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Does the Flu Shot Help Avoid the Flu or give you Cancer???

About 25 years ago I got the flu shot and ended up with a bronchitis infection that lasted for many years. I never got the flu shot again. Although, I understand many people do get the flu shot, and swear by it. I feel very strongly about it not being safe, not just because of my own bad experience, but because I know it contains mercury.

Recently my very wise daughter sent me this YouTube video of Dr. Tent who explains that the flu shot, and all vaccines, are very unsafe. They contain the cancer and aids virus (among others). He explains that vaccines are the sacred cash cow of our public health system. The health care industry is a billion dollar business that makes money on vaccines and illness.

Dr. Tent states that the things that weaken your immune system include the flu shot; vaccinations; antibiotics; blood transfusions; Ibuprofen; operations; poisoned air, food and water; toxic environments; stress; toxic people; fear; cosmetics; hair salons; & unhealthy work environments.

This video is eye-opening to what is really going on. Our government and the media, both part of the Illuminati, have a mob mentality and it is my wish that everyone becomes aware of this so that we can stop it. The government is well aware that vaccines contain the cancer and aids virus because it put it there.

The media knows about it, too. But since the people (pharmaceutical companies) who pay for advertising run the media, it will never be reported. The flu shot is highly promoted and the richest people in our country make a lot of money on hoodwinking us into believing that it can prevent the flu. (More on all this, and the brainwashing of Americans, in a post in the near future. )

For now, if you or a loved one is experiencing cancer, aids, autoimmune disease, herpes, MS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc., be sure to check out the video. It is a long one, but worth the knowledge. You will certainly never want to get the flu shot again. And if you are sick, because of a vaccine you received in the past, you will begin to learn about how to heal your body and clean out the toxins. (warning: not for the faint of heart.)


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