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The Myth (and lie) of the Higher Self

divine self

In the past I have written about the concept of the higher self. It has come to my attention that it is nothing more than a myth. Many of us are plagued by this mind virus and it is crucial to understand and deprogram this concept . Otherwise we spend our entire lives feeling like we are struggling to push a boulder up hill. We only have a certain amount of time on this planet and we should use it as best we can.

The term “higher self” implies that our best part of our self is actually disconnected and far above us. This is a lie that we have all been tricked into believing by religions and spiritual communities. The correct term would be “Full-Potential Self.” The Full-Potential Self (FPS) is within us and it is powerful to understand the ramifications from being hoodwinked. Before I rise every day I ask for my FPS to fully expand and integrate within me. My FPS makes me attract and radiate love, compassion, forgiveness, good health, a strong constitution, good fortune, financial prosperity and harmonious relationships.

The suffering of individuals around the world is experienced by the collective. We are all connected. Because of this connection, every individual circumstance that is personally resolved adds to the resolution of the collective. This is an important point, because it reveals that each person is empowered to effect global change by addressing their own personal challenges! It’s a two-way street! When one person is hurting, we all hurt. When one person heals, we all heal. This is one reason why an act of revenge also hurts everyone including yourself.

Each challenge we face is chosen—built into our earthly walk to stimulate our personal growth and our evolution as a species. The good news is that we are designed to evolve. Being creatures of choice we have options as to whether our life’s journey will be experienced in joy or in pain, in sickness or in health, in responsibility or as a victim, in knowing or confusion, or in updraft or downdraft mode.

Downdraft dynamics can creep in so slowly they go unrecognized until a full-blown disaster appears. When locked into a problem it can be easy to forget choice exists. It can be easy to forget we are empowered to create changes. We can forget we are the magnificent beings of light and that the real beings we are we can be right now.

When we are able to re-member who we are, and apply the principles that make life happen harmoniously, everything transforms into a dynamic of balance, connection, and an experience of moving forward towards all that we desire. We can unfold the potential solution to any problem.

The first step is to recognize that our FPS is within us and not above us. Really think about the implications of contacting your higher-self verses experiencing life as your Full-Potential Self. Make it so you are consciously aware of the concept and ask your FPS to fully integrate within you. Trust that when you reach your full potential you will begin to have a positive effect on the planet. Imagine your loved ones experiencing life as their FPS. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, others and everyone. It may just be the first step in experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Do you believe it’s possible that you planned your/our current challenges?  If you find this difficult—perhaps impossible—to believe, allow me to share some information that will reveal there is truth in this statement.

Do you believe there is more to “you” than is the “you” that is here, now?

The truth is this is a holographic universe, and—as part of this universe—each person is also holographic.  What that means is that everything we know in this 3-D dimension that “appears” as real to us is being projected here as a holographic image from a source that IS real—a place considerably more complex that here.

This more complex dimension hosts our “real” selves where we have quite a good time planning our experiences in this dimension.  From this inter-dimensional “place of planning” there are not limitations such as the ones experienced here.  From this place we are able to easily access information without the limitations of time or space.

From this place it is our experience that what we understand as being the past, the present, and the future are –in reality—running in parallel, or at the same time.    From this perspective the plans we have laid out for our lives here are extremely well-orchestrated—with the complete understanding that these plans, along with the plans of others, will provide a certain desired outcome, both individually and collectively.

In that this is a holographic universe in which we are holographic projections we would be well served to understand who is projecting us here and why.

The answer to this is it is our full potential self who is responsible for projecting us here.  It is ourself—in a far more potentialzed and complex state of being—who is projecting us here.  Our goal is to bring the full potential self into our experience here and now.

It was decided from the place of planning who we would come into this dimension to be—our sex, our parents, our appearance, our challenges, our friends, our health, our education, as well as other dynamics of our being here.

There are others in the place of planning who are in collaboration with our plans, and from this place we decide together who will be together in a family, what relational challenges we factor in, how we will interact with each other in order to learn to overcome a particular challenge.

Why would we factor in such challenges?  For our own evolution, and the evolution of the others with us in the experience.  Therefore the evolution of the collective.  That’s a headful.

But remember, we have choice.  We can transform anything.  That’s really important for an evolving species to understand and apply.

The good news is there is no limit to the potential you can unfold here.  So the question becomes how to realize and most effectively actualize this connection.  Try to imagine what you are like at your fullest potential.  You might imagine the full potential YOU as being wise and loving, stable and knowing, and most certainly not caught up in the linear, mental chatter that is so much a part of our normal daily experience.

So to best imagine this other-dimensional you, it might be quite helpful to find a peaceful space (real or in your imagination) that is away from the clatter of the day.  Then, using your imagination (which is actually real) begin to sense, feel, see or hear your full potential self.  Identify with the qualities you sense in this being. Make 2014 be the year you reach your Full-Potential.





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