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Star Tetrahedron

Yesterday I wrote about the Flower of Life and informed you about how sacred geometry shapes surround your energy field. The Flower of Life is also referred to as a Star Tetrahedron and it looks like two triangles, one upside down within the other (see picture). The tetrahedron (just one triangle, the star has two) is one of the Platonic Solids, which I will write more about another time.

Many scholarly people write about instructions for programming your Flower of Life (Star Tetrahedron).  First you have to decide what you want your program to be. I suggest programming it with the instructions: Heaven on Earth. Since learning about the project Heaven of Earth, I have been thinking about ways to help facilitate that. We can all do our part in making that happen, no matter how small. If you have not read about the project Heaven on Earth yet or are new to this blog, please see links below for more information.

Heaven on Earth could be a loving relationship, rewarding career, winning the lottery, perfect health, peaceful family life, travel,…you get the idea. You just have to believe that it is possible. Chances are I am not going to play quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles so that would not work as my program. You can have as many programs as you want. Think big! You can also set programs for loved ones, your community, country or all of humanity.

First I suggest you write down the things you want. Then imagine how it would feel to experience those things. Envision all the details as much as possible. And start thinking about how the Flower of Life surrounds you and imagine what it looks like. Think of the Flower of Life as often as you can and in my next post, I will explain how to specifically activate and program it. You may want to read my post about programming crystals.

Project Heaven on Earth

YouTube Project Heaven on Earth
with Martin Rutte

32 Days to Experience Heaven on Earth!


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  1. Love the balance depicted by the star. I like where you’re going with these posts. Keep them coming!

    February 24, 2012 at 12:23 am

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