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Divine Beings

The Apology for You

This was read to me by its author Joe Crane. According to him, it was read to him by Archangel Michael, who asked him to pass it on to others. I was then asked to pass it on. Please feel free to pass it on to someone in need.

“I want to tell you that I am very sorry. Not because I did something to you, nor am I trying to get off the hook for something. I am sorry that as a child your innocence was used against you. I am sorry for all the times you wanted to share your words of wisdom and you were told to shut up. I am sorry for the genius you possessed in the ideas that you gave, but were told you were stupid.

I am sorry for the times you did your best, but were told it was not good enough. I am sorry for the times you were made fun of because you were different in some way. I am also sorry for all the times your feelings were hurt and no one was there to comfort you. I am sorry for the tears you cried in pain with no one there to wipe them.  I am sorry that you gave your heart like a precious gift, and it was refused. I am sorry for the times you were hurt whether it was justly or unjustly. I am sorry for the times you were alone or afraid and no one was there for you. I am sorry for your fear.

I am sorry for all the promises made to you that were broken. I am sorry for the wishes that were not granted and for the dreams that were shattered. I am sorry for the times you were helpless and at the mercy of others finding there was none. I am sorry for the times in your life that you felt as though you did not matter. I am truly sorry for the times that you felt that even God found you unworthy of love. Someone owes you an apology just for who you are… I am so, so sorry.

You are a child of God that is perfect, whole and complete. You are a magnificent human being, deserving of love and happiness. Your happiness is not mine to give, but if it were, I would give it.

Loving you is easy. I love you just as you are and I really do not want anything from you.  Bless your heart and teach only love. Love, AA Michael”


We are NOT in Kansas anymore.

It has come to my attention that some ideas, concepts, books and enlightened beings that I have been promoting are false and negative energy.

I can back up a lot of what I am about to say with evidence if you want it.

I do not mean to scare anyone, it is just that I feel obligated to disseminate what I believe to be true, especially since I have, unwittingly, promoted charlatans.

Saint Germaine and Sananda are dark beings posing as light beings. The Arcturains have been attacked and a lot of their messages are now corrupted. The Akashic Records have been hijacked and many of you may be feeling lost and not overly trusting of your connection to Source. There is a major galactic war taking place and it is effecting us.

I believe it is in you best interest to stop connecting with St. Germain, Sananda and/or the Arcturians just in case this information is true. I also believe it is in your best interest to stop channeling and stop using a pendulum. I no longer associate with anyone who does so, that is how strongly I feel about it. It is nothing personal. I have reason to believe it creates a portal and opens you up to unwanted entities.

I cannot prove any of that, but I do have proof for the following:
Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Kate and anyone else promoted on Oprah are NOT what they appear to be. Oprah is NOT what she appears to be. If you want to know more, please email me and I am happy to share. The information I have is life changing and not for everyone.

I have no agenda and am not asking for money.

It seems to me there are 3 types of people on the planet now. 1. The top one percent who are NOT what they appear to be (including both republican and democrat politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc). I have a lot of supporting evidence, if you want it. 2. People who are being brainwashed and unwittingly following along with the unhealthy program. (I used to be on that list.) 3. People who are aware of the truth and do not know what to do about it because it is so big and so unbelievable. That is where I am now. I cannot say that it is better to be in the 3rd category. I am not so sure. So please decide for yourself. I am searching for another category, and I hope you will consider working with me.

Please know, I am coming from a place of love and compassion and I only want to radiate positive energy that comes from the 100% White Light.

Please discern for yourself what is true. Do not take my word for it or anyone else’s. I understand what a conundrum this is for everyone, including me.

The people who deserve our prayers the least, need them the most. And there is ALWAYS a seed of something beautiful in a difficult situation. Find your seed. Water, feed and nurture it. It will blossom.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

(My blog is down for now.)

Want to Reach your Full Potential and the 5th Dimension?

dolphins 5th Dimensional beingsIn the past several months, I have written about connecting and ascending to the 4th and 5th Dimension. When the time arrives, some people will ascend and some people will stay in the 3rd dimension, possibly going to a parallel universe. Most likely, if you are reading this and it makes some kind of sense, you will be among the ones that ascend to either the 4th or 5th Dimension.

