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What is Energetic Literacy?

I thought I would share some details about the topic of tonight’s radio show. I will be discussing Energetic Literacy, Spiritual Prosperity and how our energy fields determine what we attract in life.

What is Energetic Literacy (EL)?
It involves reading people on a quantum level.  It is a revolutionary way to understand how we attract prosperity on an energetic level.  It allows you to build your wealth and increase your success with practical techniques. It is a powerful tool for diagnosing inner blockages and brings solutions at the deepest level which is the human energy field. EL can help you find and identify places in your energy field where you have been stuck or unbalanced.  Use energetic literacy to balance your life at the deepest level, by finding where all your STUFF is keeping you stuck, and using techniques that are designed to effectively work around problems that limit your financial success. Basically EL enables you to locate your gifts and strengths, heal your STUFF, and provide workarounds to stop the pain.

What is a human energy field?
It is another term for aura. A person’s aura includes the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also includes the etheric (or astral) body, all the chakras and the all levels of consciousness. Patterns of dysfunction exist in your aura. Problems here could be sabotaging your success.  Your unconscious mind contains a treasure trove of wisdom. Every event in your life is stored in your aura. Years of old energy could be causing you problems. Energy influences the human body. Our auras are electromagnetic and exchanges of energy with other people and places constantly occur. Your aura contains information such as the gifts of your soul; your ability to manifest and attract financial prosperity; your ability to accumulate wealth; your ability to save money; your ability to shrewdly invest; beliefs about deserving prosperity; your ability to give and receive; spiritual and emotional STUFF such as pain, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, etc.

(FYI, outside of our energy field are sacred geometry shapes, which I will be discussing in a future post.)

What is STUFF?
It includes stuck energy from traumas; cords of attachments; free-floating astral debris, such as psychic coercion and negative thought forms; stuff from being an empath; old conflicts and wounds from people who hurt you; frustration; negative emotions; addictions; etc. STUFF is a term for emotional and or spiritual imbalances at an auric level. STUFF exists at the metaphysical level of the human energy field. To improve your financial standing, the most important thing to do is to release your STUFF. It will allow you to think more clearly, act more decisively, and improve the over-all quality of life. (The problem with “The Secret” is that it does not address the STUFF in your life. The focus is only on improving your thoughts, which is almost impossible when you are dealing with STUFF.)

During the radio show, I will teach you a method for releasing STUFF. (source: Rose Rosetree.)


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