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Animal Spirit Guide–Butterfly

I took these pictures last week while in Florida. This first one is of butterflies mating. They can mate for up to 48 hours. I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of a butterfly and here is what I learned:

Rebirth, Vibrancy, Reincarnation, Colorfulness, Transformation–prepare for a big breakthrough. It is very possible to go through changes calmly and willingly when you view them as natural and hold relentless positive expectations. Whether in the darkness before the storm of emergence, the process of coming out of the self-created cocoon (which occasions some struggle at times), or the full and glorious expression of the new “you,” it’s faith in the wisdom of Great Spirit and your conscious resonance with Source that will be your guiding force. There is no need to identify with or feel constricted within the cocoon or by the darkness before the light–it is only a phase!!! This too shall pass.

Everyone one of us emerges from the chrysalis of darkness in which we enter as one self and come out as another. We grow wings to experience the next beautiful stage of life.

If  butterfly is your power animal …

-You have profound appreciation of the seasonal nature of life.
-You are very spiritual, full of vitality with exotic, beautiful and colorful taste in clothing, decor, art, music and friends.
-You cannot live in a harsh or toxic environment because it drains your life force.
-You are a visionary.
-You tend to go through life changes smoothly, accepting change with gentleness and joy.

Ask for butterfly’s help when…

-You need help in organizing a project.
-You know it is time for a change with a relationship or career.
-You are going through a major life change, such as divorce, the loss of a relationship, or a move.
-You are having trouble going with the flow.
-You need to lighten up and be more gentle with yourself and others.

How to access butterfly’s power…

-Notice the colors you wear and discern their meaning.
-Choose a bad habit and develop and implement a plan for change.
-Spend time in nature, especially at a butterfly park.
-Take a much-needed nap and wrap yourself up in a blanket.





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