earth has her own Flower of Life in the center.

Send Source and Mother Earth love from your heart. Feel how Source and Mother Earth send you their love back to you. Unify the love of Source and Mother Earth with your own love inside your heart.

Ask all your different bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, astral) to center themselves around the love in your chest area. From this love, in your imagination, draw the Flower of Infinity, exactly in the way shown below:

Draw the Flower so that every petal starts from the love in your chest and ends in it.

Once you have drawn the whole Flower – your FOL will be active.

Programming your FOL:

It is best to program your FOL intuitively, by focusing your attention on it and giving it orders/requests.

For example, you can order your FOL to:
“Dear FOL, please heal me.”
“Dear FOL, please clear, balance and heal all my different bodies.”

You can also make copies from your FOL and ask them to do things:
“Dear FOL, Please make a copy of yourself, position the copy around my house, balance all the energies inside and around the house, and bring endless prosperity to all who live in the house so that they will always have everything they need.”

Or if you are more confident:
“Dear FOL, please make a huge copy of yourself, position that copy around the planet Earth, and bring healing and harmony to the planet and to all who live on/in it.”

All these copies will remain connected to you and you will feel the energies of the copies all the time. This is why I don’t recommend positioning your FOL around objects with “bad” energy.

You can also program your FOL for protection and for filtering energies:
“Dear FOL, please create a bubble of energy around me, which will filter all the energies coming to me, so that the only energy that will pass through me will be love.”

You can also connect yourself to places with your FOL:
“Dear FOL, please connect me to my soul, my higher self and my inner guidance.”
“Dear FOL, please simplify all the messages that I receive from my soul so that I can understand them better.”

“Dear FOL, Please bring unlimited amounts of light, love, luck and joy of life into my life, so that I will always have everything that I need, when I need it.”

“Dear FOL, Please make it so every person on Planet Earth experiences Heaven on Earth—healing, love, peace,  joy and prosperity.”

If you are just starting out, your FOL will be active for 24-48 hours, after you have activated and programmed it. That is why it’s good to activate and program your FOL every day.

Eventually, as you gain confidence, your FOL will and always will be active.

Read the steps a few times and it will begin to make total sense. Some of you have asked about having a workshop and I do plan to do that at some point. Please feel free to email me with any questions at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com

Star Tetrahedron

Yesterday I wrote about the Flower of Life and informed you about how sacred geometry shapes surround your energy field. The Flower of Life is also referred to as a Star Tetrahedron and it looks like two triangles, one upside down within the other (see picture). The tetrahedron (just one triangle, the star has two) is one of the Platonic Solids, which I will write more about another time.

Many scholarly people write about instructions for programming your Flower of Life (Star Tetrahedron).  First you have to decide what you want your program to be. I suggest programming it with the instructions: Heaven on Earth. Since learning about the project Heaven of Earth, I have been thinking about ways to help facilitate that. We can all do our part in making that happen, no matter how small. If you have not read about the project Heaven on Earth yet or are new to this blog, please see links below for more information.

Heaven on Earth could be a loving relationship, rewarding career, winning the lottery, perfect health, peaceful family life, travel,…you get the idea. You just have to believe that it is possible. Chances are I am not going to play quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles so that would not work as my program. You can have as many programs as you want. Think big! You can also set programs for loved ones, your community, country or all of humanity.

First I suggest you write down the things you want. Then imagine how it would feel to experience those things. Envision all the details as much as possible. And start thinking about how the Flower of Life surrounds you and imagine what it looks like. Think of the Flower of Life as often as you can and in my next post, I will explain how to specifically activate and program it. You may want to read my post about programming crystals.

Project Heaven on Earth

YouTube Project Heaven on Earth
with Martin Rutte

32 Days to Experience Heaven on Earth!

Does Heaven on Earth exist in a Flower?

