If you don't control your mind, someone else will…

Angelina Jolie–Believe it or NOT?

A very wise friend of mind always reminds me to look at both sides of an issue. He is an amazing mediator by trade and has the unique ability to see both sides of a story. I think it is so important to be balanced and see both sides. That said, what if all the information that is disseminated to us ultimately comes from the same source disguised as being separate?

What if the same people own CNN, NY Times, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, the National Enquirer, etc. The names Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger and Carrington appear on the boards and advisory boards of all global media corporations. To control humanity through the mind and emotions you have to control the media. How can we really know what the truth is if it is all programmed by the same people to sell the story they want to tell?

Another wise friend recently reminded me to focus on what I want. I agree. It is just that when I know there is so much suffering, sometimes if feels like indifference to ignore something. This latest story about Angelina Jolie makes me want to do something.

Even though there are so many lies on the Internet, it is the only media source that is not completely controlled by the wealthiest people in the world. There are a lot of rumors circulating on the Internet about some very sinister forces controlling us. I do plan to write about it, but I want to be as thoughtful as I can so that what I say is as truthful. My goal is always to provide something honest, positive and useful.

As for AJ (Angelina Jolie), all my prayers go out to her and all her loved ones. Regardless, I think AJ needs to put out her pants because they are on fire. When I read about her story, so many red flags popped up. By now, perhaps you have heard some of them.

This first reason I do not believe her may sound weak to many people. Regardless, I have my own way of discerning information and it works for me. When I read an article about AJ, I came across a quote from Dr. Oz. I am very suspicion of him. I am not always a fan of western medicine and disagreed with him about a lot of stuff. Nonetheless, I used to think he was pretty amazing and offered an interesting approach to medicine because he included alternative sciences.

But then I heard about unsafe supplements that he was promoting. When he endorses something, sales of that item skyrocket and a lot of people make a lot of money. He endorsed a weight loss product that contained Raspberry Ketones. Ketones are used in embalming dead people. This product is considered to be very controversial and people have gotten very sick from it. I no longer trust Dr. Oz.

When I look at the synchronicity and meanings of names, OZ is one that carries suspicion for me. I have read that Oz comes from Osiris who was considered the great god of the underworld in Egyptian mysteries.  After he was murdered by his brother named Set, it was written that Osiris would great you at death and lead you down the path of darkness.

Os and Oz sound very similar. In the movie, the Wizard of Oz, a spiritual guru led Dorothy down the wrong path and into darkness. Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for JFK’s death. Ozzie Osborne (double Oz and scary) calls himself the prince of darkness. I know many of you may think it is just a name, but to me it is a red flag indicating there may be some darkness or façade and I need to look further.

Next flag, in the article I read, AJ and Brad Pitt both talk about how happy they are. Really? It’s the happiest time for them? I cannot fathom how anyone would refer to this experience as being happy. I also read that she was in a remote area of the Congo 3 weeks after surgery. What doctor would think this is a good idea? She is putting her immune system at risk.

Doesn’t she need a comfortable bed, fresh food and filtered water to heal? What is she doing in the Congo? And everyone who was near her says she showed no signs of pain and you would never know she just had surgery. She claims to be full of energy and planning to next remove her ovaries. Wouldn’t she at least be tender? Something is just NOT right.

The article also says that the procedure reduces a woman’s chance of cancer from 87% down to 5%. This is a lie. I read that one in 1200 women with the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene actually get cancer. You can change numbers to make them look different very easily. There are several scientists, including Bruce Lipton and Richard Brodie who have written that these genes actually have no determination about whether or not you get cancer. But you will not read that in the mainstream media.

Here are the biggest red flags: They are waiting for a patent approval for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene in the Supreme Court. It sounds like a PR stunt for a trillion-dollar industry and the timing is very suspicious. The Myriad Genetics stock price rose to a 3 year all-time high.

Even if the story is true, I think it is very irresponsible for her to release the story the way she did. She always claims to be some kind of humanitarian, yet she makes violent movies that contribute to negative energy which hurts us in various way. Please do not support her movies. She has shown us who she is several times, please believe her.

Please do not allow outside forces to manipulate your mind and emotions. Understand that pretty much all the stories from the mainstream media come from one source that wants to make money. The only way they can control us is if we allow it. We can focus on what we want and control our own destiny, but first we must lift the veil. The media will always keep you in a state of despair. The vibration of love will lift us out of despair. The wavelength of love activates our DNA which helps us to remember who we are and that we are capable of attracting positive experiences.


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