If you don't control your mind, someone else will…


“Words are the physicians of a mind disease, and all illness starts in the mind.”~Aeschylus.

Science has proven in various ways that your thoughts and words can help to heal your body and change your life. Words impact your health, mental function and prosperity. Words are composed of sounds, which have long been studied for their impact upon objects in the material world. Savannah has studied sound healing for many years, and has learned that science suggests that healing sounds create positive energy which heal physical and emotional maladies. Positive words can also lead you on higher pathways for helping your career and finances. Below are affirmations to take advantage of the powerful tools–your voice and thoughts–for improving your health and increasing your wealth.

It is always helpful to start affirmations with “as a child of God”, “with God’s help”, or “I choose”. You can replace the word God with the Universe. God or the Universe ensures that you will not be negatively effected by the law of polarity (feel free to contact Savannah if you want more information about the law of polarity and how it can affect your well-being). When you start an affirmation with “I choose”, it can help to ensure honesty in your speech. For example, if you say “as a child of God, I am experiencing perfect health” all the while feeling ill, you can feel as though you are not being truthful. But when you say “as a child of God, I choose perfect health”, you are speaking the truth which feels best to the body. Also, infusing affirmations with gratitude can make wishes come true even quicker. Feel free to email Savannah with questions or to share affirmations that have worked for you.

The Universe is always conspiring in my favor.

I give love and I receive love.

I forgive everyone including myself.  And everyone who needs to forgive me, forgives me.

I am grateful that all my channels are open for receiving!

I am open and grateful to receiving prosperity from expected and unexpected sources on a regular basis.

I am financially secure, with plenty of money to spare and share.

Every dollar I spend comes back to me three-fold.

I pay all my bills on time with plenty left over for fun.

I am surrounded by benevolent (kind, charitable and good) people.

I take excellent care of my body, and eat foods that are healthy for me.

I am healthy and wealthy and do work that I adore.

Luxury is my soul mate.

God is the source of all my supply–perfect healthy and increased wealth.

God bless your heart.

The following statements are from The Healing Codes, by Alex Loyd. You can say each list three times a day.

Affirmations for Goodness

I choose to start living now what I believe is right.

To be loving and good is the greatest legacy I can leave.

I am creating a new me and a new future.

When I choose what is right, life is good and I feel secure.

I am free to make good choices of my own. I am in control of my own life.

I can be noticed for the right things I do, and I can be proud of myself for choosing what is right.

Even if others don’t notice, I will still respect myself for doing what is right.

I am breathing in life; I am breathing out shame.

I am breathing in light; I am breathing out fear.

I am breathing in love; I am breathing out guilt

I am breathing in God’s will; I am breathing out ego.

Affirmations for Trust

Everything is possible to those who believe.

Believing can turn my heart’s desire into reality. I choose to have faith that can move mountains.

Faith is believing the good things God had done for me in the past.

Trust is believing the good things God is doing for me right now.

Hope is believing the good things God will do for me in the future.

I can trust that I am here for a purpose, and God will keep me safe to fulfill that purpose.

If I reach out to help others, someone will be there when I need help, too.

It is safe to allow myself to enjoy life.

It feels safe opening my mind and heart to new people, new experiences, and new ideas.

I can trust my inner guidance to protect me. This means I can be free to enjoy life.

I can give and receive freely, without fear, and joy will follow.

The past is over. The future will be good as I live my life the way I believe it should be lived.

I have the wisdom and guidance I need to handle whatever happens.

I am learning to center my heart in love and joy, faith and trust.

 Affirmations for Humility

Humility is realizing that everything I have is a gift from God.

I choose to be generous and loving and to build others up.

God will lift up the humble. I choose to be humble.

I choose to love life and love myself without comparing myself to others.

There will always be others better and worse than I am. I can love myself just as I am.

Others will love me just as I am when I love them just as they are.

Life flows through me, and it is a precious gift that I share equally with all living things.

It is safe to share the flow of life with others.

The things I condemn in others, I also condemn in myself. I choose instead to accept and love all of us as we are.

Winning is not everything. Unconditional love is everything.

I am a unique and precious being. All people are unique and precious beings.

 Affirmations for Self-Control

I choose to do what God wants me to do. I will live by the law of love.

I will find my life by looking beyond my unhealthy desires.

If I stay focused on God, God will give me the desires of my heart.

I may succeed, I may fail, but at least I will know that fear no longer controls me.

I’ll do my best to identify and heal those fears, starting now!

I am able to do anything I need to do because God supports me.

I can play my part in the balance of life by living a balanced life.

I can joyfully move to create good circumstances for myself.

I can enjoy life with energy and enthusiasm and still make right choices for myself and others.

I am able to move forward with openness, confidence, and joy.

I can learn to dance with others and with life.

I can step out to accomplish things, and life will support me.

When I make my own choices and take care of my own needs, I love myself and life feels good.

I am as strong and capable as I believe I am.

Affirmations to heal Unforgiveness

Forgiving others heals me.

Forgiveness sets me free and opens the door of my heart to love.

I choose to forgive others, and I accept forgiveness.

I choose to forgive for my own sake, and I draw in God’s love.

I surrender my desire to punish, and love fills my heart.

I choose what is right, and I heal while doing it.

Love and forgiveness help me to rise over any challenge.

I am the only one who creates who I am. I will forgive and be free of the past.

I choose how I respond to any circumstance, and I choose the attitude of love and forgiveness – always!

I can control how I respond to every situation. I choose to have compassion for myself and others.

God forgives me and loves me. I can choose to forgive myself and love myself.