Yesterday I posted information about a cool guy named Thoth. According to Thoth, there is a pure flame of consciousness that resides deep in the womb of Mother Earth and to which humanity’s level of consciousness is completely dependent on for its very existence. This flame is known as the Flower of Life.

The image of the Flower of Life can be found on all the ancient pyramids around the world–Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Bosnia, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, etc.

According to Thoth, the Flower of Life contains within its proportions every single aspect of life there is! It contains every single mathematical formula, every law of physics, every harmony in music, every biological life form right down to your specific body, down to every atom, every dimensional level, absolutely everything that’s within waveform universes.

The Flower of Life is an artificial geometric body that surrounds our energy field and we can activate it when we want to. This body is in the shape of a galaxy and its size is depended on our perception. If we can perceive/feel the whole universe, then we can enlarge our Flower of Life so that it will contain the whole universe.

The Flower of Life actually represents the way we perceive ourselves and the universe. This is how our perception limits the Flower of Life: If we believe that we are multi-dimensional beings, unhindered by time or space, then that is what will be and that is what our Flower of Life will be.

Since we are creators, and we can create what we want into our lives – The Flower of Life will be a projection of our beliefs about our creation powers.

We can program the Flower of Life using our logic, and then our Flower of Life will be limited by our logic. So that if we will believe something is logical then the Flower of Life will be able to create it. If we believe that it isn’t logical, then our Flower of Life will not be able to create it.

There are steps you can take to activate and program your Flower of Life. You can program your Flower of Life with instructions to experience Heaven on Earth. And I will provide more details about that very soon!

What is Energetic Literacy?

I thought I would share some details about the topic of tonight’s radio show. I will be discussing Energetic Literacy, Spiritual Prosperity and how our energy fields determine what we attract in life.

What is Energetic Literacy (EL)?
It involves reading people on a quantum level.  It is a revolutionary way to understand how we attract prosperity on an energetic level.  It allows you to build your wealth and increase your success with practical techniques. It is a powerful tool for diagnosing inner blockages and brings solutions at the deepest level which is the human energy field. EL can help you find and identify places in your energy field where you have been stuck or unbalanced.  Use energetic literacy to balance your life at the deepest level, by finding where all your STUFF is keeping you stuck, and using techniques that are designed to effectively work around problems that limit your financial success. Basically EL enables you to locate your gifts and strengths, heal your STUFF, and provide workarounds to stop the pain.

What is a human energy field?
It is another term for aura. A person’s aura includes the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also includes the etheric (or astral) body, all the chakras and the all levels of consciousness. Patterns of dysfunction exist in your aura. Problems here could be sabotaging your success.  Your unconscious mind contains a treasure trove of wisdom. Every event in your life is stored in your aura. Years of old energy could be causing you problems. Energy influences the human body. Our auras are electromagnetic and exchanges of energy with other people and places constantly occur. Your aura contains information such as the gifts of your soul; your ability to manifest and attract financial prosperity; your ability to accumulate wealth; your ability to save money; your ability to shrewdly invest; beliefs about deserving prosperity; your ability to give and receive; spiritual and emotional STUFF such as pain, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, etc.

(FYI, outside of our energy field are sacred geometry shapes, which I will be discussing in a future post.)

What is STUFF?
It includes stuck energy from traumas; cords of attachments; free-floating astral debris, such as psychic coercion and negative thought forms; stuff from being an empath; old conflicts and wounds from people who hurt you; frustration; negative emotions; addictions; etc. STUFF is a term for emotional and or spiritual imbalances at an auric level. STUFF exists at the metaphysical level of the human energy field. To improve your financial standing, the most important thing to do is to release your STUFF. It will allow you to think more clearly, act more decisively, and improve the over-all quality of life. (The problem with “The Secret” is that it does not address the STUFF in your life. The focus is only on improving your thoughts, which is almost impossible when you are dealing with STUFF.)

During the radio show, I will teach you a method for releasing STUFF. (source: Rose Rosetree.)