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Heaven on Earth

Get Out of the Matrix!

My daughter passed on the following information and YouTube video (see link below) about becoming conscious and how waking up costs everything. Check it out:

You are the Battlefield, by zengardener.com


“There’s no looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for outside redemption. There’s no collective bargaining to rely on.

The awakening is you. Only you.

That’s what all this ruckus is about. The battle for your spirit and soul. And that’s the boat each of us is in. There is nothing more important in this life for you, or me, than waking up. Once that’s straightened out the rest will follow.

How we perceive the world around us creates and reinforces the world around us. Once we become conscious and aware that this existing matrix we’re witnessing is an arbitrary creation manipulated by power-crazed puppeteers, however you perceive them, that is when the change happens.

And the Universe will tell you what to do from there.

That’s what to respond to. Nothing else. That’s your job. That’s my job. Don’t shirk it when it happens.

Enjoy Your Earthly Suit, But Rediscover Who You Truly Are

Like me, you are sitting inside, or somewhat near anyway, the body you chose to be in. We’re looking through and freely operating these amazing biological machines on a fabulous planet. And, “Wow, there appears to be a whole lot of other beings like me walking around! Where am I? What am I here for? And what am I supposed to do?”

I know, jumped off the deep end there, but that’s exactly our predicament. And what immediately sets in once we arrive? As young children we have this abandon as we experience this incredible place and all its feelings, sights and sounds. We screech with delight, sing made up songs, swing our arms around wildly, and run in place. We just express!

Then what happens? We start to conform to what we’re seeing, as well as what we’re being told. We become more regimented and are herded into classrooms and categories. We start feeling social pressures and are then handed this fundamental doctrine of insecurity where fear and scarcity become our main drivers. Your purpose in life now is to “fit in and get a job” so you won’t run out of money or food. Your internal, conscious response? “This is strange. Everything’s a problem here. Sure didn’t feel that way when I arrived.”

The Illusory Attachment Trap

The main trick of the illusory world around us is to make us think we’re somehow attached to it, and therefore dependent, and that we need to conform to this world we’re viewing. We tend to judge by the standards we’re exposed to, and act accordingly. We base our lives and actions around these perceived behavior patterns, which in turn gradually dull the voice of conscious awareness.

You might have noticed how blind people, such as entertainers Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, gesticulate totally freely, rocking their heads while singing or talking, and have wildly free facial expressions, almost as if they’re handicapped.

Obviously they’re not. But it strikes you. They’re free from visual conformity. They don’t know how everyone else acts. They’re free to physically express their emotions without having to conform to the suppressed, fearful conformist nature of our hung up society. They don’t know you don’t rock back and forth, shake your head and smile so broad your face almost cracks. How liberating!

And that principle can be applied across the board.

We judge so much by how we think it will measure up to the world around us rather than just express what we’re thinking and feeling openly. Whether with close friends and family, our peer group, or the message we pick up in public or from the media, we’re being programmed. Programmed to not respond to obvious needs, but to strange, shallow self-serving impulses.

Just like everyone else.

You can say that’s just natural, but it’s not. It’s induced behavior from a manipulated and self-regulating created collective. Natural for the matrix, but not for a conscious human being, especially when the crowd is clearly going the wrong way. But who’s looking when you’re sleep walking.

The Cost of Vicarious Living and Beyond

In the end most humans end up living a vicarious life, acting out the projection they think they’re supposed to live up to. That’s bondage. The yardstick is acceptance rather than truth or conscience. This is heavily reinforced through education, the media and the existing paradigm they’ve succeeded in creating. It appears to be the only option out there…but only to the unawakened.

But there’s a price to pay.

Everything. Waking up costs everything. So what? What are you saving up for? Aren’t you paying that price anyway even if you’re not waking up? Life always costs everything. You’ll leave here eventually, like me, and the cost will be your life. How did you spend it? Consciously, or trying to conform, and using that to hide behind to justify living as a comfortable, selfish, lazy brain donor to the system you’re too afraid to buck?