Almost everyone has experienced being in the 4th Dimension, although we do not remember. Bypassing the 4th and going to the 5th occurs by reaching a higher level of consciousness. You cannot stay in a dimension that you do not have the consciousness for. You can sometimes visit, but you will not stay very long.

The benefit to reaching higher levels of consciousness and higher dimensions is that “life” becomes so much easier. There are things you can do to help raise your level of consciousness. Awakening and higher consciousness cannot be forced. However, once you become awake, you can do certain things to increase your level of consciousness.

The first thing to do is make contact with your Full-Potential-Self. After this, it will become easier to do the second step which is to connect with 5th Dimensional Beings.

To make contact with your *Full-Potential-Self, you need to become the witness or observer of your life. When you learn how to watch yourself, life changes in profound ways. Many spiritual experts teach this concept, including Eckhart Tolle. Watching yourself as you behaved in a certain way is an example of being in “superposition.” In the state of superposition you are both in and out of an experience or a dimension at the same time.

*(Some people use the term Higher Self instead of Full-Potential-Self. I have done this before as well. I have recently learned it is not quite accurate to say Higher Self, and will discuss it more another time.)

Have you ever witnessed or observed yourself doing something, even as you were doing it?  Have you written something that came out so well you could hardly believe it was you who had authored it?

If you have experienced writing or speaking something so succinctly it was hard to believe it was you, maybe you were under the influence of your “full-potential-self” (the more complex “you” who is projecting you here).

Have you ever felt there is more to you than was being experienced in your life to date?  Have you ever felt “there must be more than this”?  That would be because there is lot more of your full-potential-self wanting to show up here through you.

The good news is there is no limit to the potential you can unfold here.  So the question becomes how to realize and most effectively actualize this connection.  Try to imagine what you are like at your fullest potential.  You might imagine the full potential YOU as being wise and loving, stable and knowing, and most certainly not caught up in the linear, mental chatter that is so much a part of our normal daily experience.

So to best imagine this other-dimensional you, it might be quite helpful to find a peaceful space (real or in your imagination) that is away from the clatter of the day.  Then, using your imagination (which is actually real) begin to sense, feel, see or hear your full potential self.  Identify with the qualities you sense in this being.  (An excellent exercise is to do this with a friend who can share their perception of the “real” you).  Make notes of the qualities you sense.

Once you learn to become the observer or witness and connect with your full-potential-self, it will become easier to connect with 5th Dimensional Beings.

5th Dimensional Beings very much want to connect with us. They exist on the 5th dimension where only love and compassion exist. There is no hate, anger or war of any kind, which is here at the 3rd dimension. All things in the 5th dimension are manifested through thought. And everything is experienced through an energy pattern. In the 5th dimension, all things can be healed through balancing energy. And the potential for manifesting is much greater when working with these high-frequency beings.

They have a strong interest in Earth beings and want to help us reach higher realms. They know we are experiencing very difficult times and some of us will ascend to the 5th dimension, some of us will not. Many of us actually have past lives with them and some are considered Star people.

Arcturians are 5th Dimensional loving beings, serving the highest wisdom. They can act as your guides assisting you to have better experiences or to reach a better place.

Just tuning into their frequencies will provide upliftment and expansion for you. All you have to do is allow your thoughts to go to the Arcturians and you will begin to connect with them. When you begin to work with them, you will begin to reach higher states of consciousness, healing, and even technological development.

whaleworldYou can also connect with Dolphin and Whale energy. Dolphins and whales are 5th Dimensional Beings that exist here on Earth. Dolphin energy is similar to Christ energy. The energy feels profoundly intimate, playful, childlike, close, and accessible. It is warm, safe, comforting, nurturing, and reassuring. Whale energy is similar to that of Buddha and feels like a vast open space. It is impersonal, eternal, and feels like a great Void.

According to author Linda Shay, many scholars have discovered that early Christians often referred to Jesus as “The Dolphin.”

jesus dolphin picChristian sailors likened Jesus Christ to the dolphin. Pastoral images of the lamb were remote from their experience.

But they knew countless stories of dolphins as rescuers, guides, and friends. As the dolphins appeared in the ancient legends, so Jesus served in life: rescuer, guide, and friend.

