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Allow your Intuition to Save the Fox and Raise Awareness

Your email support is very much appreciated. Based on your requests, I am happy to share what information I have regarding the current state of our reality. I will admit to feeling distraught about some recent information that has come into my awareness. I will be writing about it. But it is not easy for me. I would never want to provide incorrect information and I take my little role here very seriously. I care that what I say is accurate. In my next post, I will tell you why I think the recent Angelina Jolie story may be a lie. But today, I just want to talk about awareness and how it can help you.

The Universe Whispers

Many years ago my husband and I were driving and, to avoid traffic, he decided to take another route. I started to feel emotionally sick and I asked him to turn around because I had an overwhelming feeling that something bad was going to happen. We argued a bit, and he continued on the path that I resisted. About 15 minutes later, a beautiful fox ran in front of our car and we ran him over. It was very upsetting. My husband was distraught for days. We are both animal lovers and enjoy spending time in nature looking for sightings of our favorite creatures. It broke his heart to kill that fox. He regretted not listening to my intuition–for the last time.

Currently, he listens when I get a feeling about something and it happens often. Looking back, we both regret the many times when we did not listen to the whispers of the Universe. And that’s what I call it—The Universe Whispers. We all have the ability to hear the whispers of the Universe, we just do not always pay attention.

Awareness is key. You must first become aware of this possibility. It is a right brain function and you can strengthen your ability to have great insight and intuition. Some people will support you. Others will doubt you, ignore you, call you crazy and/or try to prove you are wrong. Try to leave those beings behind. Follow your heart and your right brain messages and you will also hear the whispers of the Universe.

One thing I never liked about The Secret is that it encourages people to suppress their feelings. Your feelings may be telling you something and if you ignore them, you might just kill the fox. Great awareness brings about great insight. Great insight helps you reach higher levels of consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness help you connect to God so that you can experience Heaven on Earth. Feelings are not bad or good, they just are. Many people will not like it when you express your feelings, and sometimes intuition appears to be incorrect. But I learned the hard way, it is usually worth listening to it.

God is in a higher dimension and vibration than us. The only way to get close to God is to raise your vibration. If you only focus on the good, you may end up suppressing your feelings and then you will not hear the whispers of the Universe. So be aware! Pay attention! Trust your right brain’s ability to experience intuition. The Universe will whisper to you and lead you down the path to God. Intuition is a gift from God and it will lead you down the path to Heaven.

One way to increase the strength of your right brain and its ability to experience intuition is with meditation. It is a right brain activity and will help you hear the whispers of the Universe. Meditation also helps increase the size of your pineal gland. (Just make sure to connect with God and refuse other beings from coming in. This is VERY VERY important and never emphasized nearly enough. Put some thought into how this is to be done. I really need to explain this more in another post.)

Did you know they are currently adding high levels of fluoride into our water, toothpaste and dental floss? Fluoride is detrimental to the brain in various ways and shrinks the size of your pineal gland. Your pineal gland helps you connect to God. If you think it is just a coincidence that the government is dumping into you a chemical that just happens to block your connection to Source than you may need to work on your level of awareness.

It is not a pleasant thought, but if you are not aware of the fluoride in your water, you might drink it and eventually, over time, lose your ability to connect with God. Sometimes we have to pay attention to negative messages.
Awareness is key!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Savannah, I really enjoyed reading your commentary. The need to quiet our mind, and see things as they really are is vital to our awareness. I recently completed a video piece, that is quite meditative, and I wanted to make sure you had the chance to see it. It is entitled, “Experiment: Zen Nature | Landscapes for Well Being”. Here is the link to it. It is part of my Experiment series. You can select the tag to view other works in this series.



    May 21, 2013 at 4:07 pm

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