That’s the battlefield. You. Me. It goes no further. What we see playing out in the world is a bunch of you’s and me’s deciding if they’ll live consciously and truly respond to that still, small voice within them, or not. The sad reality is almost every one of them has been duped into being fixated on what all the other “me’s” are doing in order to keep up with the projected reality. It’s like a school of fish feverishly clinging together in response to a perceived predator.

The only thing is, for conscious, spiritual reality there is no predator. That’s the secret. We are eternal consciousness having an experience. The way to solve these problems is to re-create the perceived reality through conscious awareness and conscious actions.

When You Get the Call, Take It!

We, individually, have to change first. We have to commit to consciousness, get free of entanglements and live a conscious life. The rest has little meaning until we get out of the matrix ourselves.

If each of us would get that message the phony world structure would crumble in a minute. Every soldier would drop his weapon and go home. Every politician would wake up as if out of a dream and go be with his family. Every policeman would lay down his gun, take off his uniform, and go help someone in need, smiling and greeting people on his way.

It’s you. It’s me. Your personal world and experience is the only one you’ll ever know. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Just let consciousness be your guide. But act on it.

And don’t fret too much about what it is you’re supposed to do. You’ll know it when you see it. It comes in the form of little things, little decisions, the rest follows. Learn to listen to that voice and act accordingly and it gets louder and louder.

Just walk away from what you know to be wrong, and do what you know to be right. It’s not that hard once you start. And again, once you get your boat in motion, the rudder will take effect.”

by Zen Gardner





The Myth (and lie) of the Higher Self

divine self

In the past I have written about the concept of the higher self. It has come to my attention that it is nothing more than a myth. Many of us are plagued by this mind virus and it is crucial to understand and deprogram this concept . Otherwise we spend our entire lives feeling like we are struggling to push a boulder up hill. We only have a certain amount of time on this planet and we should use it as best we can.

The term “higher self” implies that our best part of our self is actually disconnected and far above us. This is a lie that we have all been tricked into believing by religions and spiritual communities. The correct term would be “Full-Potential Self.” The Full-Potential Self (FPS) is within us and it is powerful to understand the ramifications from being hoodwinked. Before I rise every day I ask for my FPS to fully expand and integrate within me. My FPS makes me attract and radiate love, compassion, forgiveness, good health, a strong constitution, good fortune, financial prosperity and harmonious relationships.

The suffering of individuals around the world is experienced by the collective. We are all connected. Because of this connection, every individual circumstance that is personally resolved adds to the resolution of the collective. This is an important point, because it reveals that each person is empowered to effect global change by addressing their own personal challenges! It’s a two-way street! When one person is hurting, we all hurt. When one person heals, we all heal. This is one reason why an act of revenge also hurts everyone including yourself.

Each challenge we face is chosen—built into our earthly walk to stimulate our personal growth and our evolution as a species. The good news is that we are designed to evolve. Being creatures of choice we have options as to whether our life’s journey will be experienced in joy or in pain, in sickness or in health, in responsibility or as a victim, in knowing or confusion, or in updraft or downdraft mode.

Downdraft dynamics can creep in so slowly they go unrecognized until a full-blown disaster appears. When locked into a problem it can be easy to forget choice exists. It can be easy to forget we are empowered to create changes. We can forget we are the magnificent beings of light and that the real beings we are we can be right now.

When we are able to re-member who we are, and apply the principles that make life happen harmoniously, everything transforms into a dynamic of balance, connection, and an experience of moving forward towards all that we desire. We can unfold the potential solution to any problem.