Dolphins appear frequently on the walls of the catacombs. Often, they are shown twisted around a trident or an anchor, suggesting Christ on the Cross. In underground Rome there is even an image of a dolphin with an exposed heart. The dolphin usually symbolizes Jesus Christ.

Of course there are plenty of other 5th Dimensional Beings you can call forth and connect to. And it is not just spiritual people who talk about higher dimensions, it is also a mathematical concept discussed by brilliant scientists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins. You can also read their work which will help bring this concept deeper into your consciousness.

I like to observe myself and communicate with my Full-Potential-Self and call forth 5th Dimensional beings in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening before falling sleep.  I ask if there is anything I need to do to heal, serve, manifest, etc. There are many, many times when the connection feels very profound. I thank them for assisting me with various things—things that have occurred and for things that I want to occur, as if they already have.

Note: When calling in Higher Beings, it is IMPERATIVE to always demand to be surrounded by a cylinder of White Light and Beings of the 100% White Light.


The Simple Solution To Your Health and Money Challenges

“Nurture Your Connection To Spirit–
It’s The Key:

People want so many different things in life.

Well, actually… let me take that back… people want more or less the same things in life:

Good health, loving relationships, a soulmate partnership, all earthplane needs met (home, car, food, clothing, money, etc.), an intimate knowledge of their life purpose, work that is in alignment with their life purpose, and just to feel really good on all levels all the time.

Did I leave anything out?

What’s strange is the way many of us try to go about getting all of these needs met.

We may neglect our health, thinking we’re unworthy to take care of ourselves, or that we don’t have the time or money to do so.

We sometimes tolerate relationships that aren’t supportive.

We work a job “just to pay the bills”, feeling at some level that when we (someday) make enough money and save up enough vacation time, we’ll invest in that spiritual retreat to really get to know ourselves and to connect with the deepest longings and truest intentions of our hearts.

If only we had the health, the support, the money, the time to do this deep spiritual work.  We know our lives would feel much more fulfilling.

I want to suggest to you that we can sometimes have our priorities backwards. We mistakenly believe that what we can see defines who we are, rather than knowing that life is lived from the inside out.

The quality and clarity of our spiritual connection actually IS the quality of our lives.

If God/Goddess/Source is the Creator of all things, and, as many sacred scriptures claim, “all that God created was Good”, then it just makes logical sense that when we open to a relationship with this Creative Presence, and nurture that relationship through spiritual practice, that our lives will work more in harmony with the fundamental Good by which we were created.

But how many of us try to reverse the law of cause and effect?

“When I have the money, then I’ll invest in my spiritual connection.  When I have time off from my job, then I’ll invest in my spiritual connection.”

If I suggested to you that you would have to wait for something to change in your life circumstance before you could fit “breathing” into your schedule, you of course would think I was crazy.

But think about this in spiritual terms….  the Energy that created you loves you.  It actually IS One with you in this moment.

Having a clear connection to this Source Energy actually IS the fulfillment of every desire and the solution to every seeming problem.

Through lifetimes of forgetfulness and distraction, we have gotten caught up in the world of “effect”.

We say things like “my job needs to change in order for me to make more money”, when in Reality, we need to go to Source Energy and open our hearts to the next stage of our soul’s unfoldment.

After we have caught such a vision, then the doors of increased soul work and money will be opened automatically in front of our eyes.

We say things like “when my health improves, then I’ll have time for all this spiritual stuff”, when in Reality, the Source that created you has the energetic solutions and healing energy already ready to be given to heal your dis-ease.

It also has the inspiration that will show you the path of healing that is best for you.

But you can only hear  the guidance and you can only see the vision when you have invested first in your spiritual connection, and cleared that connection—then you will live life from a co-creative perspective, living life from one inspired moment to the next, as Source leads you through “green pastures” that restore your soul.

My suggestion to you?

Try one thing right now that will show Source that you are serious about your priorities–that you are ready to have even a little bit of faith that there is a loving Presence ready to assist you in any and all areas of challenge in your life right now.

