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Want to Attract more Prosperity?

Prosperity Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are simply the placement of stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a desired goal.

For this grid you will need: 6 pieces of black tourmaline or amber, 6 green aventurine stones and a Citrine Cluster or Point for your Master Crystal.

This grid is designed to bring abundance and prosperity to your career, personal goals, financial profile – or any area of your life where you find a scarcity.

Before you start…

  1. Decide on your purpose for the grid. Your clear intention is a key element in empowering the stones’ energy. Your intention is what you will use to charge the crystals.
  2. Clean your stones by placing them on sea salt for several hours, or until you sense a healthy clean energy.
  3. Write your intention on a piece of paper that will be placed under the Master Crystal.
  4. Find a safe location to create your grid where it will not be disturbed. Cleanse the energy in this space. Some cleansing methods include burning sage, placing a crystal cluster in the room, or bowls of sea salt. Flowers, incense, music, candles can be used to add ambiance to your sacred space. Note: An ideal location for this grid is the Wealth Area of your home or business. For general Abundance, this is the left rear; for Career it is center front; Skills & Knowledge is front left.

Crystal Layout

  1. Alternate the aventurine and tourmaline or amber stones in a sideways figure eight to create an infinity symbol to signify endless creation. The citrine cluster is your master crystal and should be placed where the two ovals meet (see diagram below).
  2. Hold the Master Crystal in your non-dominant hand (the hand you do not use to write with) and charge the crystal by stating your intentions for the grid. Place the master crystal in the center of the infinity symbol atop your written intention.
  1. Calm your mind and spirit, sitting quietly in front of the grid. Visualize lines of energy connecting each stone, and the easy motion or flow from one stone to the next. Visualize your desire already being complete, and feel gratitude that it was successful. Complete the meditation by saying or thinking positive affirmations as described below.
  2. Relax and have fun. You can’t make a mistake if your intention is benign.

Affirmation: Prosperity comes to me from Divine Grace. I am abundant and prosperous with provisions, and I exhibit generosity with all that I have. Every day I receive prosperity in expected and unexpected ways. (Or use your own wording for your specific prosperity concept.)

Leave the grid in place until your goal has been attained, or until you feel the need to change it. Leave the Master Crystal in the left rear corner of any room to keep the prosperous energy flowing.


20% off Indigo–The Gem of the Week

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Developing Intuition

The Gem of the Week is Indigo

Like an internal navigator, your intuition guides you whenever you need direction—and often when you’re not even aware that you do. A strong and clear intuition can help you navigate life’s storms or simply smooth your day-to-day travels with wise decision-making. By developing the intuition, Indigo clarifies your inner guidance and enables you to call upon it more readily anytime it’s needed.

Indigo, the crystalline form of Sodalight, carries the indigo ray throughout your being, absorbing the limiting mental energies that obstruct the intuition and cloud the mind. Through its profound resonance with the intuitive body, Indigo builds bridges between your intuition and your conscious awareness. It teaches you to distinguish between mental concepts and direct perception so that you may better hear the whisperings of your Soul.

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How to Order Indigo

To order a therapeutic Indigo necklace or to learn more about Gemisphere’s therapeutic gemstones,  click here.

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Indigo Necklace

You can wear an Indigo necklace to help resolve any of the following conditions:

  • Difficulty hearing your true inner voice
  • Lack of trust in your intuition
  • Mental cloudiness

You can also wear an Indigo necklace when you wish to do any of the following:

  • Develop and clarify your intuition
  • Gain clarity about your true nature or life purpose
  • Foster a broader, more spiritual viewpoint
  • Clear your aura and body of negative mental energies, both your own and those of others
  • Improve your recollection of dreams
  • Support the health of your skeletal system, including the bones, ligaments, joints, or cartilage

Program your Crystals for Heaven on Earth

In the last post, I talked about how you can use color to change your life in a positive way. I mentioned one way to use color for healing was with crystals and stones. So today I thought I would provide some information about the properties of crystals and how you can use them to experience Heaven on Earth.

The most important thing to know when working with crystals is that first you will need to clean them. (Cleaning crystals means clearing them from any past programming or energy. Please see the information at the end of this post for details about cleaning your crystals. )

After they have been cleaned, you will want to program them. (Instructions for programming your crystals are below.) A program can include attracting love, prosperity, a mutually beneficial friendship, a new job, and/or experiencing Heaven on Earth. (These are just a few examples.)

