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A Penny for your (Bad) Thoughts

Sometimes letting go of a relationship is not easy to do. However, sometimes it is the only thing left to do. Recently a friend (I’ll call her Mary) betrayed me in a way I never saw coming. Looking back, there were red flags and I chose to ignore them.

Over the years I have learned that sometimes relationships, be it a friend, lover, spouse, family member, etc., does not serve your highest good and holding on to the relationship can hold you back. Sometimes we even have to release loving relationships because they have either run their course or, sadly, people pass away.

When I learned some things that Mary had done, I felt angry, hurt, sad, betrayed and I knew I had to experience the feelings in order to let them go. I gave myself permission to allow myself the right to feel the way I felt. I did not put my focus on Mary, instead I asked myself where these emotions were coming from in a rhetorical way. Questioning and inquiring about feelings, without judging or trying to change them, can help you to process them.

When I decided I had experienced what I needed to feel, I chose to release Mary to find her own good somewhere else. I let her go with forgiveness, kindness and love in my heart. Carrying anger towards others is like swallowing a poisonous pill and hoping the other person dies. Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself and liberates you.

I have learned that sometimes when you let go of someone who does not make you happy, you create space for someone so much better to enter your life. This has proven to be true for me.

About 5 or 6 years ago someone sent me the following technique for letting go of a relationship. I have put the text in quotes because they are not my words. I have used this technique and found it to be very helpful.

A Penny for Your Bad Thoughts 

“Gladys and Joe were best friends and in a committed relationship. They were lovers. They were going to be forever.

At least, that is what Gladys thought.

Then Joe emailed her, “It’s over. Don’t bother to call.”

Gladys called anyway. Her heart was breaking. But all she could do was leave a message, and after leaving a couple of those she quit trying.

Maybe you never have been dumped quite as harshly as Gladys was. However, you may have been dumped more harshly.

By now you have had so many significant others in your life, between personal life and career, from fickle childhood friends to disappointments from family to so many outgrown relationships to death.

Significant others can lead to significant disappointments.

The purpose of this article is to help you get out of grieving, beyond mere coping, and into true letting go.

This technique is designed for someone like Gladys. Or you. When you can’t stop thinking about someone like Joe, someone who did you wrong or hurt your feelings or made you angry with no recourse for making things right. (Not in this lifetime, anyway.)

Even after you have removed all related STUFF, you still may be bothered by negative thoughts.

*    Thoughts of vengeance.
*    Feeling sorry for yourself.
*    Wanting Joe to contact you, just so you can “show him,” etc.
*    A whole mess o’ messy, unresolved thoughts.

Thoughts like these can be mostly a habit. Which doesn’t make them less troubling.

Well, here’s a way to break that habit.

1. Carry a penny or two with you when you go out.

2. If you happen to think about the old relationship, throw out the penny, leaving it there on the street or other public place.

3. Say out loud, “I release you [Name the person]. And I ask you, God, to bring me a better and healthier version of that old relationship.”

Simple, right?


Soon as you get a chance, go outside and toss your penny, doing all three steps.

That’s right, get outside first. (It’s good for you to do plenty of that while letting go of past relationships anyway; helps position you to meet-n-greet and, generally, welcome in new relationships.)

Whenever you do this penny technique, you will practice letting go.
Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Allow someone else to pick up that penny or get even with Joe.

Sure, if it helps, remember that the law of karma will definitely take care of people like Joe. Long term, over the lifetimes, Joe will get exactly what’s coming to him.

Meanwhile it can be consoling to remember the short-term punishment for people who do unkind things or worse: They get to live with themselves.

Your invitation, when letting that penny drop — and — beyond is simpler. Not only do you get to live with yourself. You get to go free.”  

I am not sure if I agree about the karma part. I prefer not to worry about someone else’s karma. I would prefer to focus on feeling grateful for the loving relationships I have in my life. When you express gratitude, there is a biochemical response within the body and it can be very healing. Appreciating loved ones can help you attract better people and experiences.

Here is a Sacred Geometry formation for experiencing more Gratitude from Janosh:

“Learning from your mistakes is absolutely fine, but sometimes it can be too much. You have the idea that you are a victim of your environment. However, nothing happens without reason. Just as there are beautiful moments, there are negative ones too, which you need to live through. No heights without depths! Teach yourself to be grateful for each episode in your life. Praise yourself that you see the value of the moment, you are a pioneer. You have an increased consciousness which dares you to look at the deeper intention in your life. Cherish the knowledge for yourself. The frequency of Gratitude helps you to be thankful for everything that happens in your life.”

Your Brain on Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry has a very powerful effect on the brain. Within SG are lessons and teachings that we only understand on a subconscious level. The information in a scared geometry drawing can enter human consciousness through the left brain, but there is a way that it can also enter experientially through the right brain. What this means is that both sides of the brain use the information differently.

On some level, you will have an experience with each sacred geometry shape. You may not know what that experience is, nonetheless there is an experiential aspect associated with every sacred geometry form. In order to have more success with your Flower of Life meditation/experience, it is important to make the left and right side of the brain work together. By focusing on the sacred geometry shape below, you will create more balance with your left and right hemispheres.

There is an artist by the name of Janosh who offers free information at his website regarding the sacred geometry shapes that have been channeled to him from higher beings called the Arcturians. Each image has a specific message and much can be gained by looking at the image for several minutes.

This image below is called Synergy. “The frequency of Synergy helps the left and the right side of the brain to work together more efficiently.

The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts. This relates particularly to the way in which our brains work. We usually approach everything from one side, without looking at the other side. Everyday subjects at home and at your work, ask you to think by logical reason (left hand side of the brain), while private matters respond more to your feelings and emotions (right hand side of the brain). So we are trained to use either one or the other side of the brain. The art of creating pure and clear is to match both sides together. Bring your intellect and feelings into one line, your head and your heart, to enable you to get the best possible result from your creative powers. ”


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