The first step is to recognize that our FPS is within us and not above us. Really think about the implications of contacting your higher-self verses experiencing life as your Full-Potential Self. Make it so you are consciously aware of the concept and ask your FPS to fully integrate within you. Trust that when you reach your full potential you will begin to have a positive effect on the planet. Imagine your loved ones experiencing life as their FPS. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, others and everyone. It may just be the first step in experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Do you believe it’s possible that you planned your/our current challenges?  If you find this difficult—perhaps impossible—to believe, allow me to share some information that will reveal there is truth in this statement.

Do you believe there is more to “you” than is the “you” that is here, now?

The truth is this is a holographic universe, and—as part of this universe—each person is also holographic.  What that means is that everything we know in this 3-D dimension that “appears” as real to us is being projected here as a holographic image from a source that IS real—a place considerably more complex that here.

This more complex dimension hosts our “real” selves where we have quite a good time planning our experiences in this dimension.  From this inter-dimensional “place of planning” there are not limitations such as the ones experienced here.  From this place we are able to easily access information without the limitations of time or space.

From this place it is our experience that what we understand as being the past, the present, and the future are –in reality—running in parallel, or at the same time.    From this perspective the plans we have laid out for our lives here are extremely well-orchestrated—with the complete understanding that these plans, along with the plans of others, will provide a certain desired outcome, both individually and collectively.

In that this is a holographic universe in which we are holographic projections we would be well served to understand who is projecting us here and why.

The answer to this is it is our full potential self who is responsible for projecting us here.  It is ourself—in a far more potentialzed and complex state of being—who is projecting us here.  Our goal is to bring the full potential self into our experience here and now.

It was decided from the place of planning who we would come into this dimension to be—our sex, our parents, our appearance, our challenges, our friends, our health, our education, as well as other dynamics of our being here.

There are others in the place of planning who are in collaboration with our plans, and from this place we decide together who will be together in a family, what relational challenges we factor in, how we will interact with each other in order to learn to overcome a particular challenge.

Why would we factor in such challenges?  For our own evolution, and the evolution of the others with us in the experience.  Therefore the evolution of the collective.  That’s a headful.

But remember, we have choice.  We can transform anything.  That’s really important for an evolving species to understand and apply.

The good news is there is no limit to the potential you can unfold here.  So the question becomes how to realize and most effectively actualize this connection.  Try to imagine what you are like at your fullest potential.  You might imagine the full potential YOU as being wise and loving, stable and knowing, and most certainly not caught up in the linear, mental chatter that is so much a part of our normal daily experience.

So to best imagine this other-dimensional you, it might be quite helpful to find a peaceful space (real or in your imagination) that is away from the clatter of the day.  Then, using your imagination (which is actually real) begin to sense, feel, see or hear your full potential self.  Identify with the qualities you sense in this being. Make 2014 be the year you reach your Full-Potential.




Allow your Intuition to Save the Fox and Raise Awareness

Your email support is very much appreciated. Based on your requests, I am happy to share what information I have regarding the current state of our reality. I will admit to feeling distraught about some recent information that has come into my awareness. I will be writing about it. But it is not easy for me. I would never want to provide incorrect information and I take my little role here very seriously. I care that what I say is accurate. In my next post, I will tell you why I think the recent Angelina Jolie story may be a lie. But today, I just want to talk about awareness and how it can help you.

The Universe Whispers

Many years ago my husband and I were driving and, to avoid traffic, he decided to take another route. I started to feel emotionally sick and I asked him to turn around because I had an overwhelming feeling that something bad was going to happen. We argued a bit, and he continued on the path that I resisted. About 15 minutes later, a beautiful fox ran in front of our car and we ran him over. It was very upsetting. My husband was distraught for days. We are both animal lovers and enjoy spending time in nature looking for sightings of our favorite creatures. It broke his heart to kill that fox. He regretted not listening to my intuition–for the last time.

Currently, he listens when I get a feeling about something and it happens often. Looking back, we both regret the many times when we did not listen to the whispers of the Universe. And that’s what I call it—The Universe Whispers. We all have the ability to hear the whispers of the Universe, we just do not always pay attention.