Crystal Properties

You can choose the crystals you want to work with based on their colors. Or just use your intuition and work with the ones that call out to you. Here is some information about a few stones that I use:

Turquoise: A Bridge between Heaven and Earth

Turquoise is found in many parts of the world, including the United States, Iran, Africa, Tibet, and China.

In a number of cultures it’s traditionally considered to be a bridge between heaven and earth.

Turquoise is good if you are feeling confused with too much mental activity.  Turquoise helps to ground you while keeping your connection to the infinite open. In fact, some Native cultures held the belief that by wearing it, the human mind becomes one with the universe.

Turquoise is also a stone of mental clarity and clear communication. It helps us to be clear about what we want, and how to communicate our desires to others. This helps when you have so many ideas and possibilities and are having a difficult time sorting out your priorities.

Clear Quartz: Mirror of the Soul

Clear quartz is the most vital element of any crystal collection. It contains within it the full spectrum of colors, and can thus be used for a variety of purposes: psychic and emotional healing, programming for any of your goals, to balance the chakras, or as a general meditational aid.

Clear quartz is called the mirror of the soul because it reflects and radiates that in us which is divine. Someone once said, “We are not human beings trying to be spiritual, we are spiritual beings trying to be human.” As quartz crystal embraces and includes all colors so it can help us to experience all aspects of what it means to be spiritual/human.

Balance your chakras by rotating a quartz crystal in a spiral pattern over each chakra point.

When a quartz crystal is placed with another crystal it enhances the other’s energy. For stones which bring blockages to the surface but don’t dissolve them, such as lapis, obsidian, and malachite, you can partner them with a quartz, which does have dissolving abilities.

Fluorite: The Genius Stone

Fluorite is a stone which operates on and enhances the mental plane. It is often used to increase the ability to concentrate, and many people have experienced that when they work with it on a regular basis that it can amplify intellectual development.

Its greatest gift to us, though, is its ability to help us connect our mind to spirit. It does so by helping to neutralize persistent and unwanted thought patterns so that the mind is at peace, as opposed to constant activity and undesired thoughts.

Once at peace, the mind becomes aware of its Source, Infinite and Universal Intelligence. This awareness, when achieved on a regular basis creates a pathway for remaining attuned to universal consciousness while functioning as an individual on the physical plane. It is a primary stone for those who feel the need to be mentally focused, centered, and grounded.

It usually comes in blue, purple, yellow, and white (although green and pink fluorite sometimes occur). Blue stands for inner peace, mental calmness, and serenity. Purple represents a focus on the expression of spirit. Yellow is the color of understanding and manifestation. White represents the purest merging of the individual with universal spirit.

Angelite: Connecting with Angels

The color of light-blue angelite relates it to the fifth (throat) chakra, which relates to communication.

Each of the blue and blue-green stones is associated with particular forms of communication. Turquoise helps one to enroll people in partnership for the achievement of goals and dreams. Aquamarine helps us to express our deepest spiritual truths.

Angelite is believed to be helpful in telepathic communication. If two people wished to be connected in that way while they were physically apart they could each carry pieces of angelite. (This connection would be even deeper if the stones were programmed for that purpose.)

As its name suggests it also helps in communication with angels. In addition, you can use it to connect with your animal spirit guides.

Malachite: Swirls of Magic

For me one of the most welcome sights of spring is the return of vivid green to my environment. It is refreshing not only to my eyes, but to my spirit, for it symbolizes the reawakening of earth’s energy and life flow.

This is the energy of malachite, a light to deep green stone which symbolizes the magical and healing powers of all plant forms.

Malachite, unlike stones of the quartz family, does not radiate, but absorbs energy. Because of this it’s very useful for drawing out emotional negativity. This is most commonly done by placing it on the solar plexus (where many emotions are held).

Like rhodochrosite, malachite helps to release repressed emotions and to restore deep breathing. When you work with it in this way it can be helpful to visualize with each inhalation that a deep green energy is filling you with healing and balance.

Malachite is also a very valuable stone to use for stimulating creativity. Simply to look at one can be a creative experience. The beautiful swirling patterns of light and dark and the circles and other designs (I have one which has a four-leaf-clover pattern) serve to remind us that creativity is a natural and spontaneous experience.

