If you don't control your mind, someone else will…

Creed for Peace on Earth!

A dear friend sent me the following. (I made a few changes.)  She is not sure who the author is, so if by chance you know who wrote it, can you please email me at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com? I think it is a great creed to live by and can be used for your home, at the office or for any space where you want the energy to be uplifting and beyond.

Peace on Earth begins with one person at a time.

May Peace on Earth
Exist in my Home and Prevail
Everywhere on Earth and Beyond

♥This Home♥


Has been proclaimed to be a


As you cross its threshold, know you are entering a living space,

a Sacred Sanctuary and a place of Healing Committed to

celebrating Prosperity, Beauty, Love, Harmony, Wisdom,

Order, Creativity, Compassion, Fun, Nobility and Joy-

And an end to all violence, conflict, war and negativity.

The Householders affirm these principles in thought and in action.

___xxxxxxxxx_________________   ________xxxxxxx_______________


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