Awareness is key. You must first become aware of this possibility. It is a right brain function and you can strengthen your ability to have great insight and intuition. Some people will support you. Others will doubt you, ignore you, call you crazy and/or try to prove you are wrong. Try to leave those beings behind. Follow your heart and your right brain messages and you will also hear the whispers of the Universe.

One thing I never liked about The Secret is that it encourages people to suppress their feelings. Your feelings may be telling you something and if you ignore them, you might just kill the fox. Great awareness brings about great insight. Great insight helps you reach higher levels of consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness help you connect to God so that you can experience Heaven on Earth. Feelings are not bad or good, they just are. Many people will not like it when you express your feelings, and sometimes intuition appears to be incorrect. But I learned the hard way, it is usually worth listening to it.

God is in a higher dimension and vibration than us. The only way to get close to God is to raise your vibration. If you only focus on the good, you may end up suppressing your feelings and then you will not hear the whispers of the Universe. So be aware! Pay attention! Trust your right brain’s ability to experience intuition. The Universe will whisper to you and lead you down the path to God. Intuition is a gift from God and it will lead you down the path to Heaven.

One way to increase the strength of your right brain and its ability to experience intuition is with meditation. It is a right brain activity and will help you hear the whispers of the Universe. Meditation also helps increase the size of your pineal gland. (Just make sure to connect with God and refuse other beings from coming in. This is VERY VERY important and never emphasized nearly enough. Put some thought into how this is to be done. I really need to explain this more in another post.)

Did you know they are currently adding high levels of fluoride into our water, toothpaste and dental floss? Fluoride is detrimental to the brain in various ways and shrinks the size of your pineal gland. Your pineal gland helps you connect to God. If you think it is just a coincidence that the government is dumping into you a chemical that just happens to block your connection to Source than you may need to work on your level of awareness.

It is not a pleasant thought, but if you are not aware of the fluoride in your water, you might drink it and eventually, over time, lose your ability to connect with God. Sometimes we have to pay attention to negative messages.
Awareness is key!!!!!!

We are NOT in Kansas anymore.

It has come to my attention that some ideas, concepts, books and enlightened beings that I have been promoting are false and negative energy.

I can back up a lot of what I am about to say with evidence if you want it.

I do not mean to scare anyone, it is just that I feel obligated to disseminate what I believe to be true, especially since I have, unwittingly, promoted charlatans.

Saint Germaine and Sananda are dark beings posing as light beings. The Arcturains have been attacked and a lot of their messages are now corrupted. The Akashic Records have been hijacked and many of you may be feeling lost and not overly trusting of your connection to Source. There is a major galactic war taking place and it is effecting us.

I believe it is in you best interest to stop connecting with St. Germain, Sananda and/or the Arcturians just in case this information is true. I also believe it is in your best interest to stop channeling and stop using a pendulum. I no longer associate with anyone who does so, that is how strongly I feel about it. It is nothing personal. I have reason to believe it creates a portal and opens you up to unwanted entities.

I cannot prove any of that, but I do have proof for the following:
Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Kate and anyone else promoted on Oprah are NOT what they appear to be. Oprah is NOT what she appears to be. If you want to know more, please email me and I am happy to share. The information I have is life changing and not for everyone.

I have no agenda and am not asking for money.

It seems to me there are 3 types of people on the planet now. 1. The top one percent who are NOT what they appear to be (including both republican and democrat politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc). I have a lot of supporting evidence, if you want it. 2. People who are being brainwashed and unwittingly following along with the unhealthy program. (I used to be on that list.) 3. People who are aware of the truth and do not know what to do about it because it is so big and so unbelievable. That is where I am now. I cannot say that it is better to be in the 3rd category. I am not so sure. So please decide for yourself. I am searching for another category, and I hope you will consider working with me.

Please know, I am coming from a place of love and compassion and I only want to radiate positive energy that comes from the 100% White Light.

