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Instructions to Activate and Program your Flower of Life

The Flower of Life (FOL) symbol has a vast number of hidden potentials available within it. One needs an open mind and infinite humility in order to uncover its secrets. When used with humility, respect, and open-mindedness, the FOL symbol can serve you for a lifetime as a mirror into which you can view your limitless potentials.

One could say that the FOL symbol has the total universe within it, but unless one was shown step-by-step how it is possible, it would be easy to disbelieve it and view the symbol as just another “thing.” The act of integrating all the available templates and branches of knowledge together within the unity that the FOL symbol evokes will begin to heal the cracks and fractures of our chaotic world.

Humans are conditioned to dissect, judge, separate, and tear down our reality. This fractures or cracks the unified reality of which we are all a part. Seeing unity and nurturing it will heal the cracks of separation and strengthen our relationship with the divine in us all.

The Flower of Life symbol is being released once again into the consciousness of humankind. This helps to give us a model of unity amongst diversity, which we so desperately need to heal the fracturing reality we see around us. It is time to surrender to the unity that surrounds us. Our inherent unity was once unseen and ignored, but now we have the understanding, templates, and tools to truly see its existence and embrace this unity in our lives.

The Flower of Life is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life.  Those who have activated and programmed their FOL have stated that they have learned more about themselves, connected with their higher selves, and moved to new levels of awareness. The FOL is a tool that helps humans reach their full potential.

When you learn about the FOL, you will not only intellectually understand the geometric fields, but you will personally experience them and feel them tangibly around your body. These geometric energy fields around our bodies can be turned on in a particular way, which is also connected to our breath. I recommend that when you are doing the FOL meditation, incorporate the Root-lock Breathing Technique to make the experience more powerful.

Learning the steps of the FOL meditation alone is not enough to fully experience the benefits of an activated FOL. Anyone can learn technical steps through a book or video. There is at least one other factor that is even more important than learning the FOL meditation itself — the opening of the heart and the experiencing of Divine Love. It is Divine or Unconditional Love that is the primary factor that allows the FOL to become a living field of light. Without Divine Love, the FOL will only be a series of steps and will have many limitations.

Activating your FOL

Sit comfortably and relax into the present moment. Start doing some deep breathing such as the Root Lock Breathing Technique, or start whatever breathing exercise that is comfortable to you. Relax into a meditative state. Personally, I use the Science of Being method and connect to Universal Life Energy.

Create an imaginary tube of light that will begin at Source, and then travel into you, and then will travel through you and end in the heart of Mother Earth. If you recall from a prior post, Mother Earth has her own Flower of Life in the center.

Send Source and Mother Earth love from your heart. Feel how Source and Mother Earth send you their love back to you. Unify the love of Source and Mother Earth with your own love inside your heart.

Ask all your different bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, astral) to center themselves around the love in your chest area. From this love, in your imagination, draw the Flower of Infinity, exactly in the way shown below:

Draw the Flower so that every petal starts from the love in your chest and ends in it.

Once you have drawn the whole Flower – your FOL will be active.

Programming your FOL:

It is best to program your FOL intuitively, by focusing your attention on it and giving it orders/requests.

For example, you can order your FOL to:
“Dear FOL, please heal me.”
“Dear FOL, please clear, balance and heal all my different bodies.”

You can also make copies from your FOL and ask them to do things:
“Dear FOL, Please make a copy of yourself, position the copy around my house, balance all the energies inside and around the house, and bring endless prosperity to all who live in the house so that they will always have everything they need.”

Or if you are more confident:
“Dear FOL, please make a huge copy of yourself, position that copy around the planet Earth, and bring healing and harmony to the planet and to all who live on/in it.”

All these copies will remain connected to you and you will feel the energies of the copies all the time. This is why I don’t recommend positioning your FOL around objects with “bad” energy.

You can also program your FOL for protection and for filtering energies:
“Dear FOL, please create a bubble of energy around me, which will filter all the energies coming to me, so that the only energy that will pass through me will be love.”

You can also connect yourself to places with your FOL:
“Dear FOL, please connect me to my soul, my higher self and my inner guidance.”
“Dear FOL, please simplify all the messages that I receive from my soul so that I can understand them better.”

“Dear FOL, Please bring unlimited amounts of light, love, luck and joy of life into my life, so that I will always have everything that I need, when I need it.”

“Dear FOL, Please make it so every person on Planet Earth experiences Heaven on Earth—healing, love, peace,  joy and prosperity.”

If you are just starting out, your FOL will be active for 24-48 hours, after you have activated and programmed it. That is why it’s good to activate and program your FOL every day.

Eventually, as you gain confidence, your FOL will and always will be active.

Read the steps a few times and it will begin to make total sense. Some of you have asked about having a workshop and I do plan to do that at some point. Please feel free to email me with any questions at HealingWithSavannah@gmail.com


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