If you don't control your mind, someone else will…

Want to make the Wicked Witches in your life melt away?

Last week I wrote about the symbolism, based on my perspective, which helped to explain deeper meanings behind the movie The Wizard of Oz. The main point I was trying to make was that we all have “Wicked Witches” in our lives and they actually help us to learn about ourselves, and sometimes help us to expand our souls in ways that may not be obvious to us. If it were not for the “Wicked Witch,” Dorothy would not have experienced her amazing journey.

And believe it or not, each one of us plays the role of “Wicked Witch” in someone else’s life. I know this is not easy to hear, but it is the truth. When you are thinking about how another person makes you feel angry or guilty, it is actually healthy to switch your focus and think about a way you have caused someone else pain. And mentally ask the person for forgiveness. This will go a long way in healing your own pain plus it is healing for the collective consciousness.

It is impossible to go through life and not hurt another person because our needs will not always match up with the needs of others. There will always be people who want you do something which may not be something you want to do. People will manipulate you in ways to get their own needs served. We all do it. But compromising who you are is like giving away your power. If you continue to do things to make others happy or because you want their approval it will eventually make you weak. It is only by honoring ourselves and saying no when we need to will we be strong and healthy.

I often hear people say she/he makes me feel angry or guilty. The truth is that no one can make us feel anything that is not within us. Allowing others to control our feelings is the same as giving away our power. Troubled relationships are a sign that something in “you” needs to be healed. If you feel angry when you are with a person it is because that person is there holding up a mirror so that you can see yourself more clearly. They are doing you a favor. Take the opportunity and thank that person and then become introspective and discover where the feelings come from. Where did it start? What do I need to learn? What is the message? What does this feeling really want?

Feelings are like energy forms and they stay with us until they are acknowledged and healed. Once you acknowledge it and ask it what it wants, listen to what it wants to tell you. Then give it thanks for what it has been through and for its wisdom. Send it healing energy of love and compassion. Send that same healing energy to the person who helped you to see it—they did you a favor! (I plan to write more about this healing technique in upcoming posts.)

We can learn a great deal from the “Wicked Witches” in our lives. They are as helpful and significant in our lives as our beloved and trusted friends. We make agreements to work with both because it is the best way to learn about ourselves. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, our loved ones teach us about intellect, love & compassion, and courage, just as the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion taught Dorothy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for being such wonderful and loving teachers in my life. If you have signed up for my blog and are reading this, I cannot thank you enough for all the loving and kind support you have shown me, especially over the past several months since my husband’s accident. Your emails and cards mean the world to me! And thank you to all the “Wicked Witches” in my life. I appreciate all the lessons that I asked for before incarnating. I know I agreed to the interactions and thank you for doing such a great job. And to those whom I have played the part of the “Wicked Witch,” I am truly sorry for any pain that I caused you. I wish you all love and compassion on your journey.

If a “Wicked Witch” is currently tormenting you, here is a little exercise I do to invoke Grace which will help to make her/him melt away, just as Dorothy did to her “Wicked Witch”…

Of course you will need to read it first, but once you memorize it, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine yourself in a tube of White Light. Ask God to invoke the precious gift of Grace into your being. Allow the Grace to fill your energy field and expand your soul. Ask God to merge with you and make you feel as one with Him. Ask this Grace to melt away anything that may be troubling you. Direct the Grace to run all throughout your body, every organ, bone, nerve, gland, tissue and cell. Ask Grace to melt away any negativity until you are fully cleansed. Say to yourself “I am only Light and the Grace of God radiates me entire being. I am grateful to be fully healed.” Now send this Grace to all your loved ones by saying each name. Direct it to travel to each person and connect you all heart to heart. Then send this Grace to every “Wicked Witch” in your life. Ask the Grace to melt away any disharmony that exists between you. Then send this Grace to anyone that perceives you as being their “Wicked Witch.” Ask for forgiveness. Imagine this Grace surrounds everyone. Express your gratitude to God for the energy of Grace and ask that it continue to be a healing force to all involved.

Here is a list of the symbolism that I mentioned in my last post, just in case you were not able to read it. I know it was a bit long! This is based on various dream interpretation books, websites found through google and my own person perspective. I did not ever write down the resources because I initially did it for myself, not intending to share it.

Dorothy—Spiritual Seeker
Ruby Slippers—Grace of God
Tornado—Chaos as precursor for needed change
Toto—Latin word for “everything,” power animal, intuition
Munchkins—fragments of self
Head Munchkin/leader—unified self emerging
Wicked Witch—shadow side of self, powerful teacher
Glinda—Light side of the self, guardian angel, full potential self
Tin Man—love and compassion
Lion—bully, unresolved fear, courage, self-esteem
Oz—spiritual Guru
Broom—Spiritual test
Dark castle and forest—fear, abandonment, feeling isolated & hopeless, danger
Hot air balloon—bunch of hot air, BS
Land of Oz—achievement of Spiritual power and full-potential, independence


3 responses

  1. Excellent point about others making us feel angry or guilty. I have tried to give up such feelings, but alas, sometimes easier said than done. Nevertheless, I’ll keep trying!

    March 11, 2013 at 8:00 pm

  2. I agree…it is easier said than done for me too!

    March 11, 2013 at 8:14 pm

  3. Awesome Thank You for all the time and work you have done i will be back for more

    March 16, 2013 at 2:55 am

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