Please discern for yourself what is true. Do not take my word for it or anyone else’s. I understand what a conundrum this is for everyone, including me.

The people who deserve our prayers the least, need them the most. And there is ALWAYS a seed of something beautiful in a difficult situation. Find your seed. Water, feed and nurture it. It will blossom.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

(My blog is down for now.)


My dear friend Martin Rutte sent me the following information regarding his upcoming “Heaven on Earth” workshop. Even if you are unable to attend the workshop, please do peruse the information below, including links, to learn how you can contribute to this very worthy cause. Let’s all make a difference!!!

“I had a dream once of a long dining table, yards longs, at which guests carried on animated, fascinating conversations with one another. I sat in on many of them, wide-eyed like a child, taking in all the exciting ideas flying around the table. People were talking about how the world could be and what it would take to create Heaven on Earth.” -Marianne Williamson



An evening workshop with Martin Rutte

co-author of the New York Times business bestseller

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

Thursday, March 28, 2013, 7:30pm—9:30pm



There is a desire in each of us for a world that works. There is a longing for the recurring problems of the planet like: war, hunger, disease, hatred, senseless suffering, poverty and environmental degradation, to once and for all end.

We feel we want to do something, deep in our hearts, deep in our souls, which will actually take our planet to its next evolutionary level.  What we want is a new context, a new story for the Third Millennium — one that inspires us all, one that enlivens Humanity.

What are we, Humanity, here for?  What is our common collective work?  If we had a magic wand wouldn’t we want to have our world be a Heaven on Earth?

Co-creating Heaven on Earth provides a global framework for your work and the work of others to align and build this kind of world. It affirms our unique individual gifts and establishes a new global story in which we can experience our actions making an impact on the common good of humanity.

Come and hear what others are doing all around the world as their contribution to co-creating Heaven on Earth.  Come and discover your own contribution to a planet that works.

Martin Rutte is the founder of Project Heaven on Earth.  He is a dynamic speaker, consultant, and co-author of the New York times business best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.

As president of Livelihood, a management consulting firm in Santa Fe, NM, Martin has worked with such organizations as the World Bank, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Virgin Records.  He was the first Canadian to address the Corporate Leadership and Ethics Forum of the Harvard Business School.

Date:  Thursday March 28, 2013

Time:   7:30pm—9:30pm

Location: The Centre for Social Innovation   http://socialinnovation.ca/

In the Daniels Spectrum building, 3rd floor (Regent Park’s new arts centre)

585 Dundas Street East (east of Parliament)   http://regentparkarts.ca/visit/

Cost: $50 – Includes HST, or $80.00 for two. (Two free seats available for volunteers. Those of limited means or students, please call to discuss special rates or swaps.)

To Register: Contact Susan Lynne (416) 918-9423, or susan@susanlynnedevelopment.com

Watch an interview with Martin here.

More Information:  www.projectheavenonearth.com

Facebook:  Project Heaven on Earth

‘The twentieth century

will be chiefly remembered in future centuries

 not as an age of political conflict or technical inventions,

but as an age in which human society

dared to think of the welfare of the whole human race

as a practical objective.’

-Arnold Toynbee

Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested in attending.

Join me in a LOVE pledge for our rebirth of 12.22.2012

love your motherThree Days of Love–a Global

Celebration of Love and Kindness


I just committed to participate in something very exciting:
a pledge to speak and share  words and actions of love for three days from December 20-22nd.

Let’s join others around the world in this wonderful experiment to help celebrate love and kindness.  The vision is to begin a new era with a spirit of love, generosity and creativity.

Many top leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Neale Donald Walsch are supporting this to become a mass movement of the heart.

I hope you will participate by signing this pledge and spreading the word by going to http://threedaysoflove.com


The Secret Key–4D Ascension Process Part 3

con’t from last entry…

…So you have been born into a new 4D world and even better you have survived! From this point on there are many possibilities. You will start to explore this new world and you will get the hang of the fact that your thoughts create your experience.