What one thing could you do to invest in your spiritual connection?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • go out in nature and talk to the angels–offer gratitude for all the blessings you already have
  • spend a few moments in meditation
  • spend a few moments in conscious breathing, focused on your heart center
  • read a chapter from a favorite spiritual book
  • break out that angel oracle deck and do a reading for yourself
  • pray—just speak out loud to your angels, to God, or to the Universe, and talk about the transformation you desire
  • tithe—especially if you are feeling financially stuck, give money to a person or organization that represents a channel of spiritual connection to you— this is different than charity giving (which is also good)
  • give a service to someone in need— offer even a small portion of your talent and time to someone who could benefit–this practice will show the Universe that you trust that when you give, you will also receive”

This information originally came from an email sent by Michael Golmane. “He is a spiritual healer whose mission is to help people clear their blockages to feeling truly in the flow of a healthy, creative, prosperous life.

Over the past 10 years, he has worked with hundreds of individuals from all over the world helping them enjoy a richer experience of life through a healed spiritual connection.” To learn more about him, click: http://angelactivations.com/

Dolphins Help Deliver Baby—Must See Video to Believe!

The following true story is just about the most beautiful thing I have read about perhaps ever. I hope it amazes and delights you as much as it did me.

A Russian man named Igor Charkovsky has been involved with underwater birthing for a very long time. He has probably been involved with over 20,000 underwater births. On one very auspicious occasion, he had taken a woman to the Black Sea for an underwater birth. Everyone was prepared for the birth, with the woman lying in water about two feet deep.

Suddenly, three dolphins approached, pushed everybody away and took over. The dolphins did something that looked like scanning up and down her body which they believe does something to the human system. The woman gave birth with no pain or fear. It was a phenomenal experience that began a new practice of using dolphins as midwives, which has now spread all over the world. There is something about the sonar that dolphins project at the time of birth that seems to really relax the mother.

It appears that the dolphins get very excited about the birth and love the incoming baby. All children born from dolphins are extraordinary with an IQ over 150, and are very healthy physically and emotionally. They seem to be far superior and stronger in many various ways.  

Of all the underwater births, none have experienced one single complication! No instruments were needed and there were no problems. The women reported the underwater birthing experience with dolphins as being pleasurable and even experienced 20-30 minute orgasms.

Many states in the US consider underwater births illegal and insurance companies are refusing to pay the physician’s bills. This is so sad because there is so much evidence all around the world that underwater birthing with dolphins is an extraordinary gift with no apparent risk.

To see the video of a dolphin as a midwife, please click:


In case the Dolphin is your spirit guide or power animal, here is information about its medicine/wisdom:

Dolphin: kindness and play energy

The beautiful, graceful, sleek dolphin carries many messages for the two-legged. Even though it is a mammal, its home is the sea and has mastered the art of breath control. Since water is the symbol of all life – of creation, passion and even sexuality – dolphin brings us teachings from the waters of life. Playful creatures, dolphins have long entertained man with their joyful antics.

Studying dolphin communication has proved to be an awesome task for man. As in all animals, dolphins have developed sophisticated auditory signals that warn others of impending danger. Some believe that these animals are now warning man of impending danger as he ignores the balance of the natural world. Swimming with the dolphins has become a powerful experience for many people, and as they interact with these playful creatures, they cannot help but feel their communication.

Dolphin reminds us that time to play is a crucial element to walk in balance. It moves through the water quickly and with great grace. Dolphin tells us to move with the ebb and flow of life, and not to search for brick walls to smash into, for to spend our energy fighting the current gets us nowhere. Dolphin medicine includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, communication skills, freedom, trust, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water power.

“Dolphin reminds us to tune in to the essence of life by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Dolphin also helps us tune-in to our own rhythm and become one with ‘Mother Nature’s’ rhythm. This medicine teaches us to ride the waves of laughter and spread joy throughout the world.”

The Medicine Cards “Dolphin” – Jamie Sams.

If Dolphin is your Power Animal…

You love life and enjoy playing. Although you know how to get focused when you need to. You live in the now.

You know how to naturally enter different states of consciousness through meditation. You glide effortlessly through different worlds.

You are an instinctive and inspiring leader and know how to tune into community consciousness.

When you are happy, everyone around you is happy. You affect people more than you know.

You are highly intuitive and telepathic, often having simultaneous thoughts with loved ones.

