If you don't control your mind, someone else will…

How to Expect a Miracle!

Heaven is completely on your side.  Your prayers have been heard and are already answered.  There is no need to beg, plead, bargain or petition to Heaven for its help, because in truth, your circumstance is already healed.  The healing reality is one of several parallel realities currently available to you. To experience the highest possible outcome, choose positive thoughts, emotions and intentions.

What you resist, persists. The key is to be aware of the pain (in our bodies, emotions or mind) and do not try to avoid it. Move into the pain instead of away from it, with awareness and GREAT compassion. When we no longer go against pain, it becomes our friend. It leads us to the sacred realm within us.  It will show us the real problem that desires acknowledgment, acceptance and transcendence. When we accept pain, it cleanses, purifies and heals us while we transform to being whole again.

Your healed situation is accessed through faith and gratitude. To feel these catalyzing emotions, say mentally or aloud to God:  “I am tired of thinking about this situation. I do not want to deal with it any longer. Here, I am giving the entire thing to You to think about and resolve. Thank you so much for taking care of everything. I am so grateful.” Then detach completely from the situation. Imagine yourself placing it in the palms of God’s hands. Feel grateful to know the burden no longer resides within you and be open to the creative solutions that follow.

Continue to affirm: In truth, everyone and everything including myself, is healed right now. I focus on this truth and release any fearful illusions. I let go, and let God. I surrender, I surrender, I surrender. And I am grateful that all my channels are open to receiving Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Light, Divine Health and Divine Prosperity.

resources: Doreen Virtue and Ivan Rados

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