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Worldwide Water, Dolphin & Whale Healing Wave ~ Sunday, August 25~ Noon Wherever You Are


Worldwide Water, Dolphin & Whale Healing Wave

You are invited to join us,
the presenters of the
Cetacean Summit and Savannah
Sunday, August 25, 2013
At Noon your time wherever you are


The oceans and waters of our planet are in need of healing, loving energy to transmute and transform pollution and imbalances. Right now,
•      Radioactive water is flowing into the Pacific from Fukishima,
•      Dolphins are dying in the northeast of the US (100+ this summer),
•      Dolphins and manatees are dying in the Indian River Lagoon in Florida,
•      The Gulf of Mexico is still struggling from the massive oil spill of 2010,
Water, whales, and dolphins, in every part of the world need our help.

Let us all join together in love and joy to focus on the restoration and healing of the earth’s waters and it’s inhabitants – including humans

When: Sunday, August 25, 2013, beginning at 12:00 noon in your time zone, creating a continuous wave of loving, healing energy across the globe. Even a few minutes of your love during this time can make a large difference. Focus or do ceremony for as long as you can.
How: Choose any method that works for you or try some of the ideas below. If you can gather together in groups that will add to the power. Focus on a specific issue or area (maps below show NE US and Indian River areas), or go global – it all helps.
Where: If possible, go to a natural body of water during this time (wells, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, sea beaches) and offer your energy/blessing. If you are indoors, bless a small vessel of water to be released later into natural water channels.

Ideas: • Reiki and other forms of energy healing for the water and whales and dolphins •      Distant energy healing of the water • Tune into the frequency of the cetaceans and expand it outward • See and feel the water and all it’s inhabitants already pristine and restored to vibrant health – hold the vision • Drop flower or animal essences into a natural water source • Fill yourself with divine love and healing energy – then send it out across the planet • Work with the elementals • Offer healing prayers and intentions for the planet • Call forth angels to assist in healing the water • Send love to anyone harming the environment or cetaceans so that they become aware and transformed • Chant, drum, tone, and send beautiful sound vibration to the oceans

Thank you for participating and inviting your friends and community to do the same. Send this invitation far and wide – together we can create miracles.

Many blessings to the water, all beings, and to you.

      The awareness that there is a new way upon the planet is spreading.             

There is a way of living that is more joyful that humans can reach for…             

and there is a pathway…       

Reaching for a higher consciousness,  reaching for a higher wisdom, a higher love, is the only thing that will bring this planet to a renewed future.

–      Archie, Dolphin Spirit Guide

This information was sent to me from http://www.dolphinheartworld.com/


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