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Divine Beings

Angelic Assistance with Relationships

From the Relationship Angels

Let the Angels help you get what you really want from your relationships: find more love, happiness, creativity, productivity, flow and grace in all your relationships.

The Angels hold the perfect form of all the relationships in your life and can help you to realize your full creative power and potential in partnership with others. The Angels know and understand you completely and can help bring you into optimal harmony with each person in your life. Use the advice from the Angels below to help you with your relationships…

Angel Message from the Relationship Angels

The Angel of Forgiveness will help you to forgive yourself and all others. Call upon this Angel for help with every mistake that you have made and every mistake that has been made by another. Call upon this Angel to help you to see and realize that even these mistakes were blessed and enfolded in Creator’s love for you. Each of these mistakes are growing and learning opportunities. Trust to the love in your own soul -for this is the very same love that the souls of those around you are made of. This love unifies, reveals and brings all experience into loving harmony.

The Angel of Forgiveness will bring the balm of new awareness to any wound, be it mental, physical, emotional or even an apparent wound to your spirit. Your spirit can never truly be harmed. Rest assured that your spirit (soul) is eternal and indestructible. What feels like a wound to your spirit is actually the breaking away, sometimes a painful tearing away, of illusion, misunderstanding and misidentification with what is desired from what is true.

Next, call upon the Angel of Compassion. The Angel of Compassion will help you find peace within yourself and peace with those around you. The Angel of Compassion will also remind you that when you anchor yourself in the eternal love that is within your soul, you also connect with the universal field of love which connects all souls.

Then call upon The Angel of Peace who will help to settle your thoughts as you work your way through this process. The Angel of Peace brings peace to your mind, to your thoughts, to your emotions and feelings, and to your physical body and nervous system. The Angel of Peace helps you to break your established habits of stimulus and response so that you are free to look freshly at your assumptions and beliefs. The Angel of Peace resolves conflict and settles your mind, which helps you to connect to the well of love that is your soul.

The Angel of Revelation may then work with you. When you are ready, call upon the Angel of Revelation. For once you have brought yourself into forgiveness, compassion and peace, you are ready for deep revelation. The Angel of Revelation will guide you through what has been a mystery to you so that you may gather the wisdom that you are now ready to receive.

The Angel of Wisdom also will help you to fully understand and live the new wisdom that you are realizing. The Angel of Wisdom helps prepare you for the new. In some ways this is like a graduation. You are leaving behind the old subjects, some of your old classmates, some of your old teachers, and going on your next place of learning. Allow this natural process.

Welcome the new. Welcome the new gifts that your soul will call to you. Make space, create places so that this new may enter your life. Move out the old, give away the old. Make presents of your old “stuff” – give it away. For every thing that you are complete with, every thing that no longer speaks of newness to you, that no longer speaks of love to you, simply gift to another. Make space in your heart for new love. Make space in your mind for new thought. Make space in your life for new experience.

Your Guardian Angels will now help guide you. They will help guide you along the most loving path that your own consciousness is able to see. They will show you -they will light this new way. Call upon your Guardian Angels for peace, for comfort, but also for the excitement and the freshness of new life.

Your Guardian Angels prepare you to grow again at each new level. Just as the nature Angels help new buds to blossom in springtime, your guardian Angels help new buds of wisdom, awareness, compassion, and love to blossom within you.

Your Guardian Angels are with you in every step you take. They are with you in every thought, every word, every action. Pause for a moment – call upon them – allow them to help fresh thought to emerge. You will find fresh expressions of love and of kindness rising naturally within you – welcome them, create with them and give them as gifts to others!

As you move into new awareness, accept and welcome a shift in your own perceptions. This shift is brought about by your own inner realizations that love does move all things with a divine order and a divine purpose. It comes with a certainty that the love within your own soul will continue to express and will continue to attract every person, place, and thing that is perfectly matched to your evolving consciousness.

Realize that there is nothing more important than the state of your own consciousness. Steep it in love, steep it in the purity of the love of creation, and allow it to be a pure vessel for the expression of the loving consciousness that is both your soul and the very stuff of creation.

We are available to you to help and assist you. Call upon us with every step you take into the birth of new loving consciousness within yourself. Call upon us – we are ever-present and ever with you.

All blessings, all encouragement, all wisdom and all compassion to you for a good and loving journey!

Bless your hearts,

The Angelic Realm


Angels of Abundance



Every month I participate in Angel Activation calls where we connect with various angels regarding certain topics. The last call was all about prosperity and abundance. When you call forth angels and work with them on a regular basis, you will begin to see miracles unfold like magic. To learn more, please contact me at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com


Here is a list of the angels that came through:

  • Angel Anauel
    • Angel of prosperity and commerce
    • Looks after people involved in business and finance
    • Can be invoked for any matter concerning money or finance
    • Has brown hair and wears green robes
  • Angel Elomnia (Elomina)
  • Angel Zadkiel
    • Name means “righteousness of God”
    • Because of his association with Jupiter, Zadkiel provides abundance, benevolence, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, prosperity, happiness, and good fortune.
  • Goddess Venus
    • Lady Master Venus is the Goddess of Beauty, Love, Relationships, Sensuality, Values, Self-Worth, Prosperity, and Possessions. Known as the Morning Star, she is Logos of the planet Venus, Higher Self to the Earth, and twin flame to Sanat Kumara. With Lady Sedna, she is assisting to bring in the feminine ray for the Aquarian Age. During each special 8 year cycle when Venus traces a 5-pointed star (pentacle) in our skies, humanity has taken huge leaps forwards in communications and exploration. Earth entered that cycle on June 8, 2004.
  • Goddess Lakshmi
  • Angel Barbelo
    • Female
    • Angel of prosperity and good fortune
    • An “archon” or a high-ranking angel in the gnostic tradition in charge of large groups of people
  • Khshathra Vairya
    • Archangel in Zoroastrianism
    • Looks after soldiers and people who are poor
    • His task it to bring prosperity and knowledge of God to people who need it 

Divine Intervention from the Angel of Purification

Angels Divine Protection

“Divine intervention is yours for the asking my beloved beings of light.  Especially when you have inadvertently surrounded yourself by the negative energies and emotions of others that can, more often than not, blend detrimentally with your own energies.  Especially at times when you least expect them to. 

My name is Taharial and I am the angel of purification.  I have come to aid you in the cleansing of your etheric energies and surroundings.  Purifying them of all negative energies, emotions and vibrations that do not resonate with your Higher Self.

Simply call out to me, and I shall surround you with my love, protection and cleansing energy.  In so doing; I shall help you raise your own personal vibrations so that you naturally purge all negativity from your aura as I guide you towards positive people, situations, opportunities and experiences that honor your “true” life’s purpose and serve your higher good.

Call on me as often as you feel the need, for I am only ever a whisper away and ever ready to assist you in any way I can.  Life on your plane is made up of both negative and positive energies – so be ever mindful of the people, places and situations you find yourself in that are not serving your higher good. 

By doing this you can then remove them from your life, and purge their ill effects from your “true” life’s purpose.  You deserve no less my beloveds.  Blessings and light are always there for the asking.  Never lose sight of that fact and be well always and everywhere. ~~Taharial”

source: http://www.sacred-space.nl/Taharial.html

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