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The Secret Key–4D Ascension Process Part 3

con’t from last entry…

…So you have been born into a new 4D world and even better you have survived! From this point on there are many possibilities. You will start to explore this new world and you will get the hang of the fact that your thoughts create your experience.

At this point in the 4D, people typically start to perfect their bodies. You make yourself healthy and strong. Your ego may still be functioning a bit and you make yourself really beautiful or handsome. You look and feel like the best version of yourself that is possible.

You will meet your Mother and Father in the 4th Dimension. They are not your parents from the 3D. These parents are the most loving and compassionate parents. They are highly evolved beings. They are not dysfunctional in any way. So if you had a difficult childhood, do not expect that to be the case in the 4D. This will be the last time you have parents. Once you reach the 5D, you will no longer require parental beings.

Your 4D parents will love you in ways you never imagined possible. They will comfort and take care of you in every way.  You will surrender to their love and experience tremendous joy. They will guide you and teach you and you will fully understand your purpose of existence.  You will return to a state of awareness, and yes you have been there before, where God is apparent in all life, felt with every breath you take.

There are things you can do here on Earth to prepare you for reaching higher dimensions. Ascension or death, no matter how it comes, is the doorway of darkness into the Void that leads into the brilliant light of the higher words of existence. It is always darkest before the dawn of light. If you can master your existence in the new higher worlds, you will be directly led into conscious connection with eternal life!

Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lao-tsu, St. Germain, Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Sananda and about 8000 other great masters of the eternal white light will be there as your teachers and heroes. By their examples, they will show you how to build your character. Loving your neighbor is the primary key. It brings order into the world you create. It gives you eternal life. While here on Earth, it is important to love all humanity. Love yourself and feel love for others.

(Does that mean you have to be best friends with everyone here on Earth? NO! Someone once told me to run far and fast from negative people. However, you can be kind and always pray for others no matter what they do, or no matter what it is you think they have done to you. Sometimes people just serve as a mirror to what needs to be healed in ourselves. If you do not like a quality in another person, it could mean you have some similar quality in you that needs to be healed in some way.  Sometimes people remind us of other relationships that need to be healed. For example, men and women are often attracted to people who are similar to their parents or siblings—especially if the family relationship needs healing. But all that is for another time.)

According to books I have read, to make the transition to higher dimensions, you will have to pass through a stargate. The only way you can get through is by thinking, feeling and being certain emotional patterns. One such pattern is love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. This is something like a secret code that according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, will enable you to pass the guards of the next dimension. If the guards sense you are not ready, they will not let you pass through.

star-tetrahedronWhat you can do is imagine yourself in the center of the Merkaba star. (The Merkaba looks like a Star Tetrahedron which has two triangles, one upside down within the other (see picture). If you what to know more about the Merkaba, please click here: MERKABA. The Merkaba is a meditation and of course there is all sorts of information about it on the web. Sometimes it is called the Flower of Life, which I teach in private and group settings.) The pattern for females to chant is love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. The male pattern is compassion, humility, wisdom, unity, love and truth.

Become familiar with this chant. Be ready for when the times comes. Learn about sacred geometry. Practice the Merkba meditation, or any meditation, and think those words in the pattern. Anyone can use the male or female pattern. Perhaps become familiar with them both. You can think about the words while driving, cooking, etc. They are considered to be a key or secret code. Carry it with you for when you need it.

merkabaImagine each word at one point of the Merkaba star. Make it so this pattern is your most important possession that you want to bring with you to the higher worlds. These words will help you go through a metamorphosis. You will begin to change into something so much more beautiful than you can imagine.

You will continue to gain knowledge and wisdom on your journey back to God. And we will all end up there eventually. It is up to you, and the grace of God, how long it will take you to get there.

The great masters of the Universe are watching us and they are there to help you. It is helpful to contact them and ask for their assistance now. In the upcoming weeks, I will write more about connecting with the masters and asking for help. I will also continue to discuss what else you can do right now to ensure a fast and successful ascension.


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