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The Top 10 Magnetize Money Chakra Databanks

Thank you to everyone who attended the lecture on Wednesday night at Pebble Hill Church! It was a great turn-out and I really appreciate the support. Below is a recap of some of the information discussed at the lecture. I know I went over the chakra databank information quickly, and wanted to post the information to those of you who mentioned you wanted to learn more. From the master Rose Rosetree:

What is a human energy field?
It is another term for aura. A person’s aura includes the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also includes the etheric (or astral) body, all the chakras and the all levels of consciousness. Patterns of dysfunction exist in your aura. Problems here could be sabotaging your success.  Your unconscious mind contains a treasure trove of wisdom. Every event in your life is stored in your aura. Years of old energy could be causing you problems. Energy influences the human body. Our auras are electromagnetic and exchanges of energy with other people and places constantly occur. Your aura contains information such as the gifts of your soul; your ability to manifest and attract financial prosperity; your ability to accumulate wealth; your ability to save money; your ability to shrewdly invest; beliefs about deserving prosperity; your ability to give and receive; spiritual and emotional STUFF such as pain, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, etc.

What is STUFF?
It includes stuck energy from traumas; cords of attachments; free-floating astral debris, such as psychic coercion and negative thought forms; stuff from being an empath; old conflicts and wounds from people who hurt you; frustration; negative emotions; addictions; etc. STUFF is a term for emotional and or spiritual imbalances at an auric level. STUFF exists at the metaphysical level of the human energy field. To improve your financial standing, the most important thing to do is to release your STUFF. It will allow you to think more clearly, act more decisively, and improve the over-all quality of life. (The problem with “The Secret” is that it does not address the STUFF in your life. The focus is only on improving your thoughts, which is almost impossible when you are dealing with STUFF.)

ImageThe Top 10 Magnetize Money Chakra Databanks and energetic workarounds and suggestions to create well-functioning balanced chakras to improve your prospects for the creation of prosperity:

1. Root Chakra Databank: Earning money. Saving money.

Yes, you have a talent for earning money, a way that is most effortless and

natural for you. STUFF in this chakra databank can act as a deterrent to receiving the fruits of your actions. A gift for accumulating wealth — of course you have that deep down. So there is no need to try to make yourself have a knack. This gift has been part of you since the day you were born. However, if you are carrying STUFF like guilt over having “too much money,” that won’t be good for your bottom line. Like any STUFF, especially in these Top 10 databanks, there may be patterns of self-sabotage until the problem has been cleaned up.

A healthy root chakra will make you feel and appear impressive, confident, self-assured and trustworthy. Be present. Be the witness. Pay attention to details. Pay close attention to what others say to you. Listen more than you speak.

2. Root Chakra Databank: Personality you bring to work situations

First impressions do count. Where in the aura would you look first to find the

cause of first impressions you give to others? Here! This chakra databank is most important for shaping how you relate to potential clients, bosses, etc.

3. Root Chakra Databank: Personality you project

Some people have a real talent for appearing to be charming, forceful, etc. It can be useful for selling yourself. Others of us don’t do especially well at this form of selling, in which case we don’t project anything special and so people will respond instead to what we happen to be like (See the previous chakra databank). And that chakra databank will reveal a talent like sincerity. When we read business superstars, this databank is an especially amusing one to watch.

To balance this chakra: Visualize grounding exercise. “I now connect to Mother Earth. This is my home. I belong here.” Ruby, Garnet. Cedarwood. Fear inhibits this chakra. Activities: pounding feet, jogging, wearing color red, bare feet in grass, foot massage, body work, budget/cash management, sports, “present” eating, playing with children, gardening, stretching, Crystal Singing bowls, yoga.

4. Sacral Databank: Connecting with others
This databank is all about close relationships. Pay attention to who speaks first. Who speaks more? Does any feeling within you develop regarding the energy dynamics of who you are with? Be willing to adapt your timing and words to improve the energy flow with people. Take on the pace of the other person you are talking to. Set intention “I aim to communicate and have a good flow with others.”

To balance this chakra: Affirm: I feel pleasure and delight in the flow of life!” Aspects of orange. Pleasure, sexuality, procreation, movement, manifesting. Moonstone, coral, carnelian. Jasmine. Guilt and isolation inhibit this chakra. Activities: long warm shower, building project, swinging on playground, tantric love-making, decorative baking, self-nurturing meal, leg-pulls, bike ride near water, afternoon nap, Crystal Singing bowls, swimming, massage, Yoga.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank: Self-confidence

Yes, it’s true. Confidence begets confidence, a positive spiral that will benefit

anyone unless STUFF is distorting the natural gift at this chakra databank. There are ways to upgrade your true self-confidence, so please don’t worry if this hasn’t yet become a strong area for you. You can gain an authentic and strong self-confidence.

6. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank: Ability to handle conflict

When you were a kid, did you ever play the Candyland board game? Even in that sugar-coated world, you can draw a bad card and, then, suffer a setback. When playing Candyland, there’s not much you can do about that. In real-life transactions, when bad things happen you can “fight” back. In fact you had better. This part of your aura reveals you at your best, using your personal power to get what you want. Often, however, this databank also reveals crippling amounts of STUFF.

This chakra helps you stay punctual, mindful of details and flexible. Ask yourself: how is the idea part of the conversation going? Do you agree with the other person’s point of view? If not, what can you do about it? Do you have energy presence? Is the conversation easy? Or difficult? Personal power galore is available from this chakra. Take deep breaths. Notice how conversation is going. Ask self: how can I persuasively present my point of view? Listen. Do not push. Ask self: How important is it that I am right? Would you rather be right or happy? Is there a way with integrity to show person respect?