Ask for Dolphin’s Help When…

You have gotten too predictable and you need to breathe new life into a circumstance.

You are feeling overwhelmed and you look to breathing exercises to help calm your emotions.

You want a stronger connection to Universal Life Energy.

You want to release pent-up emotions.

You feel stuck in a relationship. Dolphin energy can help you communicate your needs.

How to Access Dolphin’s Power…

Spend time doing deep breathing exercises, such as the
Root Lock Breathing Technique.

Smile like the dolphin always does. A few times each day, curl the outer edge of your lips up, as if you have a playful little secret.

Make it a point to be extra kind to everyone you meet. Pay them compliments or even give them small gifts.

Swim or take a long warm bath and imagine dolphin with you.

Go to the ocean.

Are You Out of Your Element?

The forces of nature are often classified according to one of four kinds of expression–1. Earth, 2. Water, 3. Air and 4. Fire. (Ether is the combination of them all.) Operating at the most primal level with these expressions of force in the natural world are beings called elementals. Those working with the force of earth are called gnomes. Those working with the water force are called undines. Those working with the air are called sylphs and those working with the expressions of fire are called salamanders.

Elementals are the building blocks of nature. They are close to being true energy and consciousness, and they have developed enough to truly take on personality. When we are in contact with them, they stimulate strong, definable responses in us. Each kind of elemental reflects a basic energy pattern of the fairy realm as it builds and manifests in nature. All four kinds of elements exist in every aspect of nature and in every person.

These are vital forces found within ourselves and within nature. The elementals are crucial in our life. We have all heard the phrase “being out of one’s element.” If they are not balanced in your being, you will fall out of balance in life. They can be just as powerful to work with as the angelic realm. Learning to work with them can help us to heal and manifest our desires.

By looking at the information below, you can determine which elementals are more predominate for you. Look at the zodiac sign and vowels in your first name to understand which element you are mostly connected and in harmony with. Those will be the first and easiest ones to call forth.

They require our contact for their own evolution, and you will be doing them a great service by calling them forth and understanding how their energy affects you. There is one Arch Angel associated with each elemental who oversees the activities. Calling forth each elemental will also call forth the Arch Angel associated with it.

For more information on calling forth your Spiritual Committee, click here!
Or feel free to ask me at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com

The Elemental Kingdom

1. Earth

Vowel:  U

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Qualities: Providing necessities, grounding, good sense of timing—punctual, stable, self-aware, understands emotions, understand the hidden healing energies of Mother Earth, help us maintain the physical body, understand minerals and crystals, help with gardening and planting, craftsmanship, help us to find treasures—the “gold” within one’s life

Works with: Gnomes

Overseeing Arch Angel: Auriel


2. Water

Vowel:  O

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Qualities: Understanding, psychic, sensitive, artistic, romantic, reserved, impressionable , work to maintain the astral body, psychic & emotional feelings, creation, birth, intuition, bodily fluids: blood, lymphatic, etc., gifts of empathy, purification

Works with: Undines

Overseeing Arch Angel: Gabriel


3. Air

Vowel:  E

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Qualities: Mental, invention, intelligent, quick, alert, cooperation, humane, alleviate pain, stimulate creativity, assist children pass over, temporary guardian angel until we open to holy guardian angel, mental body, our thoughts affect them—good and bad, oxygen, pollution & smoking, etc. alters effectiveness in our lives, cleanse & uplift our thoughts, protects our homes & belongings

Works with: Sylphs

Overseeing Arch Angel:  Raphael


4. Fire

Vowel:  I

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Qualities: Courage, self-assertive, visionary, helpful, creative expression, strong, active life force, stimulate the fire within you, tear down the old & build up the new, aid in circulation, maintaining proper body temperature, metabolism, music, creative, poetry, detox the body, healing

Works with: Salamanders (not to be confused with reptile salamanders, though they have the same name)

Overseeing Arch Angel: Michael


5. Ether – All four elementals combined

Vowel:  A

Zodiac Signs: Ether is the substance from which all was created.

Qualities: Ether is the spiritual aspect that overrides and influences all elements. It permeates all creation.

Works with: All

Overseeing Arch Angel: Christ