If you work with malachite for the purpose of creative expression you may want to place it either on your throat area or on the third eye (between and slightly above the eyebrows). As you meditate you may wish to contemplate the great and infinite creativity of nature.

Crystal color and properties

Colorless, white or violet these colors open the door of perception; bring unity with the Universe and transcendental love.

Red crystal is a symbol of life, vitality, power. It moves energies, it worms up.

Orange crystals encourage life energy, self-control and regulate the functioning of the sexual glands.

Yellow crystals help the indigestion, influence the normal functioning of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and spleen. They release subconscious fears, and promote balance.

Green crystals represent the color of love, health, harmony and creativity. They help with heart disorders, regulate the blood pressure, calm the nerves and stimulate love.

Pink crystals bring gentleness and softness.

Light-blue crystals expand faith, protection, trust, inspiration. They purify and stimulate self-assurance.

Dark-blue crystals promote mental abilities and psychic stability.

Indigo colored crystals bridge the span between the limited and limitless. They bring universal knowledge and wisdom, cure the eyes, deal with insomnia and stabilize mental perception.


By performing the process of purification we free crystals from the energy they have gathered in the past. Cleaning crystals is much more than simply cleaning the dust on their outer surface. It is primarily an act of removing the “inner dust” or removing the discordant energies from within the crystals. In technical sense, crystals can be used, and are indeed used to record and store useful information, but if we were to translate this to more spiritual language it means that crystals are also capable of accidentally absorbing vibrations from the environment. The catch is that crystals cannot distinguish good from bad vibrations – they can only pick up various kinds of energies they are put in contact with. From the point of view of the Universal love, crystals represent shining love. All vibrations will one day ascend and will be transformed into Divine ones, and thus all vibrations can be considered good.

The first step in the process of tuning crystals’ energy with the energies of our own microcosm is cleaning them from all kinds of energies that they once accumulated. If you have been working with your crystals for some time, using them for healing or removing emotional pain, or if you wish to program them with new programs, it is necessary to run the process of purification again. There are several techniques for that purpose, choose the one that you find best for your crystals.

1. The simplest way to clean most crystals is to place them in a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours.

2. Crystals can be quickly cleaned by keeping them under the flow of lukewarm water for three to five minutes. Beware: some crystals should not be put into water, especially soft stones like azurite, angelite, phenakite, boji stone, selenite and similar.

3. The least invasive method of cleaning crystals would be exposing them to incense burning smoke. The incense of herbal origin, like cedar, salvia, juniper, or pine tree works the best. Put the incense stick bellow your crystal, allowing for a better exposure of your crystal to the smoke. This is an excellent way of purifying yourself and your environment.

There are crystals that do not need cleaning: kianite, azulite, diamond, herkimer, phenakite and apophilite – they take care of themselves alone. Rock crystal and carnelian can purify other crystals, but then they need cleaning themselves. Keep them under the flow of lukewarm water, or put them in salty water for some time. While performing purification your mental attitude that all the negative energies are leaving the stone that is being purified is very important.

To program a stone, sit quietly and focus your mind on your intention.

Crystal power: program all your gems stones to work for you.

1. Use a room with a door as your sacred chamber. No pets allowed! Burn a candle or incense.
2. Choose a program for each crystal: “Experience Heaven on Earth.” “To bring the highest caliber of healing.” “Self-love.” “Manifest financial prosperity.” “Attract love.”   You can be as specific as you like.
3. Call on angels, guides, ascended masters, etc.  to join you. Think big here.
4. Set the intention “To program these stones.”
5. Hold one item in your hand at a time. Announce the program out loud. Allow a moment for it to stabilize within the stone. DONE!! Repeat for each stone.
6. Thank God and all Divine beings who helped. Each program will replay permanently or until you reprogram it.

Once a stone has been programmed, you may wish to spend time each day with it, asking its energies to be transferred to you. Depending on its purpose, you may wish to wear the stone, carry it in your pocket, or place it by your bed.

Stones can corrupt or exchange their programs when coming into physical contact with one another. To prevent this, protect your stone by wrapping it in white cloth made of natural fibers, such as silk or cotton, when not in use. As white is the most reflective color, it will reflect outside energies away from the stone and prevent it from absorbing any outside forces and from giving off its own programming. Protecting your stone’s programming will prevent you from being influenced by other programming that is not what you currently want or need.