Remember your goal is to magnetize money as opposed to proving you are right. Become fully engaged with person, all your life-force energies ablaze. Whenever the outcome, you are building a cumulative social strength, alternating a healthy give and take while keeping full power engaged. Become powerful in a respectful way.

To balance this chakra: Affirm: I can accomplish both easy and difficult tasks with grace and ease. Aspects of yellow. Fire. Will, power, confidence, sense of self. Citrine. Lemon. Shame inhibits this chakra. Activities: Crystal Singing bowls. Yell out loud in a safe place/private, change routine, self-defense class, lay/sit in the sun, rock climbing, fireworks, build a fire, power walk, bubble wrap, laughing, yoga.

7. Heart Chakra Databank: Emotional intelligence

Since Daniel Goleman’s bestselling book about Emotional Intelligence, most of us have heard that business success will be boosted if you can be smart about human emotions. Actually, aura reading suggests that everyone possesses at least one gift for this. But will the STUFF outweigh the gift?

This chakra is all about having an authentic emotional connection with others. It is not about looking happy and pretending. The primary thing to notice in others is how they feel. Strong emotional connections require emotional intelligence. It helps you name the emotions with others, connect emotionally, then reason and solve problems based on a strong emotional connection.

The problem with “Law of attraction” teachings is that it teaches you to disconnect with your emotions and think and feel happy and positive thoughts. Authentic emotional connection is not about looking happy or looking anything that you do not feel.

Emotional intelligence has to do with noticing how others feel. Strong emotional connections require emotional intelligence. It helps you to name the emotions of other people, connect with them emotionally, then reason and solve problems based on a strong emotional connection. EI is well documented as being essential for business success. EI also requires a well-balanced heart chakra.

Try this 2-second workaround while with others: Go inward mentally. Ask yourself,” What is this person feeling right now?” Find words for it. Be sloppy. Consider whatever comes to mind to be valuable information. Just for a SECOND, let yourself feel the impact emotionally. Then bring yourself back to the present moment.

To balance this chakra: Affirm: “I love…I am completely loved and completely lovable.” Aspects of green. Altruistic, compassion, love, acceptance. Vegetables. Emerald, rose quartz. Turkish rose. Grief inhibits this chakra. Love, balance, equilibrium. Activities: Crystal Singing bowls, listen to loved one’s heartbeat. Allow loved ones to listen to yours. Say “I love you” in the mirror. Give away your last bite. Hand to heart. Sternum tap. Hand massage. Yoga.

Ho’oponopono prayer. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.  The miracle powers of this ancient Hawaiian self-healing and self-improvement practice is boundless.

Say “Bless your heart” to everyone—out loud or silently. Affirm: I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself. And everyone who needs to forgive me, forgives me.

8. Throat Chakra Databank: Communication

Speak up for yourself, won’t you? For greatest success, you’ll use your talent for communication. What is that talent, anyway? And could it be a wee bit stuck?

Energetically powerful communication brings an oomph that most people have not developed yet. Balancing this chakra can take the most time and patience. Energetic STUFF causes blockages which can turn into patterns of conflicts with others. The patterns then turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. After a while, the same problems with separate people begin to appear. Pay attention to these patterns.

Try recording your voice on a recorder. Pay attention to the sound, tone, intensity, volume and any others details you can think of. Resolve to make changes over time to any habits that may be interfering with your success. For example, perhaps your voice trails off mid-sentence. Or perhaps you mumble, speak too quietly or loudly.

To balance this chakra: Affirm: “I speak…my truth and it liberates me.” Aspects of azure. Fruits. Turquoise, aquamarine. Frankincense. Lies inhibit this chakra. Activities: Ommm 7 times and feel the vibration. Read out loud, be read to. Listen with more intent to understand. Ahhhh out loud your day. Palm to ear press. Zennnnnnn chant. Neck rolls. Sing/karaoke. Crystal Singing bowls. Silence practice. Yoga.

9. Third Eye Chakra Databank: Paying attention to your human life

No amount of career success can fill up a human life. We need to be in touch with our bodies, create a lifestyle, have fulfilling relationships with friends and maybe, even, a sex life. Consider it a benign form of selfishness, if you must. But definitely consider it indispensable, like all the rest of our Top 10 Chakra Databanks to Magnetize Money.

10. Third Eye Chakra Databank: Connection to your spiritual source

True inspiration shows here. Of course, you have a direct pipeline to that. And it’s your personal pipeline, your gift of the soul. When STUFF clogs us up, STUFF can be removed. Contact with the Divine can be as simple or complicated as you wish it to be.

When someone aims to magnetize money, this chakra’s databank must work well: Awareness of your human life. Become the witness and understand your own perspective and ability to generate wisdom. You do not always have to check with a spiritual counselor, pendulum or channeler for guidance. Trying very hard to consult guides, asking what do I need to learn from this experience, wondering what would Jesus do, or asking spiritual advice can cause a spiritual addiction

To balance this chakra: Do a bit of self-improvement daily and pay attention to reality, which includes your emotions. Affirm: “I see…my life becoming more enjoyable with each new day. Indigo. Self-reflection, archetypal identity. Star sapphire. Sandalwood. Illusions inhibit this chakra. Activities: working with memory (games). Dream journaling. Eye rolling. Watch sunrise/set. Drawing/ painting. Color therapy (glasses). Crystal Singing bowls.




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