At this point in the 4D, people typically start to perfect their bodies. You make yourself healthy and strong. Your ego may still be functioning a bit and you make yourself really beautiful or handsome. You look and feel like the best version of yourself that is possible.

You will meet your Mother and Father in the 4th Dimension. They are not your parents from the 3D. These parents are the most loving and compassionate parents. They are highly evolved beings. They are not dysfunctional in any way. So if you had a difficult childhood, do not expect that to be the case in the 4D. This will be the last time you have parents. Once you reach the 5D, you will no longer require parental beings.

Your 4D parents will love you in ways you never imagined possible. They will comfort and take care of you in every way.  You will surrender to their love and experience tremendous joy. They will guide you and teach you and you will fully understand your purpose of existence.  You will return to a state of awareness, and yes you have been there before, where God is apparent in all life, felt with every breath you take.

There are things you can do here on Earth to prepare you for reaching higher dimensions. Ascension or death, no matter how it comes, is the doorway of darkness into the Void that leads into the brilliant light of the higher words of existence. It is always darkest before the dawn of light. If you can master your existence in the new higher worlds, you will be directly led into conscious connection with eternal life!

Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lao-tsu, St. Germain, Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Sananda and about 8000 other great masters of the eternal white light will be there as your teachers and heroes. By their examples, they will show you how to build your character. Loving your neighbor is the primary key. It brings order into the world you create. It gives you eternal life. While here on Earth, it is important to love all humanity. Love yourself and feel love for others.

(Does that mean you have to be best friends with everyone here on Earth? NO! Someone once told me to run far and fast from negative people. However, you can be kind and always pray for others no matter what they do, or no matter what it is you think they have done to you. Sometimes people just serve as a mirror to what needs to be healed in ourselves. If you do not like a quality in another person, it could mean you have some similar quality in you that needs to be healed in some way.  Sometimes people remind us of other relationships that need to be healed. For example, men and women are often attracted to people who are similar to their parents or siblings—especially if the family relationship needs healing. But all that is for another time.)

According to books I have read, to make the transition to higher dimensions, you will have to pass through a stargate. The only way you can get through is by thinking, feeling and being certain emotional patterns. One such pattern is love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. This is something like a secret code that according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, will enable you to pass the guards of the next dimension. If the guards sense you are not ready, they will not let you pass through.

star-tetrahedronWhat you can do is imagine yourself in the center of the Merkaba star. (The Merkaba looks like a Star Tetrahedron which has two triangles, one upside down within the other (see picture). If you what to know more about the Merkaba, please click here: MERKABA. The Merkaba is a meditation and of course there is all sorts of information about it on the web. Sometimes it is called the Flower of Life, which I teach in private and group settings.) The pattern for females to chant is love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. The male pattern is compassion, humility, wisdom, unity, love and truth.

Become familiar with this chant. Be ready for when the times comes. Learn about sacred geometry. Practice the Merkba meditation, or any meditation, and think those words in the pattern. Anyone can use the male or female pattern. Perhaps become familiar with them both. You can think about the words while driving, cooking, etc. They are considered to be a key or secret code. Carry it with you for when you need it.

merkabaImagine each word at one point of the Merkaba star. Make it so this pattern is your most important possession that you want to bring with you to the higher worlds. These words will help you go through a metamorphosis. You will begin to change into something so much more beautiful than you can imagine.

You will continue to gain knowledge and wisdom on your journey back to God. And we will all end up there eventually. It is up to you, and the grace of God, how long it will take you to get there.

The great masters of the Universe are watching us and they are there to help you. It is helpful to contact them and ask for their assistance now. In the upcoming weeks, I will write more about connecting with the masters and asking for help. I will also continue to discuss what else you can do right now to ensure a fast and successful ascension.