When I forgive, I learn to see things as God sees them, to understand why they happened, and to know that it will all work together for my greatest and highest good.

I invite God’s love into my heart, and forgiveness for myself and others comes naturally.

I give myself permission to be loving and forgiving toward myself and God and others.

 Affirmations to be free of Harmful Actions

I choose to be valued for who I am on the inside.

Unconditional love is the only thing that truly satisfies.

I choose to respond only out of truth and love.

I am learning to make good choices and create new patterns in my life.

I choose to be open to others and experience love and joy in my life.

I choose to release control of everything around me and freely welcome in love and joy.

Feeling my pain with great compassion can heal me forever.

I choose to move beyond the things that numb my pain to find lasting satisfaction in life.

I am learning to relax and be at peace with myself and the world around me.

I choose to focus on the (loving/joyful/content/_____) person I am becoming.­­­

I am learning to feel whole and complete just as I am.

Things that feel good to my heart truly satisfy me, and they are usually free.

I choose to focus on making my heart feel good.

I choose to enjoy and celebrate life.

I choose to love and respect myself and others, and to accept their love and respect in return.

 Affirmations to release Unhealthy Beliefs

As my awareness and understanding expand, the truth becomes clear. I choose to see the truth and act on it.

I choose to believe the truth in my own heart.

Believing the truth sets me free.

As my heart heals, I am learning to believe these truths and heal them in my heart:

I am lovable.

I am forgiven.

I am valuable.

The future is full of hope.

I can keep myself safe and secure.

I can enjoy each moment.

I can trust myself and others.

I can love myself for who I am.

I have the power to choose and to act on my choices.

 Affirmations for Love

I am learning to give and receive unconditional love:

Attention: a willingness to put my focus on someone else.

Respect: Feeling no need to change or mold someone, but simply accept them.

Appreciation: feeling appreciation, gratitude, and admiration for them as they are.

God is love, and God loves me. Nothing in the universe can stop the love of God.

It is safe for me to love myself.

By doing this healing work, I am learning to care for my mind, body, and spirit.

My body is a miraculous creation. I commit to lovingly care for it.

I give myself permission to love and respect myself.

By loving myself, I am giving myself the power to be more and more a person that I respect.

I am able to make choices that will help me love myself and others.

God’s love heals me.

Love is the light of the world, dispelling the darkness and revealing the truth.

 Affirmations for Joy

The joy of God is my strength.

I choose to rejoice today for my blessing.

True joy blooms in spite of circumstances.

I am learning to believe the truth in my heart about me.

Happiness depends on circumstances. Joy comes in spite of circumstances. I choose joy.

I choose to have hope and to feel joy.

Who I am is determined by my heart, which I am healing now.

Joy is not a destination you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

Every day is a gift, and I choose to open each gift with joy and gratitude.

The past cannot hold me. I am free to live in the present and build a bright future.

Nothing has power over me unless I allow it. I choose to be free.

When I love myself, I love life.

As I care for myself and heal, I am learning to enjoy the person I am.

 Affirmations for Peace

The peace that comes from God is beyond understanding.

My goal is to feel inner peace. I feel inner peace right now.

I will keep my focus on God, and God will keep me in perfect peace.

I choose to enjoy the present and trust that the future will unfold as it should.

I choose to trust the pattern of life. I am safe and secure.

It is safe to release the past and live fully in the present.

It is safe to let go of worries and concerns about the future and live fully in the present.

I am nourished and cherished by God’s love.

I am part of the invisible, but perfect, tapestry of life.

I choose to transcend my past and let new life flow through me.

I can create a new future beginning today.

I am taking care of myself now, and I am safe.

I am at peace with myself and all living things.

I am learning to take in life with ease and grace.

 Affirmations for Patience

The fruit eaten at its prime is worth the wait.

I have all I need right now to be Okay.

I am Okay, simply because God and others love me.

God has promised to take care of me. I trust that God is always taking good care of me.

I trust in God’s love to give me what I truly need in perfect, divine timing.

I choose to wait patiently and peacefully, trusting events will unfold at their proper time.

I choose to feel calm and complete, making the best of each moment as it is.

I can love myself now, without waiting for any other person, thing, or circumstance.

I can relax completely in knowing that I am safe and secure in the now.

Wait patiently, be of good courage, and God will strengthen your heart.

God’s timing is perfect, and sometimes we just have to wait.

 Affirmations for Kindness

I choose to treat myself and others with kindness and gentleness.

I am kind and help others to feel love and appreciated.

Those who have been harsh with me were treated that way themselves. I choose to forgive them and begin a cycle of kindness and compassion.

I choose to make a difference in the world through simple kindness and gentleness.

I am safe expressing my feelings. I choose to be heard by others by speaking kindly.

I am choosing to delete my negative programming and overwrite it with kindness and love.

I believe God loves me and keeps me safe and protected.

I choose to let gentleness and kindness guide me now and continuously.

When I love myself, I feel safe.

I am able to communicate with love through kind and gentle words and actions.


5 responses

  1. Very positive and true. I believe affirmations are a strong part of one’s foundation. Keep inspiring.

    April 15, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    • I think it all started for me with affirmations that I learned from Louise Hay. They really can transform your life. Thanks so much for commenting : )

      April 16, 2012 at 2:21 pm

  2. An affirmation started me on my current path. Excellent post!

    May 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    • Thanks, dear. I believe I got my start with Louise Hay. Affirmations are life changing for sure!

      May 7, 2012 at 5:26 pm

  3. bobbie

    Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring affirmations Savannah! 😀 I also thank God for this gift at the perfect timing.

    June 20, 2012 at 7:50 pm

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