Your Root Chakra is your Money-Maker.

Recently I have learned that our Auras are attracting and detracting prosperity into our lives. Our Auras include our etheric, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It also consists of all our Chakras and levels of consciousness. In order to attract prosperity, we have to keep our Auras clear, balanced and expanded. Plus, research indicates that the wealthiest people have very clear, balanced and expanded Root Chakras. It appears that the Root Chakra is the most important part of the aura when it comes to attracting prosperity. Your Root Chakra is your money-maker.

Many spiritual people have very small unbalanced Root Chakras due to the fact that they meditate a great deal. Meditation opens the 3rd eye and crown chakras. If proper grounding does not occur regularly, the chakra system ends up looking like a lollipop. The lower chakras are very small and the upper chakras are very large. The end result–prosperity gets pushed away.

There are various ways to clear, balance and expand your root chakra. Gemstones, when programmed properly, work wonders. I am a big fan of the Onyx gemstone. Currently, Gemisphere is running a 20% sale for all their gemstones. Therapeutic Gemstones for Healing You can also work with crystals, which can be less expensive. The following crystals are excellent for grounding your root chakra: obsidian, hematite, moss agate, garnet, copper, ruby, smoky quartz and tourmaline. Just remember to program them.

A good grounding affirmation works wonders: “I now connect with Mother Earth. She is my home. I belong here.” Now visualize standing in a field barefoot, with a cord attached from the bottom of your feet traveling all the way down to the center of the earth. Now imagine there is an anchor at the end of the cord.

Some activities for grounding your root chakra: pounding your feet, jogging, wearing the color red, wearing red color therapy glasses, coloring with red, foot massage, playing with children, stretching, yoga and crystal singing bowls.

So remember–your Root Chakra is your money-maker! Keep it clear, balanced and expanded and you will attract more prosperity into your life.

(source: Rose Rosetree)

Gemisphere can serve your quest for greater health

I invite you to explore the unique gemstone pharmacy and to learn about the many ways that therapeutic gems and Gemisphere can serve your quest for greater health and well-being. In addition to providing the world’s finest therapeutic-quality gemstones, Gemisphere offers a wide variety of resources for learning how to choose and use these extraordinary healing tools.

Gemstones Healing gems crytals

Healing for All Aspects of Your Life

To help you decide which therapeutic gemstones will best address your needs and goals, they are grouped into families of gemstones with similar purposes. Click the images below to learn about the gemstones in each family.

Savannah’s Gemstones

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Please contact me with any questions: HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com

Program Your Crystals!

crystalsI once read that buying a crystal without programming it afterwords is like buying a piano and never playing it. It looks pretty in the living room, but other than that, not much happens other than dust build-up. This is such a waste because programming crystals is sooooo easy. And the benefits can be profound.

Crystals are living beings. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek (and others) computers are actually made up of crystals and we all know that programming a computer is essential for it to be of use.  Crystals receive and send frequencies and even complicated waveforms anywhere within the electromagnetic field, and this includes our human thoughts, emotions and feelings. When they are not programmed, they might carry unwanted energy from others or negative thought forms from the store you bought them from.

You definitely want to program all your crystals, gemstone, precious stones and jewelry. And it makes sense to program the properties that are typically associated with the crystals. But do not just assume that just because a crystal comes with a piece of paper that says it has certain properties that it has actually been programmed. You can also change the programs when needed. A crystal can typically hold up to 6 programs, depending on the crystal. To be safe, stick with 4 or fewer programs.

So what is a program? It could be for: perfect health; attract financial prosperity; find a new job; find a new loving relationship; heal a relationship; clear clutter; release obsessive thoughts; release anger; open to psychic abilities; legal success; attract: good fortune, positive outcomes, healthy friendships, success or anything else you desire. Any program that attracts a positive vibration can be used such as a wish, affirmation or desire.

To learn the specific steps for programming a crystal, be sure to attend my prosperity workshop in Bucks County on December 5th.  See the post below this for more information. If you cannot make my workshop, feel free to contact me for a phone or private in-person session for a very small fee, which costs $23.00 for twenty minutes.  Please email me at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com or make a comment to this post and I will